Power zombie saw green MuYang attack his ears and immediately waved his arms violently to vent all his anger.

The powerful zombie has made himself bigger and more violent, but the pain in his ears makes him even crazier.
Power zombie attack like the tide continuously tilted towards the green MuYang and played the green MuYang is repeatedly retreat.
Lin Ying said hello to Yang Haodao immediately. "He has inserted a lightning rod in his ear and quickly continued to attack, hoping to attack his brain tissue through his ear."
Hao yang smell speech immediately followed suit to break a lightning rod and attack the powerful zombie from behind.
See Lin Ying hao yang moved again holding a piece of steel from another direction to attack power zombies.
With hao yang and Lin Ying joining Qingmuyang, the pressure transient is small, so it will no longer retreat, but become passive and take the initiative to attack with steel bars.
Three people around the strength zombie constantly attacked his head and tried to put the lightning rod h ā jin in his ear.
Power zombies have a splitting headache and are besieged by three people. They immediately become extremely angry and constantly wave their hands to block the malicious lightning rod in the hands of three people.
The whole battle immediately into the white-hot.
Three people attacked a zombie defense attack. Three people tried their best to put the steel bar in their hands into the zombie’s ear, but the zombie tried to avoid the three people’s attack and not let them succeed.
The whole battle was extremely fierce and deadlocked.
However, in this fierce battle, Lin Ying played a tacit understanding.
Three people cooperate with each other and constantly attack the powerful zombies, consuming his patience and physical strength.
At this time, the whole roof was in ruins, and the stairs were directly collapsed, and the guardrails were also smashed, leaving the star bricks standing on the edge of the roof. The floor was stepped out of a big pit, and the steel bars were broken before the floor was stretched out and tilted high.
A large number of zombies in the building are howling and piling up in the corner trying to climb the building.
They dug the wall with their nails until the skin fell off and the wall was marked with white marks.
Zombies are constantly flocking to the corner. Previously, zombies in the corner were pushed down by zombies behind them and then stepped on their feet.
Repeatedly, the whole corner formed a meat pad composed of corpses, and a large number of zombies stepped on this meat pad and kept climbing, which was like a pyramid.
If they are given enough, they can climb to the top of the building in this way.
But more than a dozen buildings are not so easy to climb, and they are not abundant, and the number of zombies is not enough. They put up such a high meat pad.
Even all the zombies around the commercial plaza came over. These zombies only reached the fourth floor position, but there were also six stories high from the roof position.
But the eyes of outsiders have been very shocked.
The whole building is surrounded by zombies, just like ants. They keep stepping on their companions and climbing up, but they can’t reach the roof.
At this time, Lin Ying and their fighting with the powerful zombies continued, and the three-person attack of the powerful zombies Lin Ying has become extremely embarrassing.
His figure has also returned to the normal level, with a lightning rod in each ear and a short piece of steel bar sticking out.
At this time, Lin Ying’s three weapons were handed over to his left hand and his right hand was holding bricks.
They are playing with the powerful zombie ZH not Uan, and then the brick hits the exposed lightning rod.
"thud" Lin ying hit a brick zombie left ear lightning rod will be exposed to a piece of finished to hit into his ear.
"Ow!" The powerful zombie gave a roar when he ate pain, and then bared his teeth to catch Lin Ying.
Lin Ying’s successful flicker made him avoid the zombie attack.
But at this time, Qing Muyang smashed his right ear with a brick.
"Click" green MuYang hand brick fracture let out a ring.
But there is a bone fracture sound in it.
As the sound strength zombie move a stiff nose will spit out two strands of black blood.
At the same time, there was a mixture of black blood and dark green liquid in his ear.
Then the strength zombie fell back and twitched constantly.
Qing Muyang was stupefied and then laughed. "Ha ha ha firsb bld, I can’t beat me with my blood. I am so powerful."
Looking at the crazy green Muyang Lin Ying wiped the sweat and said, "It’s finally done. Is this really him? It’s too good to play?"
Lin Ying paused for a dozen times, and Qing Muyang went crazy. "Don’t play crazy. Hurry up and pack up and prepare to retreat. There are too many zombies in the building. We have to get rid of their tracking from here."

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