Instructor Qin, the person in charge of the new training area, asked for everyone, "We all know the truth of instructor Ji, but how can we make you so good at fighting?"

"It’s very simple. You practiced boxing from the age of ten to my age like me," Ji Xinghe said seriously and sincerely. "It takes 55 years to punch and kick, and most people can’t stop it."
Fifty-five years
Ordinary people?
Wait for a while, a person in the training area, looked at Ji Xinghe, but he really couldn’t tell whether he was telling the truth or taking the opportunity to pretend. No one thought that Ji Xinghe liked to pretend before, but since Lieutenant Shen Mu in the maintenance area personally and publicly said the sentence’ Old Ji, you can really pretend’, many people suspected that Ji Xinghe sometimes pretended.
This didn’t damage the image of Ji Xinghe. After all, it’s human nature. Who wants to dress up at night? If others are as good as Ji Xinghe, they can’t wait to write the words "peerless master"
Su He was filming and recorded the sentence of Ji Xinghe emphatically. He is going to let his colleagues add this sentence to the fourth program of "The Old Man, the Stars and the Sea". It is said that the third program has been edited, but there are different opinions during the review process. Some people are unwilling to let Ji Xinghe break nine imperial mecha. They are worried that public opinion will lead to the expansion of Ji Xinghe. Will Ji Xinghe stay in the base honestly before violating military orders many times?
Moreover, the battle site took place in the peripheral area of base 6. If the battle is directly public, it is likely to lead to panic. The location of the base has a great influence because the barracks and blockade lines are not engaged in production, and it is difficult to complete the material supply work by a limited number of spacecraft.
Even if the exact location of a base is found to be affected, it is also the overall strategic layout of the federal alien. Resources such as food and weapons are not only water and oxygen production and manufacturing, but also human beings can’t live in alien life, let alone fight.
"Cough Ji instructor, you said that we can’t achieve it in a short time." Instructor Qin asked after a dry cough. "Are there any quick methods and ideas?"
Ji Xinghe hesitated slightly and then answered, "Efforts and confidence are not much to say. I want to emphasize that you must have confidence and believe that you can do it. Of course, you have confidence and conceit. Expansion is two different things. You should be able to understand this. Let me tell you about me … When I was a child, I wanted to build a Transformers. At that time, there was no mecha in the Federation. My classmates laughed at me. My teacher thought I had a strange dream, and my parents thought I wanted to catch a Transformers Institute when I found it impossible to build a Transformers Institute … You should be able to imagine that no one believed that I couldn’t catch Transformers and that I could achieve something in martial arts. "
His tone became more sincere, and his words verified that his primary school classmates said in an interview in the first program of "The Old Man Stars and the Sea" that others had not forgotten him, and it was even more impossible to forget him.
"But I’ve been studying mechanical engineering and practicing martial arts. Even though I later learned that there is no Transformers in this world, did I really learn this knowledge and practice martial arts because of Transformers? Not because I like it, because I love it, because I have confidence in myself. "
Ji Xinghe saw Su He controlling to fly to his front to shoot the human machine, so he looked at the camera.
"No matter what others think of me, whether my dream is ridiculous or not, I will try my best to do it well. I always tell myself that I can do it."
"But there are no transformers in this world, but if one day they really appear, I will have an opportunity. I will not work hard in vain. The opportunity is reserved for those who are prepared. Success is reserved for those who have confidence. You are not willing to work hard for your beliefs. When the opportunity appears, why can you seize it? You don’t believe that you can do it yourself. Why should you let others believe that you can do it? "
"I work hard, I believe I can do it, and I wait for an opportunity." Ji Xinghe looked away from the camera and looked at the people in the training area. "I believe you can do it."
The new Qin instructor sighed in his heart after listening to it. It’s all platitudes and long-winded chicken soup for the soul. Will people become like this when they are old?
He doesn’t have any opinions or dissatisfaction with Ji Xinghe, but attaches great importance to Ji Xinghe’s ability. Sometimes, the greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment. People always demand higher examples, expecting peerless experts to give them casual advice to make their strength increase in a short time.
However, this world is not very successful. It took him 55 years to practice kung fu, and he couldn’t give it directly to others. Even if he could, he wouldn’t do it for his own needs.
