Bing Xuan woke up from her sleep, rubbed her eyes and saw a white light coming in. A beautiful woman came in gently.

"Mom?" The woman immediately covered Bingxuan’s mouth and put her finger in front of her mouth to show a quiet look. Bingxuan looked at her mother covered in blood, her eyes widened in horror and her body trembled.
"Be a good girl, don’t make any noise." The woman picked up Bingxuan and hid her in the closet. Just as she was about to open the closet door, Bingxuan held out her hand and blocked the door. She heard a fight outside and whispered, "Mom?" Her eyes were full of tears and she was afraid.
"Bing Xuan, hide quietly and don’t come out, or mom won’t want you." Say that finish and immediately close the closet door. I’m sorry, Bing Xuan. One day you will understand mom’s painstaking efforts.
Turned around and was about to go out when he was stopped by a group of men in black.
"You …" The woman looked at them with hatred. She didn’t think that her single-handedly cultivated brother had betrayed herself.
It was dark in the closet, and she felt very scared. She secretly made a gap and looked out. She saw a group of men in black with knives and guns pointed at her mother, and she was even more afraid that she wanted to go out.
But the woman kept going backwards, as if she were scared, and kept going back to the closet, putting her back close to the closet and trying to knock on the door, but her mother kept holding down the closet door to prevent the ice from knocking on the door.
Bing Xuan can’t see anything. She heard someone say "I’m sorry for Jenny", and then she heard a shot. Bing Xuan felt very uneasy. She felt an ominous feeling that tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably …
For a long time, there was a dead ice outside, and she couldn’t hear a sound. She was afraid to knock gently on the closet door and shout "Mom, Mom" but no one answered her.
Bing Xuan slammed into the wardrobe door and came out from the inside. She saw a woman lying quietly in a pool of blood …
"Mom, Mom," Bing Xuan’s voice trembled. She picked up the ground and the woman cried bitterly. Suddenly she seemed to think of something. Ma Chong went upstairs …
"Dad" Bing Xuan ran to a man and shouted desperately, but the man still didn’t lie quietly. His face was so pale and he lost his old kind smile. His eyes were closed all the time and he couldn’t speak or hear.
The moon still hangs quietly in the night, and a sad cry echoes …
Chapter sixty-five Memories (a)-driven
Many people came to the funeral. They were all employees and directors of Mu Tuan Company, some business partners and friends. Everyone came to offer sacrifices to Mu Jingxuan and his wife to comfort Bing Xuan.
Everyone said that Bing Xuan was so pitiful, so pitiful. Bing Xuan felt very painful in her heart, but she was not angry or crying. She was thinking about one thing in her parents’ grave with a straight face-revenge.
Suddenly a man came over and handed Bing Xuan a document, and that man was Zhijian. He smiled cunningly and said to Bing Xuan, "Miss Mu’s chairman and his wife have passed away, and he didn’t make any will before his death. This is the decision of the company’s directors-I, your guardian, will be in charge of the company. This is a contract for everyone. You just need to sign it in person."
Chi Jian took a pen from his pocket and gave it to Bing Xuan …
"Pa …" Took off the pen in Zhijian’s hand and looked at him in disgust.
"Snow, how can you do this?" The blonde blamed Xia Tanxue.
However, Xia Yun Xue didn’t listen and kept staring at the man in front of him. "Even if uncle and aunt can’t work anymore, the company is Bingxuan. Why do you become the guardian of Bingxuan and why do you supervise the company?" Xia Yun Xue is getting more and more excited. Although she is still young, she knows that this man in front of her is not a good man. Every day, she tries to seize everything from Mu Jingxuan, including his property and strength, and she will not let him go if she does such an outrageous thing to Bing Xuan at this time.
"Pa" another clap rang, and Xia Yun covered her swollen face with snow, staring blankly at the golden yellow color eyes of the woman who hit her in front of her with a hazy mist …
"Snow, how can you talk to your uncle like this? No big or little, "the blonde severely scolded Xia Ying for his snow heart, but she didn’t know about the snow.
"Mom, what are you going to hit me? I didn’t do anything wrong is he … "
"Shut up, Snow. Don’t worry about children." The blond man said sternly to Xia Tanxue, his expression was cold, but his eyes revealed a trace of complicated emotion.
"Dad" Xia Yun Xue shouted crossly, then lowered his head and didn’t speak. His shoulders trembled and tears poured out uncontrollably …
"Don’t take it amiss for Dong children," the blond man said to Zhijian in horror.
"That’s enough." Zhi Jian had already left the ice Xuan without answering, and looked at the ice Xuan with tears in his eyes. Since Mu Jingxuan and his wife died, the ice Xuan has not spoken. Now I hear that the ice Xuan is willing to speak. Should Xia Xuan be happy that the snow is in a mess?
Bing Xuan picked up the pen and thought about signing his name directly on the file. Xia Xuan Xue looked at Bing Xuan in surprise while Zhijian insidious smile got up with satisfaction.
Since then, Mu Tuan has been supervised by Zhijian, who not only became the chairman of the first regiment in the world, but also seized all the property of Bing Xuan and became the richest man in the ball. Soon after, Mu Tuan changed its name to Zhi Jian and drove Bing Xuan out of the house.
Chapter sixty-six Memories (2)
Walking alone in Bingxuan Street in the middle of the night, "Bingxuan-"a kind voice entered Bingxuan’s ear with the wind, and she saw a blonde girl running towards her.
"Ice Xuan" Xia Yun Xue put her arms around the ice Xuan with a small bag in her hand.
"Snow, who are you?"
"Bingxuan, I want to leave with you. I want to be with you."
"But your parents …"
"I don’t want them. I hate them. My uncle and aunt treated them like relatives before their death. Now that uncle and aunt are dead, the bad guy has also robbed my uncle of all his possessions. If they would help us, you wouldn’t be like this now. I don’t recognize them. They are not my parents." Xia Yun Xue said more and more angrily.
"But …" Bing Xuan felt guilty. She didn’t want to get her good friend because of herself. Her parents turned against her.
"Don’t but ice Xuan I will always accompany you and you see! "Summer catalpa snow packing bag filled with money.
"This is?" Ice Xuan looked at Xia Ying Snow with a puzzled face.
"I secretly brought it from home. With this money, I can help you cure the disease."
Bing Xuan was shocked when she reached out and touched her heart, and her eyes became dim. Bing Xuan had suffered from heart disease since she was a child and felt heartache from time to time.
Xia Yun Xue took up the ice skater’s hand. "Let’s go!" Bing Xuan didn’t resist, but was quietly pulled by Xia Yun Snow.
Xia Yun Xue came to the airport with Bing Xuan and bought two air tickets.

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