"I don’t think the young master should kill more to make the family dissatisfied with the young master, and if the Ministry is really killed, it will also be a huge loss for our foreign nationality." Mo Xian means simply that the original gap between foreign nationalities is bigger than that between foreign nationalities and killing each other, which can be looked down upon by the family.

"Do you have any good suggestions for the situation of foreigners?" Mo Lengfeng, although he is very murderous and has little experience in these areas, is not an arrogant person. Since he knows his shortcomings in this area, he will certainly listen to opinions with an open mind.
Mo Xian looked at one side and Zhang Tao found that Mo Lengfeng believed that he and Zhang Tao had just shown everything, so that Mo Xian knew that this person must be a little master and invited help, so there was no taboo. "I think Mo Xiao is a very good object." Mo Xian expressed his thoughts.
"oh? See? " Mo Lengfeng couldn’t help frowning slightly when he thought of Mo Xiao’s attitude towards himself. Isn’t he the most disgusted and jealous of himself?
Mo Xian said, "Mo Xiao is a rare genius, which makes him look above the top, but such a proud person will be loyal if he is truly folded, just as a peerless sword has two edges, so it is a deadly weapon to face the enemy."
Mo Lengfeng consciously looked at Zhang Tao, Zhang Tao, but asked the prefect to understand these cold winds clearly. He would also ask Zhang Tao for permission. "I think what Elder Mo Xian said is very reasonable." Mo Lengfeng made up his mind when he heard Zhang Tao’s words. "In that case, Uncle Mo Xian told me what I should do?" Mo Lengfeng said
Mo Xian was slightly surprised that no one would believe this person’s opinion since childhood. Is he Fang Shen after all?
"It is the best choice to directly challenge the positive strength and defeat it." Mo Xian believes that Mo Lengfeng’s strength will lead to this strategy. Only by positively crushing Mo Xiao’s self-esteem can Mo Lengfeng earn his income.
Mo Lengfeng nodded his head and his eyes were full of cold meaning. "I will smash Mo Xiao’s conceit in the proposed post challenge." Mo Lengfeng’s tone is full of domineering. He is not worried about Mo Lengfeng and Mo Xiao’s war in Zhang Tao.
"Yes, yes." How many years has Mo Xian been waiting with excitement? Finally, I have a chance to defeat them. This is the motivation for Mo Xian to live. "He is going to prepare a leisure place." When he heard Mo Lengfeng’s words, Mo Xian didn’t dare to be careless. "Please, sir." Zhang Tao hurriedly fuels. "Elder Mo Xian is welcome."
"Dare to ask Mr. Gao’s name?" Mo Xian couldn’t help asking questions on the way to lead the way, and Zhang Tao gave Mo Lengfeng a few pills to restore his injury before he left. Mo Lengfeng’s rest place is of course the most unusual.
"Elder Mo Xian, just call me Zhang Tao."
Zhang Tao?’ Don’t you know Zhang Tao’s name? The person who has made a great impact on overseas land in the past decade or so has the most direct impact on Zhang Tao.
"I didn’t expect that Zhang Fu’s master and little master could meet such a heroic talent as you. It’s really a blessing for my family." Mo Xian said that although the power of JIU ge Fu is comparable to that of Mo Jia, it is also a big chip. It seems that the little master is not reckless. The fact is that Mo Xian-gen doesn’t know that Mo Lengfeng didn’t intend to use Zhang Tao’s power originally.
Zhang Tao fuels and says, "It’s very kind of Elder Mo Xian. It’s a lifetime honor for Zhang to know Brother Mo." Two people have been saying pleasantries and finally came to the room. Chapter 671.
Zhang Tao breathed a sigh of relief and finally didn’t need to say these pleasantries. I’m afraid the foreign people will be judged, but it’s all a small wind and a small wave. The real waves are family.
If we don’t solve the family problem, we won’t be able to achieve it, but the strength of the family is by no means comparable to that of foreigners, nor can it be solved by force. Consciousness touched his chest, and Zhang Tao knew that this time, I’m afraid his greatest dependence was that Kung Fu gave himself a secret tower, and he would be his greatest card.
"Since we are so big, why don’t we form an alliance for the time being?" Mo Xiao said to the elder at this time
The elder is naturally welcome. "Haha, Mo Xiao is definitely lucky to have this idea."
