After a few flips, several people in front of the bear were kicked out directly.

The man who flew out hit the man behind him and stopped him abruptly.
These people saw that Lin Ying kicked them away and angrily asked, "What are you doing? What hit our people? Get in the supermarket or we’ll all die. "
Lin Ying cold way "into the supermarket? Now this place has been occupied by me. If you want to hide from zombies, please find him. "
When they heard it, they suddenly got angry. Someone shouted, "Why do you say that the supermarket is occupied by you? Is this supermarket your home? "
Lin Ying’s face is gloomy as a water-cooled way. "It’s the last time. This supermarket is the main thing. I’ll come first. It’s me."
When Ding Saner heard Lin Ying’s words, he immediately jumped and pointed to Lin Ying and scolded, "We have looked at this supermarket first. We have been staring at him for more than ten days. Today we are going to start work. You robbed our supermarket. You are a bandit. Give it back to us quickly."
Others also clamored for Lin Ying to return to the supermarket.
Lin Ying looked at Ding Saner coldly and said, "Beep will kill you again."
Lin Ying’s murderous words immediately frightened a group of people into a dilemma.
"It’s no time for a group of intellectual disabilities to argue about who the supermarket is. The old fist supermarket is me."
Lin Ying pulled out a machete and walked out along the avenue "Yang Tingting blocked the door and killed them if they dared to run into the supermarket".
Yang Tingting, who was secretly hiding things in the supermarket, heard Lin Ying’s words and ran to the gate. He pulled up a row of shelves and blocked the supermarket door with a knife, pointing at everyone guiltily.
Cao Ge, a group of people suddenly stood stuck when they heard Lin Ying.
Ding Saner turned pale and shivered.
Green MuYang will soon SUV to the door of the supermarket and then turn off the fire and pull out the key with boning knife just like Lin Ying behind him.
Wangcai also saw Cao Ge and a group of people followed closely behind Lin Ying and walked towards the zombie.
Two people and one dog greeted the zombies with great momentum.
Chapter 199 Proactive attack
Lin Ying and Qing Muyang went outside to watch the zombies in the distance behind a row of cars in the parking lot.
These zombies are coming from all directions, and it is obvious that the previous fighting sounds attracted the surrounding zombies.
Lin Ying estimated the speed of the other party and then took the initiative to go forward for a distance and came to the front of a car.
Then he pulled the car door and slammed it in the opposite direction.
Then Lin Ying suddenly kicked the door with his feet.
The door can’t bear the power of the forest shadow.
Lin Ying grilled the car door for a while and then finally shook it.
Then Lin Ying threw the door to the ground and jumped on a few feet.
Behind people see Lin Ying move all issued a question "what does he want? How do you feel like you’re crazy? Instead of killing zombies, take it out on the door there. "
Lin Ying’s column makes Yang Tingting all confused. I don’t know what he is doing.
There is one person in the field who has no doubt about Lin Ying, and that is Qing Muyang.
Qing Muyang ran to Lin Ying and said to Lin Ying, "Boss, do you need help?"
Lin Ying stepped on the car door without looking up. "No, there are more zombies. Pay attention to yourself and don’t be caught by them."
Green MuYang replied after a good Lin Ying pulled a distance.
A moment later, Lin Ying will step on the door and use it as a shield.
At this time, those people behind suddenly realized.
Lin Ying Dao Shields knocked and then jumped out to meet the zombies.
There are abandoned vehicles everywhere on the expressway, which blocks the direction of zombies and slows down their action.
It is to see this that Lin Ying is going to take the initiative to kill zombies.
Lin Ying soon came to a zombie.
Zombies saw Lin Ying’s mouth spewing with rotten breath and reaching out his claws to catch him excitedly.

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