"What nonsense!" Phoenix shallow by his breathing itch all the way from the ear to the apex, bitterly elbow back a anxiously before the door immediately.

This man doesn’t know that he is not afraid of being seen when he appears in other people’s houses so openly.
"It’s so powerful to say that you are heartless. Do you want to murder your husband?"
Chicken shallow corners of the mouth twitched for a day or three, and the man became more and more shameless.
"Did you just bite me so hard to murder the dross?"
Spoil wife
The man’s eyes overflow with a faint, thin smile, which seems to be delighted by her words, but his meager lips are still slightly sipping, "Biting you is a punishment. I have asked you twice since I came into this room. Are you going to answer me?"
Phoenix shallow stared his one eye "who said I see him? Can’t I see the green trees and red flowers when the scenery outside is limited? "
Jun Mo Ying squinted slightly and gave her a look that you were smart enough to look at.
"But I thought I heard you keep him."
Once again, he dragged her into his arms, almost falling into it, and the corners of his mouth irrepressibly reminded him. He continued, "You just told him not to go. There seems to be another sentence … If you want to keep him, you won’t go …"
Feng Shaogen didn’t give him a chance to finish, but suddenly he stood on tiptoe and hung his hands on his neck to block his mouth.
Can’t talk well, can this way!
Besides, she misses him, too!
It’s Feng’s initiative, but when two people’s thin lips stick together instantly, a wolf incarnates and kisses her hard, and pulls her into her arms again-they have almost no gap.
The consequence of his doing so is that Feng’s shallow chest is squeezed limply.
She blushed slightly and was about to raise her hand and push him, but suddenly her eyes widened for a second.
"Jun Moying!" Feng Shao screamed, "What are you doing?"
"punish you"
Men’s facial expressions and gestures are elegant and lightly spit out two 1381 Chapter 1381 I like your shallow voice.
Punish your sister!
Feng Shao almost didn’t break his mouth and call names. This fellow is really ashamed. How can he say such shameless things with such a face and a heart?
"This is the general’s office. Stop it!" She lowered her voice and felt like a thief sneaking around.
The man’s hand is still walking around her body irregularly, and her thin lips are slightly hooked as if nothing she says can stop him, which seems to increase her strength from time to time.
"Putian Murphy Wang Tu If I want to talk about it, don’t say that it’s just a general’s office. Which place is not me?"
This man!
At this time, "I" again! It’s really arrogant!
She was forced to bite her lip by his delicate teeth, so that she could not make a sound.
"Be good, don’t bite." The man untied her skirt and got into her heart with his thick breathing. "If you can’t help it, bite me or … call me out. I like your shallow voice."
Phoenix shallow want to give him a slap.
However, his body was soft and weak, and his body was more like a deliberate tease, but it made the fire in the man’s heart more prosperous, and her physical strength became more and more strong.

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