The mutual influence of various forces will also kill people, and it will depend on which side is stronger and who is more reasonable.

In comparison,
Who is stronger in the back is the key?
A person quietly gather together near the small accent with dignity.
"He’s Jerome, the Emperor’s League."
Emperor alliance?
Guan Yong’s face changed, and his heart was secretly called.
If the dark race and Tianyuan alliance are compared with the armies of the two countries, then the forces wandering in the front line, such as Emperor Alliance, are bandits.
Gangs that don’t kill people like hemp
Being able to hang out at the front is also said to be such a powerful force
They never talk about anything!
With a wave of Jerome’s hand, light flashes in the field, and two shades of light and shadow appear.
"Are these two of you?"
Light and shadow, one wears a cloak and looks hidden in it, but the other is a good-looking woman.
It is Zhou Jia and Xia Xuan.
No one can recognize Zhou Jia like that, but everyone present knows Xia Xuan.
"No," Guan Yong swept his eyes, and their faces remained motionless.
"It seems to be a misunderstanding."
He gently waved his hand.
"Really?" Jerome’s eyes flashed and he suddenly reached out and pointed to one of them.
"He stays!"
As soon as the man’s face changed, others moved and the atmosphere became tense.
"Friend" Guan Yong took a deep breath and was quite stuffy.
"What does this mean?"
"When he saw this woman, he moved." Jerome gestured a cold way toward Xia Xuan light and shadow.
"Since you don’t know each other, you can go."
The man looked pale and frightened at Guan Yong, and he never thought that his temporary emotional changes would attract the attention of the other party
"…" Guan Yong sullen heart is dark scold each other stupid, but after all, is one of their own since can’t abandon.
Who dares to contribute to the family after that?
"Friends" should take a deep breath and slow down.
"It’s not easy to bully our crown family who belong to the Cave Xuan Sect. We have already said that if we don’t know these two people, don’t push your luck."
Said the wrist shake a long knife handle appeared in the palm.
Others also offered their own spears, thick sharp pitfalls pointed opposite.
Jerome looked at the long Dao in Guan Yong’s hand, and the servant’s resentment came to mind, leaving the same Dao with the same polish.
Unwilling, resentful, sad …
Qi qi chong Xin
"It’s you!"
Raised his head and his eyes were red. Jerome looked straight into Guan Yong’s teeth and nu way
"Did you do it?"
"What?" Guan Yong’s face is puzzled. Consciousness is not right.

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