"Yes, I didn’t know you at the beginning, for fear that my sensible sister would make trouble …" I didn’t know that I could say a lot to Li Guisu Mian.

"SEAO? Ah … think about it, but the fate of a few people living in a hospital is very different. "Li Taimin laughed.
"Yeah, I’m really lucky to compete with you. Everything has gone well since I entered Jiuhuang Mansion." Su Mian chuckled.
Li Taimin knows that the beautiful woman sitting first is not showing off, because she doesn’t need to show off, so she can make a woman look pale.
She is feeling that maybe she was uneasy and worried about Qunfang Palace in those days.
After all, she was the most confident at that time, and Empress Lee was her aunt.
She is the first daughter of Wan’s first family.
, is a family girl in He Qin.
But it won’t be Sue’s two girls, an ordinary girl and an orphan girl.
But in the end? Although an ordinary girl gave birth to a princess, it is not necessarily a bad thing to go early.
The orphan girl has become the second queen of this big yin through the ages
On the day she ascended the throne, she felt unbelievable when she looked at it from a far corner. This woman just smiled at them in Qunfang Palace and got along with Ye Zhou Su.
She is so absolute beauty!
"Go and see the Queen Mother Corning … she may not live this year." Su Mian 743 Chapter 743 I hurt you.
"Why ….." Li Taimin paused. "Yes, my aunt suffered so much … and I have long boasted."
In recent years, Queen Mother Corning has not seen her. Although they are close, they do not meet.
Li Taimin hesitated for a long time after leaving, but still went to Yuanning Palace. She was afraid of being driven out because she had been driven out many times in the past.
This time, the Queen Mother Corning looked at her and said, "Are you here?"
"Aunt …" Li Taimin cried out and burst into tears.
We haven’t seen each other in recent years unless we have a big banquet.
"What are you crying about? Save your strength. When I die, you can just cry once. "Queen Mother Corning laughed.
"Aunt … you …" Li Jian knelt in front of her and was speechless.
"Well, don’t cry. Now that we’re here, why are we crying?" Corning queen mother personally wiped her tears way
Li Taimin finally stopped crying, "Aunt, you will be fine."
"Ah, you have wrinkles at a young age and the age of the Queen. Look at people who are still in love with their twenties …" The Queen Mother Corning said with an almost blaming tone.
"I hurt you, I missed your generation … I’m ashamed not to see you these years." Queen Corning said sadly.
"Aunt … I don’t blame you … you will suffer from it. I am willing. My father is willing to think about entering the palace to earn some wealth. How can I blame you?" Li Taiyin cried
It was the Queen Mother Corning who asked the Li family to send someone in to suppress Tang’s family.
But it didn’t mean who Li Taimin came in because her father Li Jiayou was in a position.
She’s not an only daughter, either. She has a sister, a sister, and a concubine.
It was her father who thought she was clever and successful that chose her.
And she was willing to be rich herself …
"Aunt, you have been a queen for so many years. Isn’t it a truth?" Li Taimin wiped her tears and smiled. "Some people are proud, but others are frustrated. Although I have never been favored and childless, it is also my blessing to return my life, isn’t it?"
"Ah … if I had you to see it that way, maybe my life wouldn’t be so …" The Lee generation just wouldn’t be willing to know that they couldn’t beat Tang’s but insisted on fighting.
The result is that people are happy.
It would be nice to learn from a virtuous princess, Shu Fei, but she doesn’t know how to give in when she has nothing to do …
"Aunt, that’s a thing of the past. Don’t think about it." Li Taimin touched her eyes again.
"Well, it’s good that you’re here. Although I’ve had a bad time, there are a lot of good things. You and I will turn them over to those little emperors and give them to you while I still have some spirit." Queen Mother Corning laughed.
Li Taiming wanted to say that you don’t want to be so kind, but when it comes to the mouth, it has changed. "My aunt likes those emperors and empresses very much, and the atmosphere doesn’t stop those emperors from getting close to us." Even Li Taiming once hugged the imperial palace.

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