The talking mirror looked up at the sky and said, "There are too many younger brothers coming to Qingyun today, and the sky will gradually dim. Arrange this group of brothers to enter the array for trial early, and help Brother Bai Zhan to cut the turbid gas and refine his soul tonight."

Seeing that all the younger brothers had a good time, Baiyun Tower nodded and should come.
I got the big brother’s instruction that the Nangong mirror set up a cloud instrument to monitor the momentum of the elders. I said, "Since we have arrived at Qingyun Gate today, all the brothers and sisters have also turned around Qingyun Gate. I wonder who would like to join Qingyun Gate after being tested by the magic array of Ask Your Heart Pavilion?"
There was a "yes" response from the voice, and Xiao Jing was stunned and then said, "Well, who wouldn’t?"
"Oh, it seems that everyone is willing. Then let’s perform tonight … for trial."
Just then, Jiang Feng got up and said to Senior Brother Bai, "Senior Brother, I want to be a general in the battlefield wholeheartedly."
Baiyunlou nods, "Brother Zhi’s ambition has long been known about this magic array. Brother Jiang Feng won’t go and have a cup of tea at ease."
Seeing that someone comes out of the small mirror and raises his hand, he opens the large array of the Wonderland Pavilion. "You brothers and sisters can enter in turn."
"I’ll go first, I’ll go first." Luo Yu rushed to get the chance to start the team.
"Hum," said the Nangong Small Mirror, pointing to the Hall of Ask Your Heart Pavilion.
When Luo Yu stepped into the large array, the small mirror of Nangong activated the light curtain in front of the main hall.
Looking at the misty scene of the light curtain, I suddenly exclaimed, but I didn’t expect to be able to observe the large array of changing scenes.
A moment later, a busy street appeared in the light curtain, which looked very prosperous, far from being comparable to the streets of Jiangnan House.
"This is a downtown area in Kyoto," Xiao Pang said.
"Is this the imperial capital? Is every downtown so imposing?"
"Elder Xiao Jing is amazing. This person can read from the bottom of his heart. It would be embarrassing if he would bring out the bad things he did when he was a child."
"Yes, it will be lively. Will it be like this when it’s our turn?"
"Well, don’t entertain foolish ideas. This magic array can adjust the things you like most or hate most in your mind. Generally, it won’t involve his private affairs." The Nangong small mirror stared at the screen head and said without looking back.
If you are in a dreamland, if you are not strong-willed, it will be like falling into a dreamland, and you will forget that you are coming to the dreamland.
This is how Luo Yu suddenly saw a few friends hanging out on weekdays in the street and forgot to come here. Several people ran around the street in a backslapping way and finally found a restaurant to eat wine.
Time flies in the dreamland. Several friends touted that Zhong Luoyu was drunk in the restaurant.
"Go to two people to drag Luo Dagong out" Small mirror seems to have expected this result. Little face tensed and turned with great momentum and said.
Two male brothers of an alchemist pavilion carefully stepped into the hall and set up a drunken Luo Yu to fly out of the hall.
Put Luo Yu, who is already sleeping, in another Baiyun Building, Zhang Yun Bed, and wave to let the trial continue.
This time, Tan Xiaoxi stepped out and walked into the Hall of Ask Your Heart Pavilion, which was really worthy of being trained by the hospital. My brother didn’t need a moment to ask your heart pavilion for a few explosions, and the stream directly smashed the dreamland with fire fists and came out of the hall from the ground.
It’s getting late, and the lamps on the outer wall of the main hall of Ask Your Heart Pavilion are lit up. Fireworks illuminate the confident face of the brook, and the Baiyun Tower can’t help drinking.
Just now, when I saw the light curtain stream enter the dreamland, I clung to the platform, closed my eyes, sensed the aura fluctuation in the magic array, turned a deaf ear to all interference, and finally found an opportunity to break through the array.
The success of Xiaoxi immediately made his brother see hope, and one by one he was excited and eager to try.
Then the rest of the younger brothers stepped into the main hall to break through the magic array. Finally, Jiang Xuan, Shi Qingshan and Meng Yu successfully broke through the magic array. The little girl, the green ant, also called on the Baiyun Tower to enter the large array trial, and she was also gritted to the end.
Jiang Xuan and Bai Zhan are almost all swords. It is not surprising that the sword is more calm and rushes out of the magic array Baiyun Tower.
Shi Qingshan became more and more refined after the breakthrough of the secondary refining body, and finally forced to break the magic array with strong strength.
Meng Yu can break the illusion. The Baiyun Tower has already had a good idea of whether it is a fight against the dead, unyielding will or a waterfall. It can be seen from the flying sword jumping and shouting that this younger brother has an extraordinary mind.
The refining cabinet brother and two alchemist cabinet boys failed to break the magic array. The reason was that it was too low. Although they all resisted for a while, they were finally broken by the magic array and passed out.
Green ants are stronger because of refining the demon soul of small ants. Although they can’t break the magic array, they finally insisted on it.
In the end, there’s martial sister Lan Zhi in the alchemy pavilion. I don’t know if this lively martial sister is a little silent since the trial today.
It was not until he was alone that Lan Zhi walked slowly to the hall with small steps and walked into the large array for a long time
Watching the elder martial sister Lan Zhi step into the main hall, Nangong Xiaojing secretly breathed a sigh of relief. It’s almost time for all this tossing. If you travel for a while, you will delay brother Bai Zhan’s practice.
The magic array opens the curtain and directly reveals a big black river. A seven-year-old girl falls into the river and looks like Lan Zhi when she was young.
No wonder Lan Zhi is afraid to enter the dreamland. It turns out that this drowning experience is the reason for fear
When Lan Zhi was a child, how could he struggle in the river? I don’t know how much he drank. The black river was finally lucky enough to catch a piece of driftwood, and then he was rescued and finally climbed to the shore. When he was a child, Lan Zhi was already very tired.
However, as Lan Zhi climbed the shore as a child, the whole dreamland was shattered at once, which was also a broken magic array.
Wake up from the magic array. Lan Zhi is also weak and pale. When he walks out of the hall and walks to the front of everyone, he suddenly throws up on the side of the cloud bed.
"Master elder brother, I’m not really flooded, but the river is too dark … Oh …"
Chapter two hundred and ninety Guest Qing responsibility
"Just how much to drink this vomit … and then drink er …" Cloud bed Luo Yu suddenly woke up from the cloud bed and sat up and turned to find that everyone was staring at himself and suddenly remembered what had just entered the dreamland.
Although the dreamland is vague, I still have some impression that I was so drunk in the dreamland. It is shameful to think about it.
"Just now, I suddenly saw my classmates and friends, and I couldn’t help but drink a few more cups of big brothers together. Do you think my heavy affection and righteousness should have passed the test?" Luo Yu sat on the cloud bed with a shy face and asked the big white head.
Baiyun Tower sighed slightly and patted Luo Yu’s shoulder with a hand. "Brother Xiaoyu is bullish on you …" He turned to tidy up the cloud table.
"Master elder brother, look at this …" Luo Yu turned to the nangongshan mirror and asked with a smiling face.

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