After the disintegration of Dongsheng Shenzhou, Chang ‘an happened to be a disintegration line, so the two floating things in the mainland gradually stabilized in a fierce collision.

These two continents, one big and one small, are thousands of square kilometers. Because of the gathering of the twenty-four immortals, generals, ministers and Chang ‘an residents, Fiona Fang has become two settlements. After the two continents are reunited, they will be called Beijing and Beijing.
Beijing belongs to the great dynasty, and Beijing belongs to the Sun, Moon and Immortal Sect.
Although the earth was split, Wei Yingwu, who was still recognized by the great dynasty for all the nine continents, slowly gathered the hearts and minds of the people and regained the confidence of the emperor while busy.
And the sun, the moon and the immortals in Beijing are somewhat depressed.
All the people are Xu Junhu, who is strongly condensed in one place, and Xu Junhu, the immortal Sect of the Sun, the Moon and the Immortal Sect, has cultivated the Seven Lovers’ Dharma, and now the Dharma has become a reality, so there is no operating mind.
However, at the moment, Xu Junhu is limited to nine times and six times. At this moment, the four continents are able to hit the title. The real peak of the Great Sage is that he is not willing to challenge him.
In addition, there is a scene where he has been supported by a group of confidantes.
Ruins of the Grand Palace
"Where is the patriarch?" Dragon Lady asks the guards here.
"It should be Tai Chi Palace," replied the guard.
The dragon lady turned into a white Youlong and went to Taiji Palace. Before she arrived, she saw that it was being divided by cracks in the earth. On the top of the remnant market of Taiji Palace, there was a gorgeous red graceful figure dance, and another handsome figure blew a flute.
This cheap maid … The dragon girl turns into a human figure, flying like a fairy, and falls to the top of Taiji Palace.
"dragon lady, you’re here ~" Xu Junhu smiled and stopped playing and waved at the dragon lady.
Dragon lady saw Xu Junhu smile, and she was a little angry. She cried and turned into a breeze. She went to the crowd and grabbed Xu Junhu’s hand. "Mr. Lang, you don’t delay here. My father has arrived at Zongmen to discuss with the four immortals to merge into the moon, the sun and the moon …"
"After the change of heaven and earth, there are many shallow puddles left in the four continents, so I want to join Sun Moon Xianzong. Why didn’t you see it so positive then? Funny "the little princess of the past days and the girl of the golden ring of the patriarch of today’s days hey sneer.
"If it weren’t for Mr. Lang to save you, what celestial fairy clan is there! Fortunately, you dare to talk nonsense! " Dragon lady immediately retorted.
"The North Sea Xuanlong is the ancestor of the four seas. Who knows what kind of heart you have?" Golden ring girl said again
"You …" Dragon lady’s eyes are red with anger.
"All right, don’t make noise." Xu Junhu had a headache. Why did he want to marry so many wives?
At this moment, suddenly Xu Junhu had a chance to look up at Qing.
I saw that there was a bright red brainwave that swept past the ruins of Taiji Palace and stopped to show my figure. It was an elegant and extremely red Tianma, but it was not alive but a scientific creation of Xiandao.
"Kunlun Tianma?" Dragon lady and golden ring girl qi qi call way
Tianma is a mount of Kunlun immortals, which has recently become popular in Shenzhou, making it very convenient to travel to and from floating continents.
"Aunt …?" Xu Junhu looked at centaur’s face with short hair, big eyes and half a five-color petal. It was more than 30 years ago when Monty fought.
"Who is she? !” Dragon Lady and Golden Ring Girl HeWen together.
The two men looked at the girl with different charm and temperament, and her appearance was not beautiful, but it was unforgettable at first sight, just like a figure in a painting.
It’s not a rival in love!
"Shut up!" Xu Junhu low toward them to drink "you also want to call aunt"
"Aunt?" Two women feel surprised. Where are the relatives? How to say?
Xu Junhu doesn’t know how to talk about it. It’s probably Lin Chong’s sister’s theory. That’s what I called it when I was in a daze, and that’s how it continued
Lin Man turned Tianma to the ground and said to Xu Junhu directly, "Lin Chong wants me to tell you something."
Xu Junhu spirit a flap.
Bange Taiji Palace
In the past, outside the railing of the railing, it was a beautiful day, and the imperial garden was a world beauty.
Today, leaning on the railing, I can see another floating continent in the distance.
"The four orthodoxy of Lin Chong Zheng Raiders in Yueluo Township" Lin Man looked at Xu Junhu with his hand on the railing
"But I know this is a great event in heaven," Xu Junhu replied. "If the immortal Sect of Kunlun can get one or two orthodox clans, it will be more prosperous."
Although this is the answer, it is difficult for Xu Junhu to be lonely.
He had known the truth of this world for a long time, and refused Lin Chong’s invitation to become a Catholic candidate in Kunlun because he had already practiced the Seven Lovers’ Sacred Method at that time, but he couldn’t agree.
I didn’t expect Lin Chong to have calculated that Beihai Xuanlong was just playing chess, but Xu Junhu, the ultimate goal of Beihai Xuanlong, won the power of heaven and earth, but he didn’t become the protagonist after all.
"Lin Chong didn’t tell you about the North Sea Xuanlong because he was worried that his plan would be leaked to the furnace keeper through his roots. No one but himself knew his thoughts and plans," Lin Man said.
"I know," Xu Junhu smiled. "Now that I’m a true fairy, it’s even harder to’ cross’ me. He must be particularly worried."
After all, there is no landing in this world.
If you want to take Xu Junhu away, you must cross into Kunlun Xianzong.
Lin chong really broke his mind about this.
"You prepared one of the four orthodoxy," Lin Man said. "Things are not as simple as they seem. I know that because I am not a Kunlun fairy, you can know that neither are you."

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