"Can’t you think of something else? Over and over is riding a horse. Your grandmother doesn’t like riding! " Sue cotton laughed

I used to ask my grandmother to ride with me. I don’t know why these days, but I have become riding with my grandmother.
Xiao Bao blinked and looked at his mother. Is there anyone who doesn’t like riding? So much fun!
"Let’s take grandma to ride a horse when Ann is older, just like your father, to learn martial arts and ride a horse and shoot arrows." Xian Taifei said with a smile.
"Shouer is too thin to learn from Shouer." She also has deep feelings for Mingshou. After all, she raised her for a few days when she was a child.
"If you are willing to have a good meal, you will soon get fat. This child is too picky about food." Su Mian’s mother is always impressed by Mu Wanting.
"It’s wonderful for you to take care of your children. You will be better soon when you are a mother to recuperate Mingshou." Xian Taifei laughed.
"The Queen Mother and Empress Dowager are coming." Liu Yeer came in the path.
Su mian still heard the queen mother. That’s Pei. What is she doing here?
"Did you say anything?" Xian toffee is obviously curious.
"Said to send snacks …" Liu Yeer also language. What reason is this?
"Mother princess, please come in now that somebody else has come." Su Mian laughed and she really wanted to see what Pei Shi wanted to do.
Xian toffee nodded and Peishi came in soon.
Obviously, she knows who said "Princess Regent" with a smile here.
"seen the queen mother empress" sue cotton got up and blessed the body way
"Sit down quickly and say that I am younger than you and don’t salute so much." Pei Shixiao 418 Chapter 418 Nice try.
Sue cotton eyebrows so a pick to detect the wrong.
Empress Pei is not the kind of easy-going person. Even if the situation is not good now, she will be easy-going like this.
When I was in the northwest, my nostrils were still facing the sky.
"Even if we don’t say that the queen mother is the first emperor and the queen mother is our sovereign sister-in-law, it is natural to receive the gift." Su Mian specially bit the words first emperor and sister-in-law very hard
Empress Pei was embarrassed for a moment, but she soon stopped laughing. "A family doesn’t have to be like this." It’s not good to pester this topic in the end. Su Mian was scolded again in her heart. This woman’s nose is really sharp.
"Toffee empress can have any shortcomings? Today, it’s all snacks in the small kitchen of Fengzao Palace, and the taste is still very good. "Empress Pei turned to brush the favor of Xian Taifei.
"Please, Queen Mother, I don’t lack anything here." Xian Taifei laughed.
"It’s also that I’m not looking after any shortage in the future." Queen Mother Pei laughed.
"I don’t have any human relations here now. The first emperor treated me well and rewarded me with many things." Xian Taifei said.
This is not a lie. In those days, Yanling Chengshi didn’t hate and pamper her, but she also gave a virtuous princess, a Shu princess and a De princess. These three were all generous at the beginning, so we can say that they were worth a lot.
Empress Pei’s attitude has always been hospitable and polite, and she didn’t have to send herself out until she left.
After she left, Su Mian and Angie Chiu looked at each other and laughed.
"The queen mother empress … mind not small" Angie Chiu laughed.
"You want to be beautiful! Who can covet our prince? " Sue cotton over supercilious look way
I didn’t realize that the toffee was still busy saying, "I was rude."
"No disrespect, you are right!" Xian toffee also joke way
When Pei met Pei’s family, he said it directly.
Pei’s family is the master of Pei’s Queen Mother’s uncle Pei Sihai, and it is also the highest official in Pei’s family now, and it is second only to the official of the left and right in the official position.
And there is also the Duke of Qingguo.
Pei Sihai is also the only son, the eldest grandson of the Pei family and the eldest brother of the Empress Dowager Pei. His name is Pei Yuheng, the official general secretary, Zuo Tongzheng, and he is also a senior official. This is already a high position for a person who guesses 30 years old.
Pei Yudu is the father of Pei Canghai, the Empress Dowager Pei, but in the genealogy, he can be called Er Gong, his martial arts is the best and the first military commander of Pei family, and now he is also the three generals.
Pei Yuqing is a young Pei Canghai, and the younger sister of the Empress Dowager Pei is still young, but she is only fifteen, but she is also a member of the five teams.

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