"Hum, general Zhu, you are not taller than your hand. You, your hand, these soldiers are tigers. I am a straw bag. Are they careless? One person is careless, and the others are careless? Four special forces officers can’t cope with Zhouyi. A teenager even broke his gun and dared to say something careless. Special forces have to turn a blind eye when sleeping. Do special forces allow carelessness? What if it’s the enemy? Who was careless with? Talk to Yan? You settle the enmity according to my plan, and your department will win? I’m afraid that you can’t take up the challenge. These straw bags are not necessarily Zhou Yi and Zhou Chi’s opponents. "

Sue asked the general to give a cold hum. When the old general was furious, he was afraid to speak again. Because the old general told the truth, it was indeed a shameful thing. It was a bit too much to stab the matter to the provincial party committee and the military region without investigating it clearly.
After General Su Lao said that Liu Qin and Wu Qing paid for the country, Fu Lining’s head was slowly lifted. They were also bloody soldiers, and they were humiliated by being scolded by the straw bag, and their eyes were also full of fighting spirit.
The soldiers in the special brigade thought that Liu Qin and Wu Qingfu’s state-owned Fu Lining was really a disgrace to their troops, but by this time, General Su Lao actually said that no one in the special brigade could win Zhouyi and Zhou Chi, and their fighting spirit was also inspired. More than 1,000 officers and men looked at Liu Qin and Wu Qingfu’s state-owned Fu Lining one by one. Although there was no such thing, they knew from their eyes that they now supported Liu Qin and others to settle the matter by force.
"I’ll ask you four again. If you don’t think it’s necessary to end this matter with Zhouyi, then I’ll take him away, and you can’t seek revenge again in the future."
General Su Lao once again stared at Liu Qin and Wu Qing, and said, "Fu Lining, a country."
"We are willing to settle our enmity with Zhouyi according to the general’s plan." Liu Qin and Wu Qingfu paid the state to pay Ningqi back to the four of them before Zhouyi, and they ate a big loss and never thought about it. Just now, they were pinned down by the power of the old general. At this time, they saw that the old general really gave them a chance of revenge and naturally didn’t want to give up.
"I can’t hear anything," said the old general.
"We are willing," Liu Qin and Wu Qing paid for the country, and Fu Lining shouted.
"Then some of you are willing to help Liu Qin and others prove that not all special brigades are straw bags?" General Su Lao turned and asked the square phalanx special brigade with Yang Qi.
One thousand five hundred people shouted loudly.
"Good. You have some blood. That’s like a soldier."
General Su Lao went on to say, "Liu Qin, Wu Qing, Fu Lining, a country, and Fu Lining are enemies with Zhouyi. I don’t care if you and Zhouyi fight alone or wheel war. You can choose three people from the special brigade to challenge him."
General Su Lao’s words, including Major General Zhu Liu, all the soldiers were surprised and felt guilty. After all, Liu Qin and other four people dealt with Zhouyi, a special brigade, and the worst fighting. Three people fought against Zhou Chi, which was unfair to others.
However, Ye Tianyun and Xiaoxiao have not been surprised by Zhouyi and Zhou Chi Kung Fu. They know that Zhou Chi, even the first master of Nanjing Military Region, Ye Tianyun, can’t account for the wind in front of him. Even if three of the best masters are sent to deal with Zhou Chi, they are definitely not Zhou Chi opponents.
"You don’t think it’s fair to Zhou Yi and Zhou Chi, do you? You idiots may not win." The old general continued to stimulate Liu Qin and other four-person special brigades for more than 1,000 people again.
"General, then the four of us will fight with Zhouyi, and we three instructors will fight with Zhou Chi." Liu Qin was inspired. He straightened up and said to General Su Lao.
General Su Lao nodded and said to Zhou Yi and Zhou Chi, "Do you think it’s fair?"
"Fair" Zhouyi smiled.
"That’s it," said General Su Lao.
So Liu Qin, Wu Qing, Fu Youguo and Fu Lining came to Zhouyi in a row.
"How did he discount your foot the day before you paid for the country? How did you deal with him today?" Liu Qin pointed to Zhouyi and said, "General Su said yes, we should have revenge today."
Fu Youguo came out and stared at Zhouyi. "Please!"
"Why don’t you four get together? One by one."
Zhouyi lightly say with smile
Book of Changes hits four times a sentence, which is equal to self-confidence, but at the same time, it is equal to contempt for Liu Qin and others. It is not only the first one to come out to settle the enmity with Book of Changes, but also the face of Liu Qin, Wu Qing, Fu Lining and other three people has changed at the same time. Of course, the special brigade people have changed their faces after hearing this sentence from Book of Changes, and they are so arrogant that they really regard the special forces as paper paste.
The officers and men of these special brigades think the same as Major General Zhu Liu. They also think that Liu Qin and other four people must have underestimated the situation before they ate Zhouyi. Because of the special forces, the absolute elites in the army have undergone the most rigorous training, and all of them are masters in fighting and fighting. For example, their 1,500-strong special brigade is selected by 100,000 officers and men in the Zhejiang Military Division of the Nanjing Military Region. They think that they are absolutely elites and an invincible force.
The fact that Zhouyi wants to beat Liu Qin and others by himself is not that he is arrogant by nature, but that he has such super strength. He has already seen the strength of Liu Qin and others. Although they are all good, they are still far from him. Since he wants to settle the enemy with Liu Qin and others by force, he will win the beauty.
"Hum, I am enough to deal with you."
Fu Youguo yelled at a flying knee and rushed directly to Zhouyi.
Fu Youguo’s move was very sudden. Of course, it was not a random attack. He and Liu Qin and other four people had never eaten a loss and were naturally thinking about revenge after being injured by Zhouyi. Of course, they were also very strong in Zhouyi, so they have been stepping up training and formulating strategies to break the enemy since their recovery.
He and Liu Qin and other four people came to Zhouyi. The most powerful thing is to capture them. If they want to defeat Zhouyi, they must attack and suppress Zhouyi. They can’t fight with Zhouyi. You have a country and Zhouyi, and the horse will fly out of the knee. This kind of killing is extremely lethal, so that you can break Zhouyi and hit Zhouyi hard.
"bite off more than one can chew"
Zhouyi snorted and went out with his own unique skill, namely, sticking to the mountain and leaning against the tiger. He stepped forward three steps like a tiger and leaned over to Fu Youguo last time. He discounted Fu Youguo’s leg with a move in his’ Heart with Qian Qian Knot’ restaurant. Naturally, he won’t let his own hands take another move this time.
Extreme boxing is the most rigid and fierce boxing. If Lei Fuyou’s country flies to the top of Zhouyi’s chest, the two people touch Zhouyi’s body slightly, and Fu Youguo’s flying knee hits Zhouyi’s shoulder. Fu Youguo’s heart is not good, and he is about to withdraw from Zhouyi. Suddenly, Fu Youguo’s body is like a broken kite flying backwards.
Although Zhouyi didn’t kill her heart, it also became a powerful force, which was less than the impact of a car. At least 75 kilograms of her body flew backwards for more than three meters, and then she directly hit the ground and never got up again.
This except Su Lao general Ye Tianyun and Xiao Xiao Zhou Chi, including Major General Zhu Liu, is blindsided. It is really surprising that a handsome boy has such a fierce explosive force.
Liu Qin, Wu Qing and Fu Lining were even more surprised when they saw that Fu Youguo was hit by Zhouyi and lost their fighting capacity. Because Zhouyi showed great strength this time, they also knew that Zhouyigen was powerless, and their faces became more dignified because they were all white. It is definitely not an easy thing to defeat Zhouyi today.

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