Heaven and man explained, "Wang’s last vitality divided me and kept the spiritual tree species, and the dying lotus fairy also made the five parts of talent disconnected from each other in the vein line of several spiritual stones in Tianfa, hoping to keep more fire in the realm of repairing truth, thinking that even if Wang wakes up in a certain continent in the future, he may be lucky at most in a certain continent and other regions."

"won’t I go through the fog?"
Heaven and Man: "You won’t. This fog is aimed at spiritual practice. It may be difficult to get through it, but it’s not hopeless. But if you are in doubt, you can only get through that area if the fog of Brother Du Jie disappears that day."
Stay north!
Hu Luyuan also thought of going to the foggy area to find Yunqing. Now it seems even impossible. Can the fate between himself and Yunqing really stop here, or do you have to wait hundreds of years for a monk from Du Jie to appear?
Hu Lu looked at Heaven and Man. "Is it really impossible for you to tell me everything now?"
"My time has come, even if I don’t fight you, my life will soon be over. Now that my mission has been completed, I can rest assured that my soul will return to the earth."
"Then what do you want me to do by telling me these past events? Continue to talk to the spiritual enemy? I can’t do it. My wife and children are spiritual. "
Heaven and man shook his head. "If you can live, we will win thousands of years ago, and those grievances should be completely settled from the moment I completely disappeared."
Hu Lusong breathed a sigh of relief, and they were afraid that the soul of the past world would cling to past grievances and not let people go. It is still necessary to look forward and let go of the baggage to ease the array.
When Hu Lu looked at the transformation of heaven and man into a light spot and disappeared in front of him, the world around him also changed. In front of him, the virtual spiritual tree disappeared and was replaced by the real spiritual tree. A gust of wind blew in front of him.
The first thing Hu Lu saw with his eyes open was a little boy with a purple gourd in his hand, about seven years old. The first two men stared at Hu Lu curiously.
"Ah, wake up, dad!"
Hu Lu "Who are you?"
"Whoosh!" A guy who looks more handsome than Hu Lu jumped into the tree. "Father, this is the seventh brother Hu Yuan."
I didn’t expect the child to be so big when I closed myself. The gourd in my hand is estimated to be a rare treasure given by his grandfather.
"Are you a hairball?" Hu Lu looked at the steady and elegant handsome boy in front of him. At that time, he was a little unsure that he looked familiar. Look again.
"It’s really touching that dad can recognize the baby after years of closure. Just can’t you call me a nickname?" Hu Guang shook the folding fan 12, 13 and smelled quite charming.
Oh, it’s really him. It seems that Xiaobai has done a good job in educating children these years. "By the way, how long have I been closed now?"
Old seven Hu Yuanyuan was about to speak when Hu Guangqian replied, "It’s the year of Emperor Shunnian."
"What emperor shun?" Not Fushou!
Hu Guang "Yes, my elder sister has been enthroned for years. My father has been shut up for a long time, but the country can’t be ruled for a day ~"
"So you talk nonsense!" Another young man, Lang, who is about the same height as Hu Guang, flew to the tree. "Father, don’t listen to his nonsense. When did the elder sister become king? She is a regent. This year is 37 years of longevity."
Hu Lu said uncertainly, "Zheng Er?"
Hu Zheng "It’s me"
Then he shouted, "Brothers, come quickly! Father is awake!" "
Hu Guang took two steps back, and it seems that he has already prepared for Torre’s attack and fled himself. This little boy really can’t expect too much from him. When he was a child, he was naughty, but now he is secretly bad.
"Woo woof" There are four other boys whose stature is between Hu Zheng (Hu Guang) and Hu Yuan. They climbed to the top of the tree and arranged like WiFi signals. They are Jin Yuzhu, the second child, Hu Bang Otun, the third child, Hu Chechun, the blushing fourth child, Hu Xiu, Cai Xin, and the fifth child, Hu Jian.
