Of course, it is impossible to rely on these tanks to complete-the search and rescue team has calculated the charging efficiency of these tanks, and the average power of a charging port is several kilowatts. They have only found hundreds of charging ports-there are only a dozen medium-energy tanks, which means that these ten tanks together are more than a dozen kilowatts of power-just equivalent to a central adjustment.

The search team doesn’t know the maximum number of these pools yet. It is a kind of preparation for Wu Xiaoqing to fill these pools. The search and rescue team has a hunch that these pools must be in the basic social structure.
I’ve looked for a lot of pools, but the water still hasn’t landed. Not to mention the water, I haven’t even seen the drinking cups and bottles. Just like the search and rescue team said that the concept of finding water for a group that can "create" water by itself is probably not true.
"I won’t die of thirst." When I finally went back, Wu Xiaoqing looked at the last half bottle of water and couldn’t imagine how to live in the future.
"No … isn’t the plastic bag for urinating in front of you also? We can pool it for hydrolysis and then burn it … rest assured that it is absolutely clean."
Wu Xiaoqing is a little hard to accept. "Why don’t … let Xu Yan send them … and then we can also bring a machine that can condense water in the gas …"
"Xu Yan, I’m afraid it’s more difficult for them to adapt to life here." The search and rescue team didn’t say it, but Wu Xiaoqing also knew that Xu Yan’s personality … It is estimated that he will be scared to pee when he sees the flying sword.
Wu Xiaoqing didn’t sleep well at night, because when he closed his eyes during the day, he was hallucinated in the so-called "nine-day dreamland". When he finally fell asleep after midnight, there was sharp metal friction everywhere in the whole room. The search and rescue team told him that it was the nine-day master practicing sword in his room.
Crazy, guys!
13 Lingshi Reiki
When Yan Xiu went to call back to the master, he was still mumbling those uncommon words.
"Interest … three-dimensional projection … fixed direction … no, no, it’s not right …"
"Master" said that "the man has settled down"
"Yan Xiu," said Taoist Qingyun with a sigh, "Did you get anything from your nine-day dreamland today?"
"I’m ashamed … what the man said is strange and difficult to understand. It seems very common to listen, but the word’ three-dimensional’ has won the essence of nine days of dreamland."
"Oh, let’s hear it."
"I’ve been thinking for a long time about the three-dimensional word" Nine Days ",but there are also some words missing in the nine-day decision, so the meaning of the words is vague. Today, I heard that the man said that three-dimensional is not a single sentence. He said," It’s just an information projector to get some three-dimensional projections. "Although the words are simple, they are concise and incisive. Breath is a meaning, that is, three dimensions, that is, three dimensions, that is, three dimensions, that is, three dimensions, that is, three dimensions, that is, three dimensions, that is, three dimensions, that is, three dimensions, that is, three dimensions, that is, three dimensions, that is, three dimensions, that is, three dimensions, that are tall and thin, that is, that this person not only speaks three dimensions, but also speaks out the meaning of both projections. It can be seen that he has spent nine days in a dreamland
"Yes, that’s exactly what the teacher thought at that time," said Taoist Qingyun. "If he is really a passer-by, it’s no big deal if the door is released for nine days, but this person … if the secret of the nine-day dreamland is leaked from his mouth, I’m afraid that the nine-day goalkeeper will have another day."
"Master, you can rest assured that this person will never let him stay away from Jiutianmen, since he has repaired the multiplier."
"The most important thing to keep him here is to let him stay in our school. This person can tell the truth about the nine-day fantasy. His understanding of the multiplier is far beyond what we thought … I’m afraid you’ve seen his propeller. What do you think?"
"Exquisite!" Yan Xiu took out Wu Xiaoqing’s mobile phone and showed it to Taoist Qingyun. "When I first saw this thing, I felt like I had seen a magic mirror for nine days-the only difference is that this thing can’t communicate with your fingers."
"This thing will be kept by you. Remember that no matter what he asks, he must not be returned to him. He is a mortal. Without that propeller, he will escape. Without half a day’s work, he can’t leave the nine-day gate."
"The disciple Bai Jiaojian has been following him, master. Don’t say he won’t have it for half a day."
After talking with the master, he flew to the outside for nine days. It is not a good place to practice. In addition to Taoist Qingyun, the leader, others need to return to the ground as soon as possible to find another aura.
Yan Xiu grew up in Tianmen since he was a child, and he was familiar with all the doors and columns here. He was as light and flexible as a bird. When he flew through a room in the corridor, he suddenly slowed down and changed his direction. Looking at the depths of the room, Yan Xiu felt that he had goose bumps.
There is light in the room!
This light is so familiar that Yan Xiu can’t help but feel a little excited. He unconsciously picked up the sword tactic and recalled Bai Jiaojian, the guard, and then walked carefully towards the light with a sword in his hand.
Yan Xiu remembers that the first time he saw this light was more than ten years ago-that year, when he responded to the provocation of Ganyangmen. At that time, the master spent huge sums of money to buy back 20 pieces of lingshi. The day of Yan Xiu’s preparation before the war was also the first time in his life that he contacted and made lingshi different from meditation and nourishing qi. Lingshi contained abundant spiritual power. Even after a big war, it took half a quarter of an hour to recover into more aura.
It’s a rare treasure that a monk of Lingshi dreams of. It’s as rare as a flying sword. If it weren’t for the need of the door war, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have a chance to repair it once in a hundred years. After that war, I remember that all Lingshi were put in the spirit cabinet of the sect. It is said that it is possible to replenish the consumed aura in Lingshi after putting it in the spirit cabinet for three to five years. It’s said that we have waited for more than ten years and have never seen any fluctuations in these Lingshi. All the disciples in the sect say that this is because the aura of Jiutianmen has been increasing.
But now it’s time to say that the Lingshi in the spirit cabinet is faintly glowing-its aura is recovering and recovering quickly!
Yan Xiu almost ran to the nearest spiritual cabinet, and then he was so excited that he couldn’t speak-the Lingshi also lit up.
This earth-shattering good news almost immediately spread all over the sect’s Nine-Day Gate, and everyone returned to the gate to watch the spectacle! More than a dozen spirit cabinets are playing! This is simply a strange sight that was said a thousand years ago in Jiutianmen! What does this mean? This means that the recovery speed of the whole Nine-Heavenly Gate Reiki can reach hundreds or thousands of times before-which means that everyone has enough spiritual strength to practice and fight!
On the evening of that day, Taoist Qingyun, the head of the company, ordered all the younger brothers to practice swords in the door-everyone should cherish this rare opportunity in the spirit cabinet! No one knows how long this scene can last! One more moment is a moment! At this time, the cultivation effect of one hour is the best in the past ten days and a half months!
Wu Xiaoqing is very not white. Why do you see the fresh air outside their house during the day, and the vision is good? It’s carefree to fly there. You have to wait until late to practice in this dark iron house. You have to practice hard. In martial arts novels, the sword practitioners are all waving at the air. It’s a display skill in the Woods, whether it’s chopping trees or leaves. It’s understandable to some extent, but you have to chop the inside line against the iron wall. Don’t say that the good wall is now zoned into a haunted house … There is no quality at all!
The mobile phone shows that it is the second day, but the room is still dark.
If these "immortals" return to earth, they will all be Batman material-they will fly in deep black holes and like to stay still at ordinary times.

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