The dining table is much richer than before, and Zhao Shufen’s life is better than that of the Royal Silver Award, and there is enough time for her to support her old age.

Zhao Shufen asked her carefully, "How was the palace? Didn’t you get bullied? Does the emperor like you? "
"The emperor likes me. Who dares to bully me!" Get up when you are white.
"What about the Queen Mother?"
White ineffective magnanimous way "see she is the emperor mother I don’t argue with her"
"The real queen mother is not the emperor’s mother. The queen mother raised the emperor from a young age, just like her own. Emperor Renxiao, don’t you dare to pout with the queen mother."
"I know, I know ~" White doesn’t feel guilty, saying that he didn’t talk to the old lady less. They didn’t meet many times, and now there are no complicated daily greeting rules in the palace.
"What about the emperor’s mother?" Ask in vain
"When the emperor died more than one year old," Zhao Shufen said, "Before the birth of the emperor, his mother Yue Guifei was the most favored princess in the palace. Unfortunately, after giving birth to the child, the emperor had another new lover and was no longer obsessed with the imperial concubine. She was unhappy and soon passed away."
Say that finish Zhao Shufen took a look at the white ineffective "real you and Yue Guifei are very similar"
"I’m not going to be depressed to death like her."
"I mean, the figure and temperament are so … frivolous." Zhao Shufen’s cultural level is not high, and she suppressed a frivolous for a long time.
It’s so white and ineffective, and there’s no culture. It doesn’t sound like a bad word, so it’s accepted.
"The first emperor is really not a thing. Unlike my family, I have a new love and I don’t forget my old love. A bowl of water is flat." White boasted.
Zhao Shufen wanted to say don’t say I was the first emperor, but in the end she sighed, "He really didn’t give me a birthright for everything!"
"Give you what birthright?"
"I’m lucky, shouldn’t I give a birthright!" Zhao Shufen blushed with anger.
If she had this birthright, life would be very different. She could live in Yuegong for the aged, have a maid-in-waiting to serve her, have a doctor who treats her doctor too much, and get money every month. That’s waiting for Fairy Day.
White doesn’t get excited immediately and doesn’t eat meat. "Zhao Shufen, you always say that you are also a woman of the first emperor. Why doesn’t he recognize it? Tell me about it today!"
Zhao Shufen didn’t want to talk nonsense, so she rummaged through her suitcase and found a bottle of good wine.
The smell of wine was overflowing, and Shu-fen Zhao quickly hit the box when she was white and ineffective.
"That night, the first emperor drank a little wine, and the imperial garden saw that one of our ladies-in-waiting saw that the first emperor was going to be lucky for her …"
"Direct imperial garden? !”
"Yes, the Imperial Garden," said Zhao Shufen. "But we were also called by the first emperor. He said that he still had spare capacity and then …"
“ ` ` w w w ““ ` “ C`O`M
In the back story, Zhao Shufen is embarrassed to say that Bai is not working on his own brain.
Bai Buliao wants to know, "How many people are there?" This is good for brain tonic.
"Five," Zhao Shufen sighed. "I went to the toilet early the next morning because I had a stomachache. When I woke up, they were all gone. It turned out that they were all taken away by the first emperor. Later, the four ladies-in-waiting were all sealed, but I was the only one."
"Ah, so you didn’t find the first emperor?"
"I found him and said he didn’t remember having me that night." Zhao Shufen turned purple with anger. "I wanted to ask those four maids to testify for me, but no one would!"
"It’s too much!" White ineffective Shu-fen Zhao Ming injustice way
Zhao Shufen sighed, "Plus at that time, when I was old, I was out of the palace, and I couldn’t do it. I’m not perfect, and I dare not say that my husband’s family is living alone now."
Qian Baibu always thinks that Zhao Shufen is eccentric, greedy and greedy, but after listening to her story, she feels more sad than listening to White Snake.
"Zhao Shufen, you are really unlucky. I respect you!"
Zhao Shufen made another big glass and suddenly stood up and stepped on the stool. "Hum, I am just unlucky. If I am still a princess, I can stand this anger!"
"Hey, are you still a princess?"

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