Ye Xiaohou, the waiting house of Anping, said, "Go to your place and watch these people. Never let anyone move these people."

Ye Ting promised to go and see those killers at once. Everyone here looked at Xiao Huang and saw that he was all over the body, and he was furious. This time, the Prime Minister’s office is going to be unlucky. Anyway, it is unwise to fight Xiao Huang.
Everyone pays attention to Xiao Huang’s side. No one noticed the hands of two monks. Zhao Xin, Mr. Zhao, Mr. Zhao’s face was white and bloodless, and he kept shaking. He came because he was afraid of death. He was scared to death at the thought of being caught and killed Mr. Zhao
At this time, someone behind him whispered, "It’s a pity that Mr. Zhao is afraid of death this time."
Another voice said softly, "It doesn’t necessarily have to fall into the hands of a group of monks. No matter who falls into the hands, nothing will happen. There is always a chance of survival in the hands of others. If it falls into the hands of monks, it is doubtful."
After the two men finished, they were silent. They stopped talking about Zhao Xin and said something else.
"You said that the prime minister’s office ordered Mr Zhao to kill people? If he knows, maybe he can really have a chance. "
"I’m afraid he doesn’t know. If he does, it will be his life. If he testifies, the witness will not die."
"Shh, don’t talk nonsense in case he hears."
The people behind him didn’t sound, but Zhao Laoer had pricked up his ears. At this time, when he heard the people behind him, he quickly thought that it was true that the men in black had said that the people in the Prime Minister’s Office had ordered this. Zhao Laoer seriously thought about it and found that it is really possible that Deng Shaoting, his brother’s right-hand man, has been sneaking around recently, and he has not seen him so mysterious. Recently, he has rarely seen him. Maybe he really went to do it and joined the killer master to kill Xiao Huang.
Zhao Laoer has some difficulties in his heart. If he bites his brother to kill Xiao Huang, then his brother will surely spare him. But if he really is his brother, can he still kill him? But if he doesn’t bite out his brother, then this bunch of bald donkeys will definitely kill him. Zhao Laoer is trying to get absorbed. Behind him, the elders of the punishment hall of Huguo Temple have cold drink, "Pull this damn bastard into the punishments immediately and dare me to kill people in Huguo Temple. It’s a law day."
Zhao laoer trembled with fear when he heard this and then shouted at Xiao Huang; "I know who ordered those killers?"
Zhao Laoer’s words fell on his side, and everyone stopped and looked at him quickly.
Xiao Huang is covered with frost and surly. He walked all the way until he came to Zhao Laoer. Zhao Laoer saw the evil spirit, and Xiao Huang was too scared to look at it earlier, shaking even more.
"You said you knew who ordered those people to kill?"
"Lu Shaoting ordered him to order these people to kill you."
"Liu Shaoting this is not your brother’s side guard? It seems that it was the Prime Minister’s adult who ordered people to buy murders. "
Xiao Huang sneered and then turned around and looked behind him at the abbot of Huguo Temple and the elders of the punishment hall. "This person is a witness. I am afraid it is difficult to take him back to Beijing to enter the palace."
The elder of the punishment hall looks pale and gloomy. Looking at Zhao Laoer, Zhao Laoer can feel the murderous look in his eyes without looking up. He is too scared to look up. He can feel the eyes of the elder of the punishment hall swishing straight at him like a flying knife. Zhao Laoer is almost scared to pee.
However, the abbot of Huguo Temple said, "Since this Master Zhao is a witness in the assassination of Master Shi, let the world take Master Shi away."
Master abbot said that the elders of Huguo Temple couldn’t help it even if they didn’t agree. In the end, everyone stared at Zhao Laoer, who was soft and almost didn’t fall/
Xiao Huang waved his hand and two hands flickered behind him. Zhao Laoer went all the way to the place where he had previously been detained in black.
Here Xiao Huang looked at the abbot of Huguo Temple with fuels. "The abbot immediately took these people all the way back to the palace, and the emperor decided this matter. The world will report what happened in Huguo Temple to the emperor."
"Good Xiao Shi, please be careful."
Xiao Huang, these people, is afraid that the boss behind them can be a coward. Unfortunately, Xiao Huang is not worried that these people will naturally fall into his hands. How could he let these people escape? He also pointed to these people to deal with Prime Minister Zhao Xun. This time, he will be interesting to see how Zhao Xun can deal with this old scoundrel and how he can deal with the situation before his eyes.
Xiao Huang led the people to detain Zhao Laoer and squinted at Xiao Huang from behind.
Everyone else sighs that the Prime Minister’s office will be in trouble, even if it’s nothing to buy and kill anyone. Let’s not say that Xiao Huangtang’s court officials colluded with Jianghu killers, which the emperor will never allow.
Secondly, he has nothing to do with buying and killing Xiao Huang.
Who dares to offend him in this Beijing? Even if the emperor is afraid, he can cheat secretly.
Many people sigh.

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