Jiang Huang smiled and waved and said, "Go, go, remember to update your certification stone at any time. Maybe it will arrive at the three-star warlock."

Chapter two hundred and ninety-seven Three-star warlock
Taiting, Kong Wei and Huimin Renxing warlock are anxiously waiting outside Daxia. They are all preparing to come to Cheng Jinzhou to issue three-star warlock badges.
Normally, the promotion of a three-star warlock requires the presence of the local warlock association, but considering the topic of sacred cliff, three members of the self-aware star warlock Committee took the initiative to come to Daxia.
For them, the identity of Cheng Jinzhou’s shrine sacrifice is obviously not a problem. All astrologers belong to the Astrologers Association. Although it has not been recognized by everyone, it can be used as a shield.
Of course, it is somewhat unreasonable for three four-star warlocks and one three-star warlock to issue badges, but everyone is unwilling to give in to losing the opportunity to meet the sacred cliff practitioners, so they can come together in the name of traveling to the summer.
Sin Chew also has no powerful organization to control the four-level star warlocks. On the contrary, because three four-level star warlocks are dispatched together, the permanent organization of the Committee has to equip them with a Li-class airship with a length of 3 meters, which is much more fashionable than Jiang Huang’s private airship. The comparison between the two is like a luxury bus and a luxury car.
Not only that, but the reason why the three people came to Daxia was to award badges to Cheng Jinzhou’s three-star warlock, so they had to wait outside Daxia unless Leijiacha etc became a three-star warlock.
The life of airship is not bad, but the number of servants is too small to be comfortable, but it is not easy to be comfortable. The main function of airship is not only transportation or war, especially the luxury life of Li-class boat base, but it is difficult to enjoy the freshness of meals. The chefs are all part-time trying to cook delicious food, which is almost an illusion.
This way of life, where the astrologers in Xingzhou are used to, Kong Wei has repeatedly said that the Japanese-class boat will make the Star Array chef have the opportunity to be a fish chef …
Hui people’s benevolence is the so-called holding there to watch and then quietly waiting for the news back from the communication star array.
The Star Warlock Association’s contribution feedback system is notoriously slow, and many star warlocks get their contribution points from half a year ago.
The publication of Cheng Jinzhou’s first article, that is, every month in a year, can still bring dozens of contribution points, and in many cases, it will take more time for most astrologers to understand the most advanced mathematics, which is understandable.
But for three four-level star warlocks, I don’t know when I can wait until Cheng Jinzhou has made enough contributions, and I don’t know when he will update the certification stone. That’s the worst thing.
After eating the airship diet for two days, Kong Wei has been expecting him to contribute more than Cheng Jinzhou himself.
Cheng Jinzhou left 2,000 kilograms of food surplus and sold it to Xingmeng.
The figure of 350 thousand tons is still quite shocking, so he has to change the warehouse guards again, and someone has to ask where the long grain along the river bank went
After all the transaction procedures were completed, Jinzhou called Issu and asked, "Do you know how to grow pearl rice? It’s time for horses to scramble for seeds. "
High-grade grain is also two seasons a year.
Almost the Buddha met, which made the Yisu face a little worried and said, "How much did you buy?"
"Buy as much as you want," Cheng Jinzhou said on his own trading platform. "Buddha has cancelled the restrictions on the purchase of real rice and pearl rice, but I tried it. It seems that I can buy directly and I can’t talk to the merchants."
"Well done, you can snatch food from the tiger’s mouth." Yi Su didn’t see Cheng Jinzhou talking with Buddha, and praised the only way. "You didn’t buy higher-grade rice. It’s not necessarily whether you can grow beaded rice now."
"What you say is very similar to Buddha." Cheng Jinzhou laughed.
Yi Su-xu is floating in nostalgia. "Xingmeng guests have to go through three years of formal education before they can work. Of course, they are well aware of the rules. Do you know how many strange agents in the world will have many strange problems? At that time, our graduation exam required all questions to be answered in 3 seconds, and 95% of the questions required to be answered in 1 second, with a correct rate of 9%. That was really exhausting. "
"After three years of study?" Cheng Jinzhou was surprised and inexplicable. He had been in pain for two years.
"It was only after studying in college for three years that I realized that it is most important to be a guest or to deal with people and know when to violate the rules and circumvent the rules." Yisu sighed and pulled back to the topic. "Planting beaded rice requires various elements. You understand that it is a special fertilizer that can grow normally, and the beaded rice is different according to different fertilizers."
"Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers?" Cheng Jinzhou has never studied agriculture, but he has always heard some.
"It’s more complicated and simpler than that," said Yi Su, who arranged a language. "You need to give an element to the pearl rice, and the pearl rice will show different properties according to different elements. For example, if you give the iron element to the pearl rice, the real rice will have the function of supplementing iron to the human body when it grows up, and after proper treatment, it will make the body hard and increase tungsten. If you are gold, you can supplement the flexibility indium, which will improve your eyesight."
