Tie Liang replied, "When Dong’s adult was too tight, our fortifications were only half finished. Alas …"

Dong Fuxiang also had a bitter face. He led Gan Jun to give up his life. It took four hours to stop the Russian army, but it was still difficult for us to fight for more time to build fortifications. Now it is the same.
Dong Fuxiang’s troops had just climbed Mount Shoushan in less than twenty minutes when Russian cavalry arrived.
Linevich saw the Qing army’s eyebrows tightly knit up halfway up the mountain.
I got the news. Now Nanyuan Wuweijun has been transferred to Beijing, and the right army of Shanhai Wuwei has also moved rapidly to Beijing. Together, these two Wuweijun will add 30,000 people here, which will bring great military pressure to the Russian army. Although I am not afraid of them, no one can easily win in the face of such a strong military force.
It seems that the Qing army will be completely defeated when it is newly defeated. Once it is delayed for a long time, Wu Wei’s former army Wu Wei’s right army reinforcements will come. When the time comes, once the ammunition is not finished, Linevich will drink coldly. "Order the artillery to attack the mountain cavalry immediately and temporarily station the first cavalry regiment to go back and transfer all the artillery and ammunition from Changping. It will take three days to defeat the Qing army in one fell swoop!"
Chapter four hundred and ten Behind the attack on the Qing army
Linevich ordered the cavalry behind to transport heavy weapons to Tianshou Mountain.
Linevich looked at Tianshou Mountain. "Now that our fortifications have been completed, we must never ask us to build them, or we will be in big trouble if we defend ourselves according to the risks. The artillery will attack immediately!"
This time, although Linevich came in a hurry, it also brought a lot of heavy artillery and captured the Qing army, which became a real enemy.
Dozens of cannons were heavily bombarded by Krupp heavy artillery at Tianshoushan’s Qing position. The Qing army even completed the simple fortifications, and the fierce artillery fire of the Russian army fell short in less than 20 minutes. The fortifications were blown beyond recognition by shells. The Qing army could use some huge stones to avoid the artillery fire.
The shelling lasted for a whole hour. For example, today, the dense forest in Shoushan has been destroyed and piles of flames have been ignited. The mountains are full of smoke and chaos.
Dong Fuxiang quickly ordered the artillery to fight back. Although the heavy artillery of Ganjun was lost, what loss did the heavy artillery of the Zhongjun of Wuwei still have? When the artillery of the Qing army was not inferior to that of the Russian army, Zhongjun of Wuwei was called the weakest army in the army, and the army ignored them. Most of these people were new troops, but they were weak in such a fierce battle. Now that the Russian army has violently attacked, it is even more outrageous to miss the shells.
In this way, the artillery battle has been going on for three hours. What decent trees and rocks have been destroyed by the raging artillery fire?
The casualties of the Qing army are increasing, and there are also many casualties in the Russian artillery fire opposite, but the Russian army is still storming
By noon, the Russian army stopped shelling and launched two cavalry regiments to storm Tianshou Mountain. Teams of Cossack cavalry rushed to Tianshou Mountain peak.
The Qing army position was set up halfway up the mountain, and the terrain was relatively gentle and suitable for cavalry to attack. It was difficult to pull the heavy artillery roots to the dangerous places, and the Russian cavalry quickly rushed to a place not far from the Qing army position.
Dong Fuxiang drink "heavy machine guns, heavy machine guns! Immediately put into attack to stop the Russian attack! "
Dozens of heavy machine gun positions broke out at the front and formed a flame to suppress the Russian army back.
Behind Linevich, seeing such a battle, he was anxious and didn’t know what to do to break the fire blockade of the Qing army. It would take too much loss to keep storming like this.
Aside Tymoshenko, "Commanders can’t fight like this. Our cavalry is too worn out."
Linevich asked, "What should I do? We can spend too much time with you! "
Tymoshenko replied, "There are two ways. First, let’s leave an army to drag the Qing army here and protect our rear security; The main army immediately rushed south to Beijing! Second, let’s call a cavalry horse to climb from the back hill around Tianshou Mountain to attack the Qing army, so that we can’t take care of each other from beginning to end and will definitely break our position! "
Linevich clapped his hands. "Well, just do it. Hand a cavalry regiment around Tianshou Mountain and climb to attack the rear position of the Qing army! This time we must defeat us! "
There is still a struggle here in Tianshou Mountain. The shells of both sides are constantly playing out, and clouds of smoke are blown up in each other’s positions. The visibility here is almost impossible to see 50 meters away. The wounded on both sides are increasing, and the rear positions are covered with dead bodies with serious injuries.
Dong Fuxiang had long anticipated that Linevich might ask Tie Liang to order a battalion of infantry to guard the mountain peak and protect his rear road.
But can a good idea come true?
This battalion finally got out of the position, the artillery test and the war. I couldn’t wait to fly back to Beijing immediately and sleep for a few days. When we reached the top of the mountain, Dong Fuxiang and Tie Liang restrained us, so we didn’t even have to build fortifications and rest directly on the ground. Most people fell asleep straight.
