"Zhan Wen is an ungrateful person, but we still have to find the servant girl, otherwise Zhan Wen’s charges are just ungrateful." The servant girl knew that more accusations against Zhan Wen were more well-founded and let him argue with other methods.

Take a deep breath and Yan Liang squinted. Why did that girl just disappear?
At this moment, the next door was knocked, and a page came out in a daze. At the sight of the little leader’s clothes, he immediately became energetic.
"What do you want, officer?" Bowing, the page rubbed his eyes to sober himself up.
"The adult here has something to ask you." He brought him here by pulling the page leader.
Yan Liang came to examine the page and said, "Do you know this maid around Miss Su’s house?"
Page slightly leng and then nodded "know xiao ning"
"Xiao ning? How old and what does she look like? " Yan Liang frown is a strange name.
"Xiao Ning and Miss Su are generally beautiful and beautiful. They are literate with Miss Su all the year round. Everything is like her. She is soft and weak, and even a mosquito can’t be scared to death." The page seems to know Xiao Ning very well
"They have a good relationship?" Growing up together, Suko also taught her to read and write words. It seems so.
"It should be fine. Where does Miss Su go? Where does she follow?" The page nodded and confirmed.
"She left with Su Kou Zhan Wen after the Su Family fire, didn’t she?" Since the relationship is so good, how can it disappear in Liucheng?
"Yes, I sent them all the way to the street on the same day." I pointed to the street page.
"did they say they would come back again?" Weiyuan light way
"If you don’t listen to them, it means that you won’t come back. Zhan Gong will take the test for fame, and then he will be the top scholar. Why do you come back?" Like the soldiers at the city gate, they all think that Zhan Wencai will surely win the top prize in the examination.
"Do you know if Zhan Wen and Su Kou have a good relationship?" Yan cold noodles expression
"This,,, this little don’t know that they are both young marriage Zhan Gong, who was taken over before he was ten years old. He should have a good relationship with Sue’s family." Page is also guessing.
"Come on, you go home" is almost known, so it can be concluded that this Zhan Wen is a cruel and heartless villain.
Thanks to his elegant appearance, why is it that people are scum across the belly?
"Let’s go home when we know everything." This trip was not in vain and gained a lot.
Yan Liang looked at Weiyuan in the dark, and his eyes looked like stars.
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"After the death of Zhan Wensu Kousu’s family, what is the arrangement for them?" Before leaving, Yan Liang suddenly asked her to ask this professional habit.
The page next door immediately nodded, "If we helped, we’ll bury the Su family graveyard. Alas, it’s really miserable. Both Mr. and Mrs. Su have lost their appearance." It seems that the page shrank its shoulders.
Nodded Yan Liang didn’t ask the turn away.
At the beginning of the grain, he led the horse behind Weiyuan and walked with Yan Liang in a few steps.
"What are you going to do when you return to Liucheng?" Wei Yuan really doesn’t know the rules of handling cases by punishments.
"Go directly to Zhan Wen and beat him to admit it if he doesn’t admit it." Her knuckles squeaked with fists, which was very cruel.
I didn’t expect Yan Liang to do this. What tricks would he or she make Zhan Wen admit himself?
"What’s the problem?" Glancing at him, his head nodding was an eyesore.
"No, it’s a good opportunity, and I have to learn a lot from Captain Yan" sounds insincere.
Yan Liang cold hum him directly.
"Yan catching head you’re leaving? Why don’t you take a rest and leave after breakfast? " The little leader chased him from behind with some attentions.
"No, I’m going back to arrest people." Looking ahead, Yan Liang’s cold voice sounds extremely scary.
"Well, if Yan catches the head and orders Xiao to be at your service at any time," the emperor doesn’t want to see it, but it represents the political center.
Ignored Yan Liang, who was in a hurry, and turned directly from the hand of Wo Chu to lead the horse to turn over, prance and gallop.
Weiyuan shook his head a little, and then the sound of horses and horses kicking and stepping was particularly clear and loud in the early morning sky.
From the gate of leap city, the three horses disappeared quickly, and when the dark avenue went out nearly a kilometer away, the three horses turned into the forest and took a shortcut.
A new day is coming when the sky lights up with fish scales and clouds.

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