In addition, Hu Zhengbai, the oldest fish, is ineffective. Hu Guangwei, the oldest butterfly, is the oldest seven Hu Yuan Hu Lu. At present, there are seven children. They are called "Hulu Seven Brothers" because of their close age and high achievement.
These children have the boss Hu Zheng and the old six Hu Guang, and they are still deeply impressed by their fathers. Others will be weaker. The old seven Hu Yuan has never seen the dynamic father beating him. When he was born, his father sat on the top of the tree and meditated and closed motionless. He heard a lot from his mother and aunts and sisters.
It’s been years since Hu Lu looked at the spiritual tree in front of him, and the changes are still great. In addition to disappearing, Yunqing Dongtu Shengzhou has added several godsworn then, reaching 25, and the Aurora reality is promoted to the peak of then. This is all thanks to Gong Zhiyu’s promotion to Yuanyingfu.
The newly-added Godsworn then includes the elder brother of Sanqingshan, the chief brother of Tianji Sect, Fengming seven old, Lu Zeyu, the deputy head of Qixing Sect, Luo Tian Ge and others, and the head of Qixing Sect or the reincarnation of Wan Linglong’s Seven-Star Goddess. She is not far from Jindan.
I have been catching up with Wan Linglong Xiao Guoer, and I have reached the late stage of building a foundation. In a few years, then it is expected.
Although there has been no elixir of war in the palace since Hu Lu’s disappearance, the chief guard of Duobaoge Pavilion is that Hu Lu’s new father-in-law Xiao Guoer is behind a powerful cicada pavilion.
In addition, there are ice castles, Wei Nan, Qin Lan Dao and Qin Lan Dao. The door is broken, and a wave of Fengming, seven old and Liu Zeyu are closely related to the court. Although Hu Lu has not slept with them, he is comparable to one of his own.
In order to prevent family members from affecting their vision of practicing Hulu, they all avoided the East Zone. At this time, they took a formal look at the East Zone and found an interesting phenomenon. The East Zone is so lush that it can compete with the Central Zone!
A closer look reveals that there are too many leaves in the eastern part of the problem.
At one time, there were more air refining monks in Dongtu Shengzhou than in Beihan Magic Island, which was 5+in number. Beihan Magic Island was 2,000. Dorset Florida was more than 6. Nantuo Wuzhou was nearly 9, while the top China was more than 3.
For example, this year has passed, and the number of monks refining gas in Dongtu Shengzhou of Hulusuo has actually reached more than 25! It broke out five times!
And the increase of more than 3 in North Cold Magic Island is not significant.
There are many States in Silleford!
Nantuo Wuzhou has just broken 10,000.
Top China is over 40 thousand!
This year is the year when Reiki broke out, so the former court encouraged people to cultivate immortality and popularize basic skills such as air-entraining tactic. When Reiki broke out, many people could not afford to buy the three basics of Dan medicine and gas refining. It was hoped that ordinary people would lie down and step into the ranks of gas refining, and some monks who did not buy super-preconditions for Dan gas refining also easily entered the preconditions.
When he insisted on elite education on four continents, Dongtu Shengzhou had already learned the world of general education and tactics!
But Hu Lu couldn’t help worrying about the number of monks. Do you still deserve those Lingshi mines?
He was thinking about these national events when he suddenly saw two fruits, one is a common blue fruit and the other is a yellow fruit!
Turning yellow and blue fruit is the peak of then. Hu Lu’s hand suddenly trembled. "Cloud light? !”
Chapter 356 Cloud Light Chief Big Brother Hu Xiaohua
Years ago, Yunqing and Baiineffective came to the border of the western regions to handle affairs, and they harvested the Lingshi Mine, which has been a great success. It is a pity that Qin Guolie ran away again.
And when the clouds are light and white, and they are ready to go home, the fog suddenly recedes for several miles and feels a little weak.
Yunqing has always been interested in the world inside and behind the fog. She always thought that if she had a disciple, she would take her disciples to travel the world. First of all, she would have to go through the fog.
Before the fog, the danger level was very high, but now Yunqing thought she could give it a try, and then she went in headlong.

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