Rhombic lips are soft! This is the feeling of the third child!

The two men looked so silent for a moment until Su Ling felt a ray of flame in his dark and deep pupil, and all the minds were able to withdraw their strength instantly. At that moment, Su Ling pushed his chest and pulled the distance between them completely, and her face was radiant and her lips seemed to be cool and refreshing.
Huang Yin’s dusty eyes are like fire, and there is a touch of indistinguishable heartbeat on his cheeks. It seems that he feels good for the first time!
It’s still a tough means of iron and blood, and it’s still overbearing, wild and unruly. In front of Su Ling, she is secretly regretting someone’s iron wall, and once again she puts her soft body in her arms, while Su Ling struggles like a banyan tree until she feels that his thin lips are approaching again. Some methods can suppress the excitement. When he still doesn’t succeed, Su Ling directly slaps Huang Lao’s face and the ambiguous flowing breath of this main account is instantly broken.
And it’s such a coincidence that the curtain of the main account is just being drunk at this time. Looking at the scene in front of me, I want to talk and still talk about it. I have already faced up to the fate of the princess!
Mother also dare to hit the third master? How bold?
Burn three-dimensional dust Toshihiko didn’t see anger, but it was already gloomy as a drop of ink. Su Ling jumped two meters away from him. She even saw that she was rubbing her red lips and eyes on her cuffs with disgust, so it was getting deeper and deeper.
"I kissed you this pig! Nima is disgusting! " Su Ling shook her hands and pointed angrily at the burning old man. After scolding, she ran out directly from the main account door. On the way, she was very strong. She pushed Zuiqing aside and was shot in Zuiqing koo. At this time, she was staring at the column in front of her eyes. If he went a little further, his face would be shot!
I’ve heard from the breeze that the little princess is not easy to mess with, but why didn’t they say that the princess is a bit of a tiger? Call the sovereign a pig in front of him? Let’s not let him be a dark guard!
When I was drunk, I didn’t turn around in front of the column, nor did I turn around. It was like grass growing in my heart. The ice sculpture behind the third master had already given off air conditioning. Can he still see the sun?
"Things to say!"
Burn three-dimensional dust anger is obvious, eyes blink or not. Looking at the camp door, the corner of the light glanced at one side and drunk, saying that it was cold and wild.
Drunk Qing slowly turned around and lowered his head, trying not to look at his third master’s face and looked at the ground dryly and said, "The man who was sent to prison by the third master has already confessed that he is the Mahayana of the Fourth Master’s bodyguard!"
When I heard that Huang Yin’s eyes were flowing with extreme chill, I was drunk and silent for half a year until I felt that my head was freezing, I heard "Send it to the new barracks to practice with the fourth grade!"
Drunk and running for life seems to smell the news and want to run outside. As a result, before the curtain is lifted, the cold voice rings again, "Protect the princess!"
When I got drunk and walked out of the camp step by step, I felt that my desperate efforts were saved! Therefore, he secretly swore to himself that he must stay away from the princess, especially when the princess is with the third master, and he can roll as far as he can, otherwise his heart will be overwhelmed if he is scared again!
The shadow of the moon is like a hook, and it seems that you can see a beautiful shadow sitting cross-legged on the ground from a distance in the solemn battlefield.
And not far from that beautiful image, there is also a slightly lonely and slender figure staring at her silently outside the most magnificent camp.
"It’s time against putting! Mom actually kissed a pig! " At the moment, Su Ling is sitting cross-legged on the battlefield, constantly grabbing the sand in her hands and blowing it casually, and her fingertips are contaminated with crumbs and she keeps grinding and squeezing them.
There is no sign of anyone outside the battlefield, and even the patrol guards are missing a lot. Su Ling sat alone in the vast battlefield and spilled radiance all over the floor. I couldn’t help but look up at the string, the moon and the heart, and all kinds of irritability accumulated and released!
"Well, meet again!"
Just as Su Ling was upset, her armor jingled around her and a familiar voice echoed in her ear.
Looking askance at Su Ling’s frown, I wonder if it’s not appropriate for this man to cover himself with armor. Especially when he said’ meet again’. She met him? !
"Really? You forgot me so soon?" Bearers directly sat down on Su Ling’s side armor, and the crash sound was harsh, which made Su Ling’s heart more agitated.
Su Ling eyes looked at each other’s actions and then narrowed his eyes and looked at the moment. Then his mind flashed off and nodded. "That was you?" Ask me to go to Cliff Mountain for the second time? "
"I still forgot you. I feel that you are not the kind of girl with a bad memory!" The other party is very familiar with the attitude, but Su Ling feels a little tricky.
She had never met this man before. It was the first time that Cliff Mountain met him, and he left a message in her ear before he left, which was’ We will meet again! You wait for me!’
She may not be suspicious if she let him go, but she knows everything about this man’s surname and birth place. The most surprising thing is that he seems to know Su Ling’s body movements very well.
This alone is enough for Su Ling to have great doubts about him!
Looking at each other’s strangeness and talking to her, Su Ling’s eyes flashed with light and asked, "Now that we meet again, you should always tell me who you are!" What’s your name? Where did you find me? "
Su Ling asked three questions in a row. The man smelled the words and smiled slightly. "We are all acquaintances. Are you still so hostile to me? It doesn’t really matter who I am, and it doesn’t matter where I come from. What matters is that I came to you because of your identity! "
"If you don’t want to say anything, go and play by yourself! I’m not used to meeting celebrities! " Su Ling said that she was bound to get up and leave the net. It’s not important to talk to her about the whole thing. It’s not like a little puss-head. What can’t you say?
When the other party saw this, it was obviously a little anxious and immediately wanted to pull Su Ling’s sleeves, but the result was that she was alert and the man quickly got up from the ground and looked at Su Ling’s tight frosty face and sighed and said, "My name is Yu Ming Han Zi Su! You can call me Yu Han or Yu Su! "
When Su Ling heard this, she looked askance at Yu Su, whose eyes looked like monsters. If this fellow didn’t say it, he said a lot of things, so it would be over if he gave a name to Yu Han Yu Su!
"Yuhan, right? Continue the topic just now. You said you were looking for me because of my identity. Then tell me which identity is princess or not?" Su Ling asked Yu Han with a subtle inquiry. At the same time, what she said also cleverly dug a trap for Yu Han.
In her heart, she thinks that Yu Han has no reason to come from him as a princess. It depends on how sincere Yu Han is and whether she is willing to tell the truth!
Jade cold smell speech looked at Su Ling eyes clear and clear as if there was no doubt about her and immediately said, "Nature is not because of your princess status! I really want to take you to meet someone when I come to you! He knows more than I do! "
"See who? Why don’t you tell me what this Yu Pei means now? If you don’t say it this time, don’t appear again! "
Su Ling said that he threw Yu Pei into Yuhan’s arms unceremoniously, and Yuhan saw Yu Pei’s face suddenly change and went into a hurry to catch Yu Pei and then make a move to make Su Ling dazed.
"Girl, please put away Yu Pei!" Jade cold tremble with fear, kneeling on one knee, holding the jade pendant above his head, showing that he called Su Ling a girl, but it was not a princess, and it was such a humble etiquette that Su Ling knew the seriousness of the matter even if he didn’t want to pay attention to it again!
Who is behind him to control all this and who is it? I want her to meet him and make this inexplicable Yu Pei public.
Look at Yu Han’s respect and care for Yu Pei. Su Ling feels that there is absolutely reason to believe that there is something wrong with the origin of Yu Pei!
Just as Su Ling secretly thought obscurely, it was almost a blink of an eye. With a stuffy hum, the cold breath approached her heart …

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