"You do a good thing, return not bashful say me? !” Phoenix shallow nu way "I don’t care who has a stomachache! I lied to those stupid doctors, and you really believed me! "

She angrily took the silk handkerchief out of her sleeve and shook it in front of him twice. "You say what it is yourself!"
A man’s pupil suddenly shrinks and changes in a flash. In his shallow eyes, he gently opens his thin lips and slowly spits out four words "you silk handkerchief"
It seems that there is no guilty conscience at all!
"You know this is my silk handkerchief," Feng Shao snorted. "Do you remember what this red color is?"
"…" Ya this man language is more and more concise?
"Now that you know, you should know what I went to the hospital?" Feng shallow irate dark eyes rolling around and then provocative tunnel "don’t ask?"
The man continued to look "not as if he didn’t know much"
Still pretending? !
Phoenix’s shallow and delicate eyebrows suddenly screwed up. Is this man too pretentious or is she really mistaken? That she is really a little dizzy, but the thought of him getting up in the middle of the night last night suddenly made her angry again.
"The hospital is saying that you have nothing to lie to me about this poison?"
Your ink shadow steps a few invisible black eyes slightly gathered suddenly lowered his eyes and stared at her eyes for a while, and his thin lips lightly enlightened, "Shallow reality …"
"You really don’t want me to worry about being cheated by me, do you?" Phoenix shallow before he went out first interrupted him.
Jun ink shadow in the eyes of a nai lips slowly raise your smile "well shallow really clever hide everything from you 118. 118 Don’t offend this third creature!
This time, I admit it frankly!
Feng Shao is angry and distressed. She wants to beat him and is afraid that the patient will be injured by her, but she feels very unwilling to ask him before. Why didn’t she say it anyway? What’s more, he said that curing too much will definitely cure ya, that is, helping quacks!
"What now?" She sullenly tunnel
I noticed that she was depressed and went to Jun Moying with a sigh. She leaned over and printed a kiss on her forehead. Feng’s eyes were full of smiles. "Don’t worry, if you don’t cure too much, you can find someone else. This world’s imperial doctors are often not gathered in the palace."
Feng shallow thought for a moment, his eyes suddenly lit up. "Yunluo?"
The man’s face suddenly turned black. "Are you so happy to see him?"
"Didn’t you say imperial doctor?" Feng left the pie mouth with a shallow grievance and immediately snorted another line of sight. "I just remembered that he can cure too much medicine and can’t detoxify … I’m happy because you are poisonous. What’s wrong with him?"
"It’s not him." Jun Moying sank in disgust.
Feng shallow heart dark scold a childish face is full of smile "who is that?"
"Redjade" Jun Moying sipped her lips and said, "I have asked Shadow Moon to go to South Vietnam to find her."
Feng shallow immediately glazed over. "How do you know that Redjade can practice medicine?" After a while, I squinted at the danger in his dark star eyes. "Why didn’t I know?"
"Because she is a saint in southern Xinjiang, besides the most powerful method, she is really poisonous. People who are really poisonous can not make drugs but also detoxify. These just happen to be Redjade’s best."
Feng shallow immediately smiled "well informed!"
Every time her hope is hopeless, it seems that a new hope always pops up.
She suddenly said seriously, "You really can’t keep it from me this time. I’ll be unhappy."
"Good" The man nodded and went into the Longyin Palace to put her to bed. "You already know about it."
Feng shallow "oh" a suddenly like thinking of something like a clap a thigh "wrong Redjade is not the South Vietnamese Palace? She’s like Nangong Che now. Do you think Nangong Che will let her come all the way to Donglan? "
Jun Moying scoffed, "Do I need his permission?" Looking at Feng’s puzzled eyes, his lips slightly hooked "If it is not bad as expected, Redjade has already left the palace or will leave the palace in the near future."
"What?" She wondered, "Will Nangong Che let her go?"
"Redjade wanted to do something, but Nangong Che couldn’t do anything about it when she didn’t like her before, even more so now. She doesn’t need Nangong Che’s permission, and she can’t do martial arts. Isn’t it easy for Nangong Che to sneak out unguarded?"
Chicken shallow silence, she didn’t expect that day light turned out to be because already made a choice.
Redjade chose to leave after all
When I looked up, I saw that the man was in a good mood, hooked his lips and narrowed his eyes. "Why do I feel that you seem very happy?"
"Yes, I’m very happy." Jun Moying made no secret. Of course, if he hadn’t promised Redjade, he would have let Nangong Che go. How happy he is to see that man suffering now!
Chicken shallow corners of the mouth twitched for two times. Besides villains and women, the third hard-to-raise creature in the world is probably called Jun Moying.
Don’t offend this third kind of student. Chapter 119 Then you really won’t take me?
Two days later, at dinner, Jun Moying told Feng Shao to treat Longyin Palace well tonight and never go out to run around.
Phoenix shallow doubt lifted a head from her bowl "what happened? Are you going out tonight? "
"Well, it’s not peaceful in the palace. I have something to deal with." Jun Moying nodded, afraid that she was nervous, and comforted, "It’s okay. I’ll arrange a lot of people to protect you at Longyin Palace. It’ll be fine if you don’t go out."

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