How can such an army be able to defend against the Russian army?
A cavalry regiment of more than 1000 people signed the hardcover slips quietly halfway up the mountain and saw what was happening on the mountain. It was not long before it was close to the top of the mountain, but it was still more than 100 meters away from the top of the mountain. Now it has entered the night, and some Qing troops are on duty. Now the soldiers directly put up patrol posts and rested on the spot. A small team of more than 20 people stayed on patrol and now they have entered a sleepy state while people are paying attention.
Vitovski, the leader of the Russian army who led the team, was a head of the Sixth Brigade. He saw a little movement on the mountain and growled, "Rush to the peak as quickly as possible!"
The Russian army removed the disguised distance of 100 meters, but it had already rushed to the top of the mountain in a few tens of seconds. The Qing army was finally awakened by a huge movement, and when it saw the Russian army in the mountains, it was stunned and overwhelmed.
When the Russian army didn’t give them a response, it had already entered the Qing army’s watch position. When the sabre was cut high for a minute or two, more than 200 people died in the hands of the Russian army.
Only when the conductor finished reacting did he shout, "Fire a warning shot to warn people to raid!"
But it’s too late for anything. Now a battalion has been cut down, even less than 100 people. How can it be that a Russian opponent, a battalion, can be hacked to death in ten minutes?
Vitovski was overjoyed. "Brothers give strength to charge the target mountainside Qing army position!"
Here, more than 1,000 Russian troops each rushed to the position of the Qing army with a saber and a bunch of rifles.
This can be bitter. Dong Fuxiang, the Qing army, heard the news that the mountain peak had been occupied by the Russian army, and suddenly his heart lit up. Most of them knew that the Qing army had given up hope that the Russian army would attack from above, and he had completely lost his geographical advantage and was caught in a situation of north-south attack, which was passive to the extreme! Dong Fuxiang roared, "Where did the camp where Iron Man Peak was on duty die? We didn’t get any news, so let us occupy the commanding heights …" Dong Fuxiang was so angry.
Chapter four hundred and eleven Tianshou Mountain fell into
Tie Liang is now full of bitterness and stupidity, and now that the commanding heights have changed hands, we have completely lost the initiative. If we can remain unbeaten, we will have to thank the Buddha for blessing.
Tie Liang replied, "Lord Dong had known this, and your elite should have sent it to our family!"
Dong Fuxiang was angry. "It’s too late now. Lord Tie will immediately organize troops. If we want to take back the mountain peaks while we are on shaky footing, we’ll be caught by the Russian army!"
Tie Liang’ s heart was shocked. "Dong’ s adult will organize people to attack!"
Tie Liang made a full three battalions of troops to counterattack the Russian army in the past, but Tie Liang still underestimated the Russian army, which was also a regiment of troops, and still commanding three battalions, so the Russian army could not resist the mountain peaks, and it was not long before it was called by the Russian secret fire.
Tie Liang bullet then corrected the two battalions to attack the two sides before the mountain reached a stalemate.
It happened that Linevich launched a fierce offensive against the Qing army. This time, Linevich took over the artillery and covered the storm. Thousands of cavalry still flocked to the two cavalry regiments.
The frontier position of the Qing army has been removed by Tie Liang for five or six battalions, and there is a loophole in the defense of two or three thousand people. The desperate Russian army rushed into the frontier position, and the Qing army went on the rampage. The Zhongjun Wu Wei could not withstand it at first sight.
Dong Fuxiang’s eyes cracked and shouted, "The cavalry cavalry will attack the Russian army immediately!"
Just resting for half a day, Gan Jun once again threw himself into the battle. Want to drive the Russian army and talk about it again?
When Ganjun’s Russian striker was entangled in death, Russian cavalry rushed in behind him. This time, two cavalry positions have already formed nearly a thousand Russian cavalry. Ganjun can’t resist so many cavalry even if he is tough.
Dong Fuxiang in the rear secretly sighed that the army had saved the day and really failed this time.
Dong Fuxiang told Dong Yiwu, "Yi Wu immediately sent a letter to Tie Liang’s adult. If Tianshou Mountain can’t keep it, we will definitely be wiped out. We must reserve our strength to defend Beijing and let it retreat immediately!"
Dong Yiwu promised to go to Tie Liang, a mountain peak, and now Tie Liang has also discovered the situation. Here, the Russian army is in full swing, so for a short time, the Qing army has reimbursed more than one battalion of troops, and it is still difficult to endure the Russian army. It is difficult to drive the Russian army to the mountain peak in an hour.
Tie Liang heard Dong Yi Wu make hate hate a stamp to greet the army to evacuate immediately.
In this way, nearly 10,000 troops retreated to the mountain. The Russian army chased the Qing soldiers with two legs, and the Russian army Linevich led the Russian cavalry to hunt down the Qing army and fled all the way. Only the cavalry guards in their early 2000s, such as Dong Fuxiang and Chongli Tie Liang, hastily retreated to Deshengmen.