Mo Xiao left the pie mouth and said, "Even so, I want to tell you the truth that this alliance was made because of Mo Lengfeng. We will naturally restore the enemy and the enemy after the dismemberment. I hope that the elder will not think too well. Of course, the elder is willing to submit to my words. This elder is still you." Then Mo Xiao left with people.
The elder’s face sank. "I don’t know how little the little elder is, but it’s just for your benefit. When Mo Lengfeng falls, I’ll solve it with you."
However, the elder didn’t know that Mo Xiao had just left and received Mo Lengfeng’s war post. Seeing this challenge, Mo Xiao was excited that he finally had a chance to defeat Mo Lengfeng and let him be his minister.
It is the best choice for people like Mo Xiao to have the strength to fold him. He has waited for many years for Mo Lengfeng to taste it again, hasn’t he?
Mo Xian was also very excited after receiving the reply. "You must be fully prepared if the other party is one star taller than you."
Mo Lengfeng said lightly, "Even if he is a 10-star saint, he will defeat my hand." Mo Lengfeng has been preparing for too long on this day. Will such a small difficulty stum him?
Hearing Mo Lengfeng’s confident answer, Mo Xian respectfully retreated to "prepare the tournament venue and then you know". Mo Xian’s eyes were full of cold light after he came out.
"Mr. Mo Xian, I wouldn’t do this if I were you." Zhang Taoyin suddenly appeared and scared Mo Xian.
"Mo Lengfeng’s heart is not lost to Mo Xiao’s arrogance. If you cheat and he finds out, I’m afraid the consequences will be unbearable for you, and it’s also an insult to him. If you really want foreign countries to be good, Mo Lengfeng will be good, so don’t be alarmist and believe in your little master strength." Zhang Tao said with a cool smile.
Looking at Zhang Tao’s back, Mo Xian’s face is complicated. "What should we do?"
Mo Xian sighed, "Forget it. Give up. Prepare the venue for the tournament. Everything depends on fate."
The next day, Mo Xiao came to the tournament alone. He had to hide from the elders. Fortunately, they temporarily became an alliance, and it was not difficult to sneak out without being quickly monitored.
This is the underground chamber martial arts venue. After being enchanted by Mo Xian and others, it becomes a perfect tournament. Zhang Tao looked at the ground enchantment. It was the five elements that covered the sky array. This is definitely the best tournament enchantment.
"Mo Lengfeng, do you know how long I have been waiting for this day?" Mo Xiao’s sword in his hand is sparkling, and the flowing chill is refreshing. The slight reflection of the blade can also be seen that this is a good sword. Then there are one or three orangutans behind Mo Xiao. This kind of animal is impenetrable, that is, moving iron.
"I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time." Mo Lengfeng took out his black sword lightly, but Zhang Tao rarely saw Mo Lengfeng make his animals fight. His animals always silently turned into weapons in his hands.
Mo Xiao shook his head with a face of excitement. "You are different from me. You were born as a little patriarch, but I am a lowlife. I have been working hard to surpass you and let you defeat me. Then I will step into the clan as a patriarch."
"Their older generation has long passed, and only by following me can foreigners become truly strong." Mo Xiao suppressed too many ambitions and ideals in his heart, and finally he finally vented it today.
Mo Lengfeng didn’t move until Mo Xiao finished speaking. He said coldly, "Follow me and I will let you achieve all your goals or you can achieve everything." When Mo Lengfeng heard this, Mo Xiao turned cold. "Beat me or I will kill you."
Mo Lengfeng smiled coldly and "attacked" for a moment. The animals behind Mo Xiao suddenly rushed to the animals, and their fists came to Mo Lengfeng in the blink of an eye.
Mo Lengfeng’s head was tilted to hide, which made him blind. He punched the elegant black sword and wiped the neck of the animal, but there was no blood and sparks.
Animals reflexively punched Mo Leng Feng’s feet, moved and fluttered, and launched a strange movement to hide the animal attack, but Mo Xiao’s eyes were on the side, but he would not miss this great opportunity easily.
The floating leaves started him to appear strangely, and Mo Lengfeng was beside him. The combat experience of Mo Lengfeng was far beyond his imagination, and he almost discovered it when he started the instantaneous Mo Lengfeng.

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