Chapter 213 Resin tide

The expressway Lin Ying took after coming out of the industrial park has always been in a remote area, and there are few houses and people along the way. At most, there is a small village or town beside the road.
There aren’t many road cars, and there aren’t many zombies they meet all the way. He and Qing Muyang’s fighting capacity are not a threat to them.
Even the zombies encountered by the shadow guards are a piece of cake for Lin Ying and Qing Muyang.
But they found a lot of zombies when it was getting dark.
Goshawk has been circling around for days to investigate the situation, and feedback the zombie situation around to Lin Ying from time to time.
But goshawks also have blind spots.
After the end of the world, all plants have also changed, and many trees have grown extremely luxuriantly.
When there is a large forest, the crown of the tree grows up, which simply blocks the sun and makes the roots of the goshawk invisible.
When it was getting dark, a large forest appeared on the expressway.
Lin Ying always has a very dangerous and palpitation feeling when she walks through that forest.
It is out of a warrior intuition.
Lin Ying also asked Qing Muyang about a result. Qing Muyang said that he felt the same.
So Lin Ying quickly stopped the vehicle and sent a zombie cat to check it out.
As a result, the zombie cat handed him a very desperate message in two minutes.
There are a lot of zombies in the Woods. Those zombies have been attracted by the sound of Lin Ying’s vehicles and are coming in their direction.
Lin Ying immediately launched a forklift to back up.
At the same time, he yelled at the back, "Go back, go back, there are a lot of zombies in the Woods."
The three cars behind heard Lin Ying roar and immediately scrambled to start the vehicle to back up.
Cao Wendi’s big truck started to reverse.
Cao Wei’s car backed up, but Yang Tingting turned off in a hurry, and then it couldn’t burn anyway.
Lin Ying felt the overwhelming zombie through the zombie cat and pushed the Yang Tingting car back with a forklift.
Yang Tingting let out a scream in the car.
"Shut up!" Lin Ying turned to Yang Tingting and shouted, then stepped on the forklift accelerator.
A few moments later, zombies appeared in the roadside Woods, first one, two, three.
But after half a minute, dozens of them came out and kept coming out.
Lin Ying doesn’t know why there are so many zombies here, and I don’t know how many they are.
Looking at the zombies coming out, Lin Ying yelled at a "car sniper zombie"
Running away blindly is not the style of Lin Ying.
He hopes to kill some zombies with roadside vehicles.

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