Nodding his head, he said, "The princess must have a good rest. It should be much better to go back and get some sleep while she has nothing to do today."

It’s good to have a little comfort in your warm eyes. No matter when it comes, she has such a good friend and sister
"Okay, I get it. Don’t worry."
Patted her shoulder jun warm added, "you have to have a good rest to see how much better you are than me. Do you want me to talk to Yi Han and let you also …"
"no!" Gu Xi Xi shook his head suddenly and then smiled awkwardly. "Sister Feng Wen, I’m really fine."
You gave her a warm and strange look.
Farewell to Gu Xixi, she walked to Linfu Road thoughtfully, thinking about how that eloquence was better.
She hasn’t seen a teacher since she left Lin Fu.
Although the teacher asked for leave because of illness, Jun Fengwen always felt that he was trying to avoid himself.
Facing a special student like himself, he must be angry and unwilling to know what to do, so he will choose to avoid it and think about these things.
Maybe the first time she saw him, he had resigned as a teacher or figured out a way to refuse her.
It’s definitely not a good thing anyway
Such thoughts are growing like wild grass, and you can’t help it. She will never accept the consequences, so she must see him again today, even if she has a look.
Lin Fu people still welcome her, and she is still familiar with it.
It was said that his room was warm and he turned around and walked slowly towards the other side.
The clos she got to her destination, that more she panicked.
Lin jingxuan didn’t do it when the knock on the door rang. He wanted to say "come in"
It’s strange that people haven’t talked about it. The man twisted his eyebrows and slowly raised his head.
Four eyes are relatively instantaneous, and a quiet airflow surges strangely.
After a short silence, Lin Jingxuan condensed his eyes, crossed a faint strange light in the dark and deep ink pupil, and then called a "princess" lightly
He stabbed the opposite person as soon as he was indifferent.
"A teacher …"
Jun Fengwen clutched his palm tightly, and his eyes were full of all kinds of complicated emotions. He was worried, sad and wronged, and there was a feeling of confirming that he was relieved afterwards …
Lin jingxuan was slightly mistaken in her eyes when she couldn’t help coughing. "Is the princess here for something today?"
Recommend a summer cold smoke "the first lady of the chief affectionate giants" is absolutely beautiful! On the morning of Ye’s bankruptcy, she broke into her world unexpectedly. "I lack a woman," she said, "How many beauties can lack a woman without Mo Shao’s order?"
When she turned around and was hit by the little red one, she was surprised. "Aren’t you short of a woman?" He raised his eyebrows calmly. "Mrs. Mo is not a woman?" At the most embarrassing moment in life, she met him and changed from Miss Ye to Mrs. Mo. Since then, she has been spoiled because her family has hidden a bottom of my heart, saying, I love you all, and you are happy in your way [one-on-one pet 1439 Chapter 1439 looks like a hostess.
This sentence again.
what’s up
The second time she came, it was the same, and today it is the same. Can’t she come to him if it’s all right?
Jun Fengwen looked at the man who hadn’t seen him for days, knowing that he was deliberately trying to avoid himself, but in his heart, he couldn’t help but complain about what he was so rude to himself after seeing him safely and ill.
"Isn’t the teacher not unwell and hasn’t entered the palace these days?" Suddenly, a thin smile came out of her mouth. "But what do I think is that the teacher is hiding at home and stealing for half a day?"
Lin Jingxuan looked at her proudly and raised her voice, and suddenly found that this girl was not the seven-year-old girl eleven years ago.
She looks like a queen, but more like the emperor’s facial features-not exquisite, picturesque and beautiful

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