Xiao Yang nodded "white"

Lin Rilang held star saber, "Where is Xiao’s treasure map?"
Xiao Yang pushed the sword. "Don’t be so grumpy, old man. I’ll get it for you."
He reached into his clothes for a long time and pulled out a piece of paper from it.
Is it not a gray and white map, but a piece of yellow paper with words on it ~
Chapter 115 No matter how poor you are, you can’t be poor in education
Hu Lu looked at the white on the left and the fish on the right, shaking his head. The cow broke off for the first time and saw the cannon in the palace and rubbed it from the West Palace to the East Palace
White talent. You are really a talent!
If Xiao Guo knows this, he will regret that he didn’t have the first hand!
Now Xiao Cai found a reason for "too many people and too crowded" and went there, or did she quietly take out a small preparation to record this embarrassing scene on the floor?
Yu Yu is not angry, but the dialogue is not good. I am very grateful.
Come, she is worried that if the emperor can’t help hurting the baby in his stomach, he will be fine now, and he will be worried when he has Xiaobai.
She yawned and wanted to sleep and close her eyes, but her ears could still hear rustling.
Today, the talent show brought by the white work is the fox claw ~
This meat is stuck in Hu Lu’s arms and then it’s over.
Hu Lu is a little comforted. After all, this is a small fish territory. If Xiaobai really wants to greatly integrate his face, he is really a little overwhelmed. So, the war will be compressed so that everyone’s face can get by.
Looking at Xiao Bai’s serious and hard expression, Yu Hulu suddenly said, "Xiao Bai holds out your hand."
White is ineffective and doesn’t look up. "I haven’t seen you busy ~"
Outside the dense forest in the suburbs of Hanzhang
When Xiao Yang held that piece of paper high, it suddenly shone like it was suddenly lost. Before he recovered, the old man would have disappeared.
Lin Rilang was not angry, but excited. "Xiao’s ofuda technique really made a mere mortal dare to play with me. It will be interesting to see how many ofuda you have."
He immediately ran back in one direction and soon saw Xiao Yang, who was running fast.
Don’t talk about the old man. Even in those days, black boys couldn’t run so fast. Xiao Yang noticed that the old man had a sign on his leg.
"Is the old man Xiao tired?" Lin Rilang ran in front of him. "Do you want to sit and rest?"
Xiao Yang said that he immediately threw out a piece of paper and fell on Lin Rilang’s body, which immediately ignited a fire.
In the fire, Lin Rilang smiled contemptuously and got into the soil and came out again. The fire has been put out.
Seeing this scene, Xiao Yang finally stopped running. He saw the gap between himself and the other party, and he didn’t have much paper.
Lin Rilang held out star saber "Can you hand over the treasure map now?"
"Can you live if you hand it over?" Xiao yang asked
"Yes," said Lin Rilang, with no sincerity at all.
Xiao Yang "Things were buried with my great-grandfather. If you want that thing, come with me to Xiao’s ancestral grave."
"Ganni Niang’s little friend is always older than you!" Lin Rilang scolded "lead the way ahead"
Xiao Yang gave Lin Rilang advice when he arrived at Xiao’s ancestral grave. "This is Zeng’s ancestral grave. Dig it yourself. It would be unfilial for me to dig it."
Lin Rilang didn’t kill anyone immediately. What if there wasn’t one in it? He lost a rope and "tied himself".
Lin Rilang didn’t dig a grave, but went directly to the grave. Because he was a civil Shuang Ling root, he once practiced soil evasion.
The land tumbled without being buried, and soon a coffin emerged from the tumbled soil.
Then Lin Rilang came out, and saw this coffin, and Lin Rilang’s heart followed Chug.
"Why are there so many symbols?" The coffin looks a little scary with a circle of paper.
Xiao Yang replied, "My great-grandfather was the last yogi in our Xiao family. He left many ofuda before his death, and his family felt it was unlucky, so they all put coffins with him. I kept some at that time."
Lin Rilang still doesn’t feel quite right. He doesn’t know anything about ofuda, and he can’t see the doorway of this coffin-covering paper.
He couldn’t hit the coffin by pushing and lifting his hand.
Xiao Yang added, "You need to take off the paper to play."
"scratch!" At this time, there came a thunderbolt.
Xiao Yang, clutching his head, said, "Don’t blame my great-grandfather for being unfilial!"
Seeing the raindrops falling, Lin Rilang is no longer entangled. He carefully tears the paper and puts it in his own bag. When he returns to Beijing, he will study with his grandfather.
"Why can’t you fight?" Lin Rilang some impatient way
Xiao Yang "There should be another one at the bottom of the coffin"

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