The virtual shadow speed of the sword makes people react quickly, and in the blink of an eye, it pierces a big hole in the rubble and disappears. For a moment, Gu Fan clearly heard the sound of "snow", followed by the sound of a mountain bear moaning and crashing to the ground, and the stone rain all over the sky seemed to have no energy to support pieces of scattered land. Gu Fan can finally see the scene after the rubble. The mountain bear is not a huge body, lying motionless, with blood flowing from its head and instantly infiltrating the surrounding land. It has a hole in its head, and the wound is clean and neat.

Vote pk supporters get points and Chapter 90 was robbed. Seeing all this, Gufan breathed […]

"I don’t think the young master should kill more to make the family dissatisfied with the young master, and if the Ministry is really killed, it will also be a huge loss for our foreign nationality." Mo Xian means simply that the original gap between foreign nationalities is bigger than that between foreign nationalities and killing each other, which can be looked down upon by the family.

"Do you have any good suggestions for the situation of foreigners?" Mo Lengfeng, although he […]

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