The Russian army’s pursuit has reached a distance of less than 50 miles from Beijing, when a reinforcements came from Beijing.
About 5,000 people in the former army of Zhengweiwei saw that the defeated troops in Dong Fuxiang were frightened to disgrace and came to decorate their defenses, so they were entangled in the Russian cavalry who were in hot pursuit.
Most of the infantry in this former army rely on the speed of cavalry to attack and run around the Qing army. Most of the bullets of the Qing army are difficult to hit, telling the Russian army in the movement that it is like a knife spinning meat layer by layer to reap the lives of the Qing army.
In this way, the cavalry tactics, the Qing army has never seen the roots, so it can’t stand the Russian army’s winning streak. The morale is high, and the Qing army will be defeated. Zheng Engen, the former commander of Wu Wei, has seen this appearance. The former commander of Wu Wei was originally a dimensional commander, but the elite soldiers and experts of Nie Shicheng Lutai training army have all been included in the former army of Wu Wei. Now Nie Shicheng died young, and the former army of Lu Tai training was taken to the northeast by Zhang Yi. Compared with the former army of Wu Wei, it is a far cry from the past.
Zheng En was completely stunned by the sharp offensive of Russian cavalry. Dong Fuxiang and others Zheng Enhui retreated all the way to the Xisanqi area before he stopped his heel. Zheng En stuttered. "Dong, Dong’s adult, how can the Russian army be so fierce? It’s too fierce to estimate that we can’t live!"
Dong Fuxiang nu "afraid of? Laodu has been fighting with the Russian army for four or five days. Isn’t this a good mother who just scared the Russian army into a good deed? "
At present, the enemy’s current top management of the whole Qing army can’t even count on Tie Liang, an old soldier in Dong Fuxiang. Now, when we don’t fight hard with Dong Fuxiang, Zheng En has a bitter face and asks, "Dong, Dong’s adult, calm down, officer, and mean that all of us are your younger generation. Who doesn’t know that you are a famous old soldier in Qing Dynasty?"
Dong Fuxiang sighed, "The heavy machine guns are ordered to be placed at the forefront of the position, and the heavy machine gun firepower can only suppress the offensive momentum. If the rifle is fired too slowly, it will not top."
Tie Liang "Lord Dong, we have lost all our heavy machine guns and cannons in the first world war. How many heavy machine guns are there now?"
Dong Fuxiang’s eyes looked at Zheng En Zheng En and answered, "Almost every door of Dong’s fast marching artillery has heavy machine guns, and it’s not enough to carry more than a dozen of them."
Dong Fuxiang sighed with bitterness. "There is no way out. We must not be able to station our heavy weapons here. It can be turned into Russian cannon fodder and withdrawn to Beijing." Now Zheng Entieliang is even more bitter. Two people were almost defeated by the Russian army when they fought a hard battle. At least, Dong Fuxiang also fought hard against the Russian army for two battles. The troops were far apart before they lost, but they were crushed as soon as they contacted each other. If they were unwilling to protect their own army, they would have to be wrapped up by the Russian army. This is going back to Beijing. I don’t know how the Queen Mother Galeries Lafayette will tidy up themselves, Stay and fight hard? I’m afraid it won’t take half a day. There are less than * * * thousand people left, and they must be cleaned up.
Chapter four hundred and twelve Escape from Beijing in a panic
Dong Fuxiang led a group of heavy machine gun battalions of the Qing army to retreat to Deshengmen.
It was not until we entered Deshengmen that the gates of Beijing were closed that the Russian army stopped.
Now Beijing has become a mess, and the news of defeat from Zhangjiakou to the Russian army’s arrival at Deshengmen has been heard by Cixi’s ministers.
Now Cixi has been scared out of her wits, and the Manchu Dynasty and Wudu have expressed their opinions and don’t know who to listen to.
The court was resolute, and Rong Lu Xu Yi and other manpower advised the Queen Mother to move to Baoding House to take refuge in the south, waiting for the arrival of the diligent army from all over the country to repel the Russian army and return to Beijing.
Li Hongzhang, on the other hand, refused to argue that the empress dowager should stick to Beijing. Even if the walls of Beijing are high for half a year, the Russian army may not be able to attack a Baoding. Once it is pursued by the Russian army, it will be a real disaster. After all, the walls of Baoding House are far from Beijing, which is tall and generous.
Resolutely answer, "Can Li Da-ren ask the Empress Dowager Lafayette to stick to that kind of grip and repel the Russian army? Should Beijing follow the example of Jingkang disaster once the royal family is destroyed in the ground?"
Li Hongzhang’s face turned red and argued, "Will it be safe for the resolute adult to let Lafayette move to Baoding House? It takes only two days for the cavalry to arrive from Beijing. If the Russian army chases it, how can we ensure the safety of the holy driving?"

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