Zhang Tao rushed out of the instantaneous qi and burst out of the door to guard two people. They were immediately moved by the point-and-click method, and Zhang Tao was like a meteor crossing the sky and almost rushed into the room in the blink of an eye. But what shocked Zhang Tao was that the shadow in the room was shaking. The scarecrow originally tied the straw to a rope and then sent a ponytail to the other end of the rope, and the figure would keep shaking.

"Ha, ha, ha, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time." At this time, […]

See Du Yan ran a waste to lose his temper. This is never the case. Zi Ling was furious. "Du Yan ran has been caring for you for so many years. You should know that you have ignored my pursuit for so many years. Now you have seen a waste. I don’t! Now I’ll kill him to see if you can still like him. "The voice is backward. Purple Ling has already jumped on this Du Yun. He is more noble than the member of the exterminating army who just played against himself. Now that he is attacking Du Yun for himself, of course, he can’t take it lightly. To be on the safe side, Du Yun quickly condenses his strongest defense armor, purple rock flame armor and ice crystal armor, which are superimposed together to form the strongest defense in Du Yun.

But when Du Yun was ready to fight to meet the attack of Ziling, he […]

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