[957] 【 Swallow 】

Looking at Yan Qing’s death, Ye Han couldn’t help but sigh. The reason for his sigh is that Yan Qing knows that he has come back from the dead directly [!
Ye Han now thinks that he can’t move his strength, even though he is injured, so is it. Now Xiaoli directly drives him to fight back and seems to have died before he comes to fight back.
This is the gap. The gap between Yuanxin realm and Yuanshen realm is really too big. Well, the ninth-order Yuan beast was perhaps the first one except Kyubi no Youko, tian hu and Xiaoli in those days, and this ninth-order repair and release of the human world is the realm of Yuanshen. This theory is that both the Yuan beast world and the human world are world-beaters!
Well, at present, Kyubi no Youko and tian hu in the Yuan animal kingdom have been demoted, and no one can match Xiaoli, and the same is true for people. Although there are still a few masters in the peak realm of Yuan Xin, they have not yet appeared or are dead.
Although Xiaoli is not a real person, after all, he is already a taxiing inheritor and a human woman. Speaking of him, he is also a semi-human and barely a Terran master!
Speaking of this Ye Han, this guy can’t help but think that he is a person. Xiaoli is a yuan beast. If she has a child in the future, I don’t know if this child is a person or a fox.
Well, I hope it’s a human being. If a Gryphon fox is born, it’s estimated that it will bring disaster again.
I thought that Ye Han’s intercourse with Xiaoli later caused some changes. Although the change was not very big, it also made Ye Han suffer a lot. He was almost directly arrested by this humanized Xiaoli …
Think of these Ye Han couldn’t help but sigh again. It seems that my strength is still seriously insufficient. It is still very difficult to surpass my women. This Xiaoli is like a wall that can never be crossed.
But sometimes it seems to be an exception. He can not only cross but also cross the surface all the time. Well, it should be riding the surface to be precise …
Ye Han couldn’t help but burst of evil and soon ushered in Xiaoli’s supercilious look. He couldn’t help but be a clever darling. If Xiaoli knew that he was thinking about riding her, he would be riding her upside down tonight!
Yeah, but speaking of it, he really deserves a good reward tonight, you know, but Xiaoli personally solved Yan Qing, an extremely good player.
"Brother Han, do you want to taste the taste of smoking others?" Just then Xiaoli floated up to him and took his arm and smiled at him.
"Ah?" Ye Han was fascinated and didn’t want Xiaoli to say such a sentence suddenly. Even after a pause, he smiled bitterly. "I think I’d better forget it. If I do more things against the sky, I’ll be struck by lightning!"
Take someone else to fix it? Ahem, why is it more evil to listen to it? It seems that this is what some evil double cultivation method does. The double cultivation method forcibly sucks others to practice tut tut … Actually, that method is still very special and fun …
Alas, it’s a pity that Yan Qing isn’t a woman, so I’m sure I’m willing to do it. Although it’s a corpse … Ahem, no wonder I always feel that evil turned out to be thinking of this …
"Brother Hee Hee Cold is thinking again. I’m asking you to suck Yuan Shu to keep his strength for yourself!" A pair of bright eyes staring at Ye Han for a long time Xiaoli immediately knowing busy smiled to say with smile.
Ye Han was a little moved after hearing Xiaoli’s words. Yeah, who said that you have to practice double cultivation to suck others’ strength? Aren’t you capable of devouring hand acid? If you want to absorb Yuan Shu and Yan Qing Xiu, then you can swallow up his strength and refine it and take it for yourself.
Thought of here, Ye Han face couldn’t help showing a smile. Why didn’t you think of this all the time? You have to rob others to fix it yourself, so you can become stronger quickly.
Ahem ….. This method still doesn’t work. After all, it’s unnatural things. Only people in the magic way can do it themselves. I’d better not do those unnatural things. Although I’ve been possessed once, I’m not willing to think how I could fall into the magic way if I hadn’t died.
Ye Han abandoned the power of devouring others, and according to his own ideas, it left a blessing for the people in the mainland. If he really did that, it would be a small matter for him to be possessed and harm the good people in the mainland, but it would be a big deal!
Of course, this doesn’t mean that he will give up devouring the power of inflammation and youth. He thinks that we can’t harm the good guys, but if we kill the bad guys, we will have to harm them. Killing more bad guys means doing good deeds!
After figuring this out, Ye Han was relieved. He pulled out his arm from the crispy and tender place of the little raccoon dog and immediately fell to the ground with a quick laugh.
At this time, Yan Qing is dying. Looking at his appearance at this time, Ye Han is a sigh in his heart. He has been thinking about it for one hundred years, but he didn’t expect to end up with a good game after all!
Maybe Ye Han should think of it at this time. Isn’t everyone in this world not much different from Yan Qing? Just as you are not trying to kill Yan Qing and kill the moon, the moon and the yuan demon to protect your woman?
Maybe this is the world. If you don’t kill anyone, you will be killed. You can’t laugh until you live to the end.
All the time, people can really do anything when they are alive, and the reason is one, that is, let themselves live well!
Perhaps this is a little different from Ye Han, who gave up his life because he killed his woman. His goal is to let his woman live well. Although this is selfish, it is much better than those who are independent.
Thinking about Ye Han also slowly running the star cold tactic, although this method has five folds, but if you want to refine some forces stronger than yourself, you can still deprive the body of inflammation, and you have to help the fire beast!
"Angry, will it be okay for me to devour his strength like this?" Ye Han suddenly thought of an important thing. His current strength is equal to inflammation and cold. If he swallowed the energy of inflammation and green fire, wouldn’t his body be more inflammatory than cold? Is it okay to fix yourself like this?
Fire Yuan beast seems to know that Ye Han’s idea is leng leng, and then he replied with a smile, "Don’t worry, although the master devoured his fire energy, the inflammation in your body will expand, but it won’t endanger you. If you want the master to recuperate properly, you will be fine!"
"Oh, I’m relieved!" Ye Han was relieved at the words of the fire beast, but on second thought, he couldn’t help but smile. "You’d better tell me what to do first. I don’t want to think of some way to toss myself half to death temporarily!"
Fire yuan beast heard this and smiled. "Hehe, master, do you not believe in the power of angry or the power of Xueyuan beast?"
"Er … what’s the matter?" Ye Han smell speech heart suddenly one leng after a while just don’t understand and ask a way
"Of course, the main body inflammation cold is that Xueyuan beast and I regulate each other. Otherwise, would you be so easy to control the body inflammation cold?" Fire yuan beast seems to be some unhappy busy replied

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