Who finished it?

This problem becomes a place where a star headhunter is curious, and then he looks at the patrol and finally accepts the reward.
"Who is this person I haven’t seen before?"
"It seems like someone just recruited today."
"What’s the joke? People who come in today will destroy Junna. Is he a god?"
"Maybe somebody else will have that kind of ability to complete your promotion."
Such discussions are constantly ringing in the camp of one-star headhunters, and many people’s eyes are constantly projected to the wind, envious people, jealous people and people with various emotions.
Although headhunters are all arbitrators, they are all assigned to different groups and are also led by different people.
This time, Feng Yang killed the army. Although the reward was not rich, the integral reward surprised many people.
There are many levels of completion in the arbitration church. The higher the level of completion, the higher the bonus will be, and the integral system in the arbitration church is naturally a very important data.
Points are an important certificate for promotion. It takes 100 points for a one-star headhunter to be promoted to a two-star headhunter, but generally speaking, it takes one to five points to complete one.
One point is the point obtained by low-level completion, while five points is the high-level completion. The completion level of integral is divided into four levels: D, C, B and A. Perfect D is low-level completion, and perfect is naturally advanced.
Jin Lu, a seven-star headhunter who learned that the killing order of the army was perfectly completed, couldn’t help but be curious and dare to look at a Jin Lu banner. A dozen headhunters also gathered together to observe this young man who can kill the army in just a few hours, just like this monster.
Jin Lu curiously looked at Feng Yang and immediately patted Feng Yang’s shoulder. Now it seems to have been diluted. Many people smiled and said, "What a small and good army. This man made many one-star headhunters retreat and asked for a replacement. I didn’t expect you to complete this killing order in just a few hours. Those old guys have been laughing at my lack of executors, but you gave me the evil spirit."
A person who has just entered the arbitration church can achieve Grade B in the completion of the killing order, which is already quite good, and he can become a headhunter in less than one day. This is the fourth young man who has achieved such impressive results in recent years.
Although the first three are also predecessors, it is not surprising that the three guys in mainland China have strong background forces to do this.
Qing Qianyi smiled and stared at Feng Yang’s face with an evil smile that lured the dead to death. * Just like a wolf with some designs, he smiled and said, "Shuaiguo, how did you do it?"
"Junna is very cunning and knows the rules of the arbitration church very well, but people always have weaknesses. I am altruistic about the rules of the arbitration church, which makes him have to fight with me, and then everything will be natural." Feng Yang said with a smile.
"Cong" Luo Jiu couldn’t help but give a thumbs-up to Feng Yang. "This man’s arbitration church has won the charm of tracking and anti-tracking. It’s really tricky for him to really escape."
"You are also very cunning." Qing Yi narrowed his eyes and set aside two gaps to look at the wind.
Feng Yang took it again and left the arbitration church.
At noon the next day, Feng Yang went straight to a restaurant in Zheng Ancheng and walked into the restaurant. Feng Yang has turned into a white gown with a silver mask. Everyone in the restaurant can’t help but wonder at this nondescript guy who is ashamed to wear a mask in broad daylight. When he is confused, he will see that this guy will put a giant sword bigger and longer than others into a bucket.
Feng Yang was domineering and shouted, "The headhunters of the arbitration church handled the case and killed Wu’s family of five, and even the chickens and dogs were not spared. Tian Jian left him irrelevant people to retreat for a while."
Although there are many masters of Emperor Wudi’s level in the restaurant, these people know that the level of Emperor Wudi is too small compared with the arbitration church, and naturally it will not prevent the headhunters of the arbitration church from doing business and leaving the restaurant one by one.
Tian Jian, who was less than five feet in length, was afraid to do things very neatly when he saw such domineering. At that time, he was afraid that the arbitration church would find out what route he had, even killing thirteen chickens and two local dogs. It can be said that the chicken and dog didn’t leave him alone. It was unnoticed that he dared to sit in a big bowl in a restaurant and drink and eat meat, but he was unexpectedly discovered by the arbitration church.
Tian Jian mixed in and walked outside the restaurant. The crowd tried to stay calm and not go to see the headhunter.
The wind raised the sword suddenly and accurately locked the Tian Jian sword in the chaotic crowd, and the people on both sides oscillated to the sword and pointed it at Tian Jian.
"* *" Tian Jian cursed a sweeping sword and quickly flew back and floated back.
The great sword’s power remains unchanged, and the wind lifts its legs and rushes after the past. The great sword quickly breaks its breath, giving off a sharp wind and vigorous gas and shooting at Tian Jian.
Tian Jianchao turned away in italics for a few weeks, and the sword Gang just brushed his body and blasted the inn wall, then the sword Gang blasted a big hole in the wall and the crack spread quickly.
At the same time, the wind raised his body, and his arm turned with a jerk, followed by a giant sword, and then turned to one side and Tian Jian chopped it off.
In Tian Jian, turning over the body hasn’t come yet, and the sword has already fallen like a flash. The speed of chopping off the sword is not very strong. Tian Jiangen didn’t dodge, and he may be severely cut at the waist by carrying a crazy and fierce sword.
Tian Jian, who was strongly impacted, smashed the ground and spit out one mouthful blood, and lost consciousness forever.
People who saw this scene outside the restaurant stared at this Tian Jian. They still knew the level of Emperor Wu. Although the Emperor Wu of the mainland was insignificant, Zheng Ancheng was still close to the middle level and was defeated by a one-star headhunter. People didn’t know whether Tian Jian’s weakness in too much sex last night or the one-star headhunter’s chicken blood would lead to this huge contrast.
After Fengyang killed Tian Jian, he flew away from the inn, from burly breaking into the restaurant to killing Tian Jian, but after a short time, everyone had some illusion after Fengyang left, but the damage of the restaurant made everyone have to accept this fact.

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