Cheng Jinzhou paused. "Then I buried the iron directly in the ground? Iron ore? "
"You must have a certain concentration of iron, otherwise it will affect the growth rate. You must be eating beaded rice by law now. Your physical condition is too poor. You can eat it when Lu Xu is active." Yi Su explained one by one. "In planting, you can plant beaded rice with different elements, but not all beaded rice has it, or some beaded rice may have it, but the demand is too small to sell it. I just said that it is a good choice to increase the iron element."
Cheng Jinzhou shrugged his shoulders after listening to his complicated introduction and asked the key question, "What price?"
"According to different elements, but at least 4 times the price of real rice"
Cheng Jinzhou blew a whistle, which was 512 times the price of regular rice.
Seeing Man Cang real rice and pearl rice planting process, Jinzhou silently considered the land and manpower issues.
Now that rice has almost been transplanted in the southwest in summer, it will be very troublesome to find a tenant again. Don’t say how much is invested per mu. Just plant 150,000 mu of land and get 20,000 to 30,000. The population of De’ an is quite the same.
Even the whole Nanling can’t be found, as many idle people are like the ancient society of China. Every family and every production base unit can’t imagine where tens of thousands of men will be brought to plant hundreds of thousands of acres of land. A group of men may not be better than a group of cattle.
He sat in the wheat pile and thought about it, but he heard someone shouting in the sky, "Cheng Jinzhou Star Warlock Cheng Jinzhou Star Warlock"
As soon as Yi Su slipped away, the ink waiter knocked on the door outside. "The third brother seems to be a warlock of Xi Yong Xing."
Cheng Jinzhou sorted out a garment and went out from the barn, looking up.
Xi Yong rushed in and shouted, "Adult Cheng published the Xiajing Journal today. Why don’t you update a certification stone?"
There are several periodicals published at the same time as Xia Jing Xue Bao, but everyone will pay attention to the first place when they say it.
Cheng Jinzhou is a little strange and raises his eyebrows. "I don’t have much now."
Xi Yong now has to look down on his eyes. "Several Star Warlocks from Xingzhou are waiting outside in the summer. If you don’t contribute enough, they can’t enter the summer."
"Go ahead, please." Cheng Jinzhou really feels trouble. He’s not a native of Xia Dynasty, and he doesn’t like places like Xingzhou. In the 21st century, China people pay attention to regional four-level astrologers, and he doesn’t think it’s rare. It’s like watching too many tigers in the zoo and feeling that tigers all over the world are best at sleeping.
On the contrary, Xi Yong feels that he can’t see through Cheng Jinzhou more and more. Three four-level star warlocks came to Daxia, let alone issue badges. Even if he summoned a first-level two-star warlock (the star array has not yet been engraved), he should be grateful.
Think about it. Guo Jingxing’s warlock came to Xia Jing’s capital. All beings are strange. Cheng Jinzhou’s calm made Xi Yong feel depressed. He took a step forward and took the lead in taking off, but he felt wrong. He waited for Cheng Jinzhou to slowly overtake him before quietly following the low road. "Nanling Star Warlock Association came with a set of materials."
The contribution points must be verified by the astrologer, and the stone can only be effective. Some astrologers are dead, and the articles are still effective. It is impossible for the association to let the secular successors of astrologers enjoy the glory of astrologers.
Guo Xiao has been waiting for the official in Dean County for a long time, looking at the luxurious furniture in the room curiously.
The Cheng family’s centuries-old history has never been short of discerning children. What it lacks is money. When Cheng Jinzhou decides to dress up the county government, he will earn 12,000 yuan a month. The three generations of Cheng family can enjoy the house as good as the giants in Beijing. It is rare to see such a first-class star warlock as Guo Xiao on weekdays.
If it weren’t for the cash-strapped, Guo Xiao wouldn’t have worked in the Star Warlock Association to earn contribution points.
Cheng Jinzhou’s rush to open the patio directly allows him to fly directly to a room in the county government-which is also beneficial after renovation.
Guo Xiao hurriedly got up and bowed down to meet.
"Where is the certified stone plug?" Cheng Jinzhou glanced at Guo Xiao’s first-class star warlock badge and nodded slightly.
Guo Xiao hurriedly took out the portable instrument. If it is smaller, the Star Warlock Association may not be so convenient.
Xi Yong clapped his hands happily when he looked at the yellow light on the certification stone. "Congratulations to Cheng Jinzhou’s star warlock for becoming a three-star warlock. You are the youngest three-star warlock in the summer of nearly a hundred years."
He said with a sigh of relief, devoting himself to the invitation, "Jiang Huang’s star warlock has prepared a banquet for you to celebrate three days from today, and then three four-level star warlocks may come."
Chapter two hundred and ninety Nanling Scott
Nanling is the largest city in southwest China in summer.
Nanling Temple is the largest temple in Southwest China, and Nanling Star Sorcerers Association is the largest star warlock association in Southwest China. Nanling Yamen is the largest yamen in Southwest China. The Wangfu County, located in the center of Nanling, represents the most big noble family in Southwest China-Zhao family in Nanling.

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