The virtual shadow speed of the sword makes people react quickly, and in the blink of an eye, it pierces a big hole in the rubble and disappears. For a moment, Gu Fan clearly heard the sound of "snow", followed by the sound of a mountain bear moaning and crashing to the ground, and the stone rain all over the sky seemed to have no energy to support pieces of scattered land. Gu Fan can finally see the scene after the rubble. The mountain bear is not a huge body, lying motionless, with blood flowing from its head and instantly infiltrating the surrounding land. It has a hole in its head, and the wound is clean and neat.

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Seeing all this, Gufan breathed a sigh of relief and sat down with a big mouth panting. Finally, he smiled. "It’s a good thing that this horrible guy has finally solved this sword and successfully killed it. Otherwise, it would be really troublesome."
"His grandmother damn Sheng Ling will die, so she put me in this place and met this mountain bear. Fortunately, I have something to do. Otherwise, it has become a dead body now." Gu Fan couldn’t help sighing again, but he didn’t want to go deeply, and he wouldn’t know that it was a coincidence that someone secretly arranged it.
Besides, his complaints are freely expressed, not from his heart. He doesn’t reject such a life-and-death battle, but he can learn a lot from it every time. At least this time, although it was thrilling, he thoroughly understood his own strength, but he should be confident without being too arrogant!
"Hey, hey, the secondary medium-grade soil property magic core is something that is badly needed." Gu Fan couldn’t help laughing at the thought of the mountain bear magic core. It is really necessary for him to refine the secondary magic weapon now. After this battle, he also found that the output power of his primary magic weapon is really a little smaller, and it is not so handy. "I advise you to sit there and don’t get up. I want this mountain bear magic core, and I have to hand over your body magic core and bear the pain."
Just as Gufan was about to get up, suddenly a sound came from behind him. Gufan was suddenly surprised before his spirit slackened, so that he didn’t realize that there was still a person hiding around here. He suddenly turned around and saw a tall young man walking slowly with a smile on his face.
"Tut tut mountain bear Gufan didn’t expect you to be so bad that you could slay the mountain bear alone! The golden lotus and the golden soul flame are really hard to shudder at, but you are unlucky. Even if your strength goes against the sky, everything you have worked hard for will now be mine. "The young man walked three meters away from Gufan and said that his tone was relaxed and leisurely.
"Do you know me?" Gu Fan looked at the young man who wanted to fish in troubled waters and couldn’t help laughing. He never thought that he would be prey to others in this forest, and he never thought that this huge forest was touched by others so quickly, and he knew that he must have been attracted by the huge movement just now.
"Ha ha Tana city waste genius ancient gentleman who don’t know? I don’t know if it’s you. You can see the golden soul flame and the golden lotus platform. It seems that you have branded yourself. People in Tana City don’t know everyone. "
The young man slowly said that he didn’t seem to be in a hurry to get the mountain bear magic core because he had the confidence and strength. Now Ma is twenty years old and he has the age advantage. He is one of the few spiritual masters in this thousand people! Meeting a person is a strong spiritual teacher, and Gu Fan’s luck is not’ too good’. "It seems that you are very sure. Do you feel that I must have no fighting power now?" Gu Fan got up and looked at the young man with more interest. He said that there was a cold radian on the corner of his mouth. "Come on, I’m not afraid I’ll settle accounts with you. Where are you from?"
"Yundanmu" youth said that it is not urgent or slow. Indeed, as Gufan said, the youth’s heart is that Gufan was hit hard by a mountain bear. At this time, there is no fighting power, otherwise he would not dare to touch Gufan’s eyebrows. Just before Gufan was strong, he looked at his eyes. If Gufan was fine, even if he lent him a courage, he would not dare to rise from the edge of bravery to play Gufan’s idea.
Gufan slightly one leng immediately asked "cloud light wood? Cloud family? "
"Ha ha, it’s really smart enough. My cousin came to visit you and make friends with her. I shouldn’t fish in troubled waters, but I don’t want to miss this last chance. I’m sorry, Master Gu. Well, that’s enough. Should you do what you should do?" The youth said with a smile
"Well, it’s really not time to hand over your magic nucleus. It’s not difficult for me." Gu Fan suddenly said something that made the young man stunned for half a ring and almost didn’t reflect it. This guy actually asked him to hand over the magic nucleus? It can’t be that your head was broken. "What did you say?" Yundanmu couldn’t help asking again.
