The only lucky thing is that now he has reached the realm of Yuan soul and the Xingyuan stone tablet has been preliminarily integrated, so he can transform Xingyuan with the help of the transformation method in Xingyuan stone tablet, which saves many steps to change directly.

However, it is a pity that he lacks strength and only has Han Xingyuan. It is still impossible for people who want to directly transform Laner into Xingyuan to transform Han Xingyuan into Laner.
So now he can also temporarily send the star element into Laner’s body inflammation jade, then transform this star element into Laner’s inflammation energy with the help of inflammation jade power, and finally, use this energy to drive away Laner’s vitality and replace all the energy in her body with star element energy.
Come, he can also use the power of phlogistic cold jade flute to directly send his astral phlogistic energy into Laner body, but he didn’t do it, not because he didn’t want to, but … At this moment, he has forgotten this.
Gal is to let Ye Han take many detours and prevent one thousand he has already temporarily cut off the outside world of phlogistic cold jade flute, otherwise he will surely wake up earlier under the influence of Chineydy.
I don’t know how long it took Ye Han to finally feel the sense of physical weakness, but he didn’t stop his double major. He watched the body star gradually disappear, and his heart was faintly ill.
Consciousness paused Ye Han immediately surprised himself … I can’t stop. It’s really insatiability to rely on this blue body. I’m so greedy that I have given her so many stars. He still keeps absorbing his own stars.
Of course, I’m surprised if I can’t stop Ye Han. It’s my own fate. If she keeps absorbing it until it’s clean, it will be even more difficult for you to recover by then.
"Don’t be afraid, master, even though the existing power department will be discharged. After such a long time, the power of refining the far north ice eye barrier has been completed and refined successfully. Because the main human body still has his power, it is not good to release this energy and hurt the main meridians. Now if the main human body power department is lost, it will be enough to bear this power!"
Is Ye Han worried when the snow yuan beast sound out instantly broke Ye Han heart that a concern.
"You mean I have to sacrifice my original power, so you can absorb that energy from the extreme north boundary to fill it?"
Ye Han immediately turned white at the words of Xue Yuan beast. This Xue Yuan beast wanted to take this opportunity to replace his body vitality with stronger energy to make up for the deficiency.
In this way, you can let the body star be replaced by the cold, and then control the cold power will naturally be more skilled.
Hey, hey, if it’s cold at that time, I don’t care. Is it ordinary cold or star cold? Even the magic chill should be able to do what you want, right?
Cough cough magic cold even if you don’t want to practice that kind of power, so as not to let yourself be possessed and do something irreversible.
"Well, master, just do it. Xiaoxue supports you!"
Snow yuan beast smiled and said
Ye Han nodded his head, but I couldn’t help feeling the ambiguity in this snow yuan beast’s words. Do it yourself? How? Do what? Ahem, and that … She also calls herself Xiaoxue. Isn’t that her daughter’s name? My daughter calls her master tut tut … Xueyuan beast, Xueyuan beast, can we not deliberately create evil?
Thinking about Ye Han, but also dare not neglect the words of Xue Yuan beast, he is relieved to feel the feeling be nasty. He also wants to take out Yan Han Yu Xiao and block himself for a while. Now it seems that it is not necessary.
Maybe you can get a surprise gift after you complete the transformation of the stars. It is much better to have the ability to control the cold than to have these stars.
Less convenience is essential. He also needs to transform his natural vitality into his natural vitality through the star cold tactic, but now it’s unnecessary. With the control of cold power, he can not only control the natural vitality, but also control the cold magic gas if he doesn’t dislike it … Gee!
But there is one thing that he only feels pity for, that is, he can control the cold, but he can control the inflammation, so that he is still half capable in the end and can’t control the game
Well, the organic conversation must complete the cultivation of the star body, so that you can control the inflammation, and then you can find a chance to come up with a means to control the inflammation, so you will be a real enemy. Although you don’t have the power of natural enemies, you have the means to cultivate natural enemies!
Want to think that when you can control all natural forces, should you be as strong as yourself? Even if you can’t just jump directly, but you can practice by all natural forces, it will also soar. How different is this from going directly? At best, it’s time.
Ye Han kept fantasizing about his beautiful life, but he forgot that he was still in the double major state for a while, which almost interrupted the double major. If so, not only would he be injured, but he would be more likely to get into trouble with Laner!
Well, he soon came to his senses and tried his best to control the double cultivation method, which was a disaster. However, after recalling his previous thoughts, he could not help secretly enjoying the natural enemies. How admirable it is
Alas, I don’t know if I can have the power to destroy the sun, the moon and the yuan magic war. After all, this sun, the moon and the yuan magic is also the sun and the moon body, and there is not much difference between them.
Thinking about Ye Han is another worry about whether you can take advantage of the war between the Sun, Moon and Yuan demons in the future and what does that picture mean when you are in a coma?
Twenty years ago, everything was forgotten? Is it that you will die in that big battle of the moon, the moon and the yuan magic? Can you wait until 20 years before you can return?
That’s not right. If you really die, you can’t be reborn [856] [fantastic story]
After some practice, Ye Han’s body and stars have become empty before you know it, and Laner’s help body has also been transformed into stars.
The vitality completely sent Ye Han away and finally felt the strength. The whole person was tired and fell down. After the fierce battle in front of Laner, the feeling of fatigue was also revealed, which made him weak all over.
And blue son, although the transformation of vitality has also improved, was also tossed by Ye Han before, and at this moment he also satisfied that he had slept in the past and ignored the changes of Ye Han.
This man, a woman, and both men and women are quietly lying on the bed without moving, but they are gradually peaceful with each other, breathing and heartbeat are very breath.

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