I gradually learned about myself.

Maybe it is very fragile.
☆ Just like welcoming every day.
Will gradually change color.
Can I change a little bit, too
Change your way and be strong.
In order to continue to go to heaven.
I need a little courage.
Every time
Think of all that Nian said to me.
I can move on.
True or false, this is bad.
What’s the matter? You’ll misunderstand isake.
"Not you"? Why?
Cann’t say hesiae
Already lae? Can’t come
Hey, is this a dream? Anxiety and shame
Lose your mind and sow your fists.
I probably haven’t cried.
And the price of being strong
Is to sigh more and more.
Although now melancholy accumulation.
But one day,
Will become memories definitely.
Summer fragrance summer beach
Xiatian fireworks
Every time I think of you.
Enjoy the sunset glow in autumn and the first snow in winter
Vernal Equinox View of night sakura
I also want to spend it with you
Although now reach out your hand.
I can also catch you.

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