There is a lot of talk about the lucky people across the street as if Li Xiao is drunk and will win.

Green assessment looked at the sand scattered with the wind some excitement, "this is your soil power? Defense is really unusual, but you have to exert your strength. This defense can’t stop me. "
Say that finish green assessment boning knife blunt past.
Li Xiao drunk to see green MuYang rushed over and raised his hand and chopped up at Lin Ying.
Lin Ying accelerated like a loach, and the male knife fell close to the other side.
This time, Qing Muyang still raised boning knife and stabbed forward.
Li Xiao drunk to see green MuYang attack manually didn’t stop and body armor formed in an instant and then blocked the green MuYang boning knife.
Green MuYang manual without pause but straight to the Li Xiao drunk sand armor in the chest.
This time, boning knife didn’t make too much noise when he touched the sand armor.
Out came a series of rustling sand.
Li Xiao drunk face instantly changed at this moment.
Then Li Xiao’s drunken feet suddenly jumped out.
A flash of red and yellow light.
Red is blood yellow is sand.
Blood and sand mixed together to form a special color, which is particularly dazzling.
Li Xiao slammed back several steps drunk and then covered his chest.
See Li Xiao drunk sand armor in the chest has been broken sand armor chest is bloody constantly spraying blood.
When they saw this scene, they were shocked directly.
"How is that possible? He actually pierced the sand armor and hurt Li Laoba behind the sand armor. "So lucky, he looks unbelievable."
Chapter 227 Force a blow
Not only the lucky person was surprised, but even Li Xiao was very surprised.
He knows the strength of his sand armor. Judging from the first blow of Qing Muyang, the strength can’t break his sand armor defense.
But the actual situation is not the case. If he didn’t react quickly enough, the knife of Qing Muyang would directly plunge him into the cold.
Qing Muyang waved to Li Xiao drunk and said, "Come on, go on. You shouldn’t have such a thing, right?"
Hearing the words of Qing Muyang, Li Xiao was drunk, and the lucky person’s face turned ugly in an instant.
Previously, they all disapproved of Qing Muyang, but the performance of Qing Muyang directly hit their faces, making their faces feel a pain.
Li Xiao was drunk and felt bad when he heard Qing Muyang’s provocative words, so he raised his knife in his hand and shouted, "Don’t insult others. I’ll let you see me today."
Hear Li Xiao drunk green MuYang cold snorted "cut what call? Have something to kill me. "
The success of Qing Muyang’s words aroused the hatred of the lucky people around them, and they gnashed their teeth and wished to eat Qing Muyang.
Li Xiao drunk when he heard Lin Ying’s words, the gong Dao in his hand suddenly lit up and then flashed a white light like a special effect.
The white arc of light keeps flashing, making people unable to keep their eyes open.
Li Xiao drunk across the green Muyang instantly pulled out a pair of sunglasses from her pocket and wore a face.
Others saw Qing Muyang’s exercise and directly forced it.
This is him? It’s a disadvantage.
Li Xiao drunk to see the green MuYang move is also a leng, and then raised the male knife toward the green MuYang split.
This time, the male Dao is not as heavy as before, but extremely light.
And as he split the white light arc, a dazzling light flashed.
Even Lin Ying’s eyes felt a little uncomfortable at that moment and closed one eye.
Even closing for a few seconds is fatal in a master-to-master duel.
However, Li Xiao was drunk, and Qing Muyang directly avoided his attack and jumped behind him because he was not affected by white light after wearing sunglasses.
Then raise a knife and attack Li Xiao’s drunken back.

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