"Yes, Suo Xing accepted Younger. I think Younger is also very poor. She has been living in fear all these years. It’s time for the big teacher elder sister Y and N to live."

"You’re right. Now that you all agree with this matter, I have no opinion," said the senior teacher elder sister.
Rogge exulted. It seems that I have done a good thing. Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha. Finally, I’ve got this girl done.
"Xiao Wan, what do you think?" Rogge still has to wait for Long Xiaowan’s opinion.
Long Xiaowan looked at the other sisters with bright eyes, and she nodded slightly.
"Aha, it’s a great achievement for me. Ha, Amitabha, I’m relieved."
"Monk, I’m leaving." Long Xiaowan doesn’t know when she has reached her other sisters and sisters. At this moment, she faced Rogge’s way.
"Ah monk? Ok, "Rogge looked at Long Xiaowan’s face, still so clear and refined, with girlish hair." Did you leave so soon? " Rogge didn’t expect Long Xiaowan to be so bold and quick.
"Don’t say it’s really sad for an old woman. Let’s go. Let’s go. Remember to change your name when you get back." Rogge smiled at Long Xiaowan.
"Well …" Small wan suddenly looked at rogge.
Rogge looked serious and said, "I think you should change your name to Long Dawan. Don’t always eat you in small bowls, but don’t say sad words when you are growing up. Finally, I wish you happiness!"
"Hum, at this time, you have to tease others." Long Xiaowan took out her innocent and evil sample with a beep. It was all pretending to be Rogge. "Then you should be careful when you find your herbs. Go back and don’t let your heart worry. Remember not to be cheated by the innocent and evil little girl again. Then don’t take care of it."
Long Xiaowan became a little serious.
Just as they were about to turn around, Rogge stopped her again. Rogge said to Long Xiaowan, "Don’t you want my antidote?"
Long Xiaowan didn’t turn around and smell her voice again. "People already know that it’s a trick to trick little girls. You can keep it for other little girls, but it’s not too good to wake you up kindly."
Long Xiaowan’s eyes were a little moist, but she didn’t look back.
Rogge watched them get farther and farther straight, and they disappeared into the sky, then Rogge went back on his way.
The two bodies just lay there quietly, and Rogge didn’t take a look.
Whoosh, a little black appeared on Rogge’s shoulder.
Meow ~ ~ ~
Blackie still licked his paw leisurely.
"Blackie, just when I need you, please ask me to explore and find that thing called rejuvenation grass."
"Yes, I, the apostle, will live up to my mission."
Whoosh, a little black shadow disappears when Rogge jumps over his shoulder and blinks.
Then, then, blackie has chased butterflies in the grass.
Rogge wanted to’ criticisms’. This sneakingly evil animal cared about playing with himself.
A dark cloud suddenly appeared in the distant sky, and a dry thunder sounded faintly in the dense sky.
Chapter 10 Rivers of blood
"Little black, little black, hey, stop it and see what’s going on in that distant sky?"
"What else can it be? It’s just thunder. It’s going to rain."
"But how do I feel ominous?" Rogge frowned
At this time, the dark clouds in the distant sky became darker and darker, and a mass of dark clouds weighed heavily on the sky. The dark clouds kept rolling as if there was a big demon behind them.
"Let’s go and have a look!" Rogge road
Then one person and one cat walked forward at their own pace.
When Rogge and Xiaohei went to the bottom of the dark cloud, Rogge and Xiaohei were completely stunned by the picture before them.
Far away, a huge ape, a huge yellow se phoenix and two huge monsters are desperately fighting.

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