The virtual shadow speed of the sword makes people react quickly, and in the blink of an eye, it pierces a big hole in the rubble and disappears. For a moment, Gu Fan clearly heard the sound of "snow", followed by the sound of a mountain bear moaning and crashing to the ground, and the stone rain all over the sky seemed to have no energy to support pieces of scattered land. Gu Fan can finally see the scene after the rubble. The mountain bear is not a huge body, lying motionless, with blood flowing from its head and instantly infiltrating the surrounding land. It has a hole in its head, and the wound is clean and neat.

Vote pk supporters get points and Chapter 90 was robbed. Seeing all this, Gufan breathed […]

"Hum, general Zhu, you are not taller than your hand. You, your hand, these soldiers are tigers. I am a straw bag. Are they careless? One person is careless, and the others are careless? Four special forces officers can’t cope with Zhouyi. A teenager even broke his gun and dared to say something careless. Special forces have to turn a blind eye when sleeping. Do special forces allow carelessness? What if it’s the enemy? Who was careless with? Talk to Yan? You settle the enmity according to my plan, and your department will win? I’m afraid that you can’t take up the challenge. These straw bags are not necessarily Zhou Yi and Zhou Chi’s opponents. "

Sue asked the general to give a cold hum. When the old general was furious, […]

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