"Mother, you say it’s too small, but … 158. Chapter 158 Daughters are all fathers’ lovers!

"Mother, you said it was too small, but …"
But behind the words haven’t come to say exports was immediately chicken shallow stare big eyes stopped "stop it! No matter what you want to say, stop! "
Yao Yao hates it when people say that she is fat, and she can make trouble with you once, even if she doesn’t make trouble, she will be disappointed for a long time. How dare she provoke that little ancestor?
Jun Fengwen’s little eyebrows jumped "Oh, then I won’t say it." Her smile was like a trick. The fox didn’t overdo it and smiled at her father. "Father, let me go quickly or the mother will be jealous."
Phoenix shallow "…"
Jun Moying’s face is funny, but it seems to be deliberately teasing the phoenix. The corners of her eyebrows are full of evil spirits. "Will your mother be jealous of such a small milk doll?"
"Father, you don’t know that mother said that daughters are fathers’ lovers! How can a lover and a mother not be jealous? "
She almost amused Feng Shao in a serious way, but at the bottom of my heart, the grass mud horse roared at the pit girl!
"Oh, is that what your mother said?"
Jun Mo Ying slightly raised his eyebrows and glanced at the little woman around him who quickly drilled her head into the ground. Her eyes smiled deeper and thicker.
Jun Yi Han can’t see his mother anymore. She is bullied by them with her hands tied!
"Huang Jie is not also the lover of father and emperor, but when father and emperor are far away, can you see that mother said half a sentence?" His clear pronunciation and mellow voice faintly tunnel "shows that the mother is so that you can be more elder sister."
There are children in the world!
Phoenix gave him a shallow and moved look, although those two sentences sounded a little strange …
"What do you know as a little boy?" Jun Fengwen jumped from her father’s body with the wave. "Of course, I am so beautiful that my mother has a sense of crisis! And what does Yaoyao want with a milking doll as much as his mother? "
Jun recalled that the cold corners of his mouth twitched and touched him so shamelessly that he lost!
Feng shallow Wu face gave birth to such a pit niang daughter she blundered!
Jun Moying nodded slightly. This daughter is really clever with him.
Nanyue imperial palace
Eleven hurried outside and looked anxious. "The emperor just received the flying pigeon from Donglan!"
It’s not that he wants to be in a hurry, but that the emperor said that letters from Donglan should be delivered quickly.
You are still a black carrier pigeon.
If it’s white, it’s all because their empress communicates with the queen in Donglan, but black is where Huang Donglan negotiates business for so many years, and it’s happened so many times!
Five years later, Nangong Che is still the same as before, but his looks are calm and moist, and his breath is more and more rich.
He took the hand and glanced lightly from beginning to end, frowning slightly between the eyebrows.
"What happened to the emperor?" Eleven asked somberly.
Silent for a moment, the nangongshan sink a way "eleven you show the palace after a trip to the edge of the soldiers waiting for orders"
Eleven, immediately and fiercely? Something really happened?
"Yes, yes!" No more questions. Eleven marched out.
The nangongshan che put aside his hand and pinched the eyebrows, then got up from the golden dragon chair and walked out. Chapter 159 If it wasn’t me.
The white robe swayed with the breeze, and the figure of Nangong Che shuttled through the huge palace. It was his own palace. He should be familiar with it, but his steps would stagnate every few steps forward, as if something was making him hesitate.
Unconsciously, she went to the blue grass pavilion in the depths of the imperial garden-the place where she came to accompany her mother almost every day.
After five years, sometimes he will wonder if he did something wrong in the first place, and whether he shouldn’t leave her threatened and imprisoned in that way. She can’t live without him, but she can’t walk into her heart because she has firmly locked herself in a silkworm chrysalis, which is accessible to the world.
All he can do is watch her console herself every day.
Not far away, she sat next to her mother with a pot of green tea in her arm, and her eyebrows were charming and clear, which was no longer the same as when she was forced to smile.
It seems that he is immersed in the past and can’t walk out.

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