"You didn’t hear me wrong. I just asked you to hand over the magic core. It’s not difficult for me. You let you walk away." Gu Fan said with a smile.
"Gufan are you sure your brain is not broken? With this state, you? " Yundanmu was so angry that he laughed. "I advise you to be smart and not ask for it."
Gufan shook his head and didn’t speak, but his eyes were frozen and his eyes flashed with gold. "Boom!" A golden soul flame suddenly flashed out. It was hard to drop, and the temperature soared again. Three meters away, the clouds and trees could feel a palpitation. It seemed that the soul flame was powerful and could burn him to ashes. He knew instantly that it was not his enemy to repair it just after he entered the spiritual division.
"How is that possible?" Cloud light wood can’t believe shouted out can’t believe what you saw in front of you. What’s the ability to urge a soul flame at this time? And this soul flame can be so powerful that he can go out to fight against ideas.
It’s true that he underestimated Gufan, and he wouldn’t know the singularity of Gufan. Gufan’s soul is much stronger than ordinary soul refiners, and it’s not enough to stimulate the soul flame again. Besides, Gufan likes to leave a little room for life in everything. It’s not a last resort. He won’t let himself become the object of being slaughtered by hands and feet.
Now, despite the trauma, Gu Fan has to deal with Yundanmu, but it’s still pitiful that Yundanmu was shouting and hitting the gun to find a great bargain, but in the end he kicked the iron plate.
"Do you hand it over yourself or shall I do it?" Gufan ourtenant said that the golden soul flame danced in front of him and was full of aura, which printed his face with golden light and a sacred color!
No wonder Cousin Yanyu spoke highly of you. Yundanmu quickly weighed the pros and cons, and finally decided not to recklessly fight with Gufan. First, he was not sure. Second, if he really planted Gufan’s hand, he would not have the resources to continue hunting Warcraft. It is suspected that not getting good grades in this competition is not worth the loss.
When he was frustrated, but how can the ancients forgive such people who want to make their own ideas easily? Just as Yun Dan Mu was about to turn around and leave, Gu Fan said faintly, "I advise you not to think about running away. I can guarantee that your speed will not be faster than my soul flame!"
In a word, Yundanmu suddenly paused, and his face changed several times. Looking at Gufan, he might attack at any time. He bit his teeth and took out a piece of first-class magic crystal from his arms. "I planted this magic crystal today. Can I go now?"
"Let’s go and say it’s not difficult for you." Gufan nodded gently and smiled with satisfaction. Yundanmu quickly flickered away from the dense forest in the distance.
Gufan shook his head and smiled and picked up the magic crystal before he left. "You and I didn’t know there was a first-order magic nucleus in your arms?" I let you go because I didn’t want you to be strong and give that bitch a face, but I still have to remember this account. Who told you to have it with her? "
If this is heard by misty rain, I’m afraid I will vomit blood with anger. This shameful guy actually imposed this account on her head. Isn’t that why she suffered from an accident? Take back the soul flame. Gu Fan quickly walked to the mountain bear’s body and became familiar with the sword. He rowed the mountain bear’s chest and took out the brown crystal nucleus next to his heart. Then he got up and looked at the mess. It was like an earthquake, and he smiled around and quickly left here.
It’s no longer safe here. If one person is attracted by the movement, the second person will be attracted by the movement. Although he really wants to wait here for someone else to rob and then fight against it, it’s a wonderful way to save time and trouble, but he still wants to find the desire. Although the chance is slim, he will not give up this idea.
All the way, Gu Fan was not in a hurry to find and kill Warcraft. He walked very slowly because it allowed him to recuperate more often, and at the same time, the pain caused by his soul gradually weakened. Many spiritual beads were full of pure strength, and his face recovered a little ruddy.
"It’s really interesting that it’s small. I don’t know if it’s good luck or bad luck. He’s heading for the densest direction of Warcraft as you expected. There’s a big meal waiting for him. I’d like to see if he can cope." The Lord of Tana City, which stands in the forest, said to the white lotus leader with a smile.

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