Ji Rong Xin Yue can’t even think about it, because Ji Xinghe wants to avenge his own death, so Ji Rong Xin Yue won’t take revenge on his father. He is willing to teach Ji Rong Xin Yue Kung Fu to cultivate the knowledge and ability of the mecha because he respects Ji Rong Xin Yue’s choice and dreams. He hopes that Ji Rong Xin Yue will be a doctor and lawyer when he grows up.
After the wordiness, today’s actual combat training continued. Ji Xinghe hit these young mecha one by one, just like what he did before, which proved that he can do it.
Then the afternoon and evening repairmen arrive at eleven o’clock and twelve o’clock in the middle of the night. Ji Xinghe will drive the stars and the moon to the alien surface for training according to the schedule and arrangement of the repairmen. Except for the first time, no one has watched all the trainings except Su He. He knows that Ji Xinghe’s training is not just a mecha playing Tai Ji Chuan.
He didn’t have a wooden stake. The mecha practiced Wing Chun, practicing knife and shield skills. He did standard tactical moves and then nonstandard tactical moves, and he became more and more familiar with Xingyue. When he did some overloaded maneuvers, day by day passed. Ji Xinghe and his Xingyue became stronger and stronger, but no one except Su He still knew.
No one believes that Ji Xinghe, who has been assessed to have the strength of super-class mecha, can change the situation of driving the’ chicken rib’ mecha of the moon and the moon.
The calm day was not long. Ji Xinghe met Lieutenant Colonel Tangqiao, who succeeded Lieutenant Colonel Chen Xun, for the second time.
"Lao Ji, can I call you that?"
"Well, there’s one thing I want to ask you for help. It’s a time when you personally caught the imperial aristocrat prisoner. It wants to meet you. Please rest assured that we will ensure your safety."
Chapter 14 Revenge from Orangutans
The imperial aristocratic orangutan has never been able to give the federal information. All kinds of interrogation methods have been tried, but no results have been achieved. When the crisis at the No.6 base was lifted and the follow-up investigation failed to find any abnormal situation, the phase personnel had given up continuing the interrogation.
But at this time, the imperial orangutan suddenly went out to meet Ji Xinghe. It didn’t know Ji Xinghe’s place. It said it wanted to defeat its mecha.
The crew of the No.6 base didn’t let people impersonate Ji Xinghe. They didn’t let Ji Xinghe go out. It was because Ji Xinghe lived in the base. An Yu didn’t say that it could also add materials to the documentary that the audience liked. So Ji Xinghe saw the living imperial orangutans for the second time.
A cell is a little crude but very strong. The iron cage is covered with ferocious scars. The imperial gorilla has a calm eye. There is no chair or bed in the cage. There is a simple toilet cage with a searchlight around it. There is a soldier with a gun next to each searchlight. At this time, the searchlight is out, but it is conceivable how the gorilla suffered.
Seeing this scene, Ji Xinghe didn’t feel distressed at all. Some people wanted to rush into the cage and kill this orangutan. It was the kind of living killing.
Kill a life? Never killed anyone. Ji Xinghe broke the imperial mecha and never hesitated when he killed the imperial orangutans because these orangutans were not human.
Killing is no different from killing chickens and pigs.
His eyes are calm, and the edge of the cage is a little nervous with Su He behind him, but his hands holding the camera are very stable.
"There you are."
The orangutan spoke calmly, but Ji Xinghe couldn’t understand it, but there was a professional translator nearby, so the communication between the two sides was not hindered.
Ji Xinghe’s expression "What do you want to say?"
"I don’t" orangutan looked at Ji Xinghe with a lot of loud eyes. "You disguised your strength, which made me relax my guard against you. It’s a shame that you are a federal super-class mecha with three Venus."
Ji Xinghe didn’t respond, but ignored his eyes and looked at the imperial orangutan. This response attitude made the orangutan suddenly angry. From the perspective of appearance and figure, it was not much different from the blue star orangutans. It suddenly stood up straight without any hunchback feeling, and its figure was higher than Ji Xinghe.
Thorn, thorn, thorn.
When the angry orangutan rushed to the edge of the cage and grabbed the iron rod, the percussion sounded suddenly, and the hair and flesh were roasted, but it seemed to be used to this kind of beating. He clenched his hands with the iron rod and stared at Ji Xinghe intensely.
"Don’t you want to get information from me?"
Ji Xinghe still didn’t answer, but the translator forced the translation of "Xiang" based on her headphones.
"Then fight me again. If you win, I’ll tell you everything I know. If you lose, I won’t kill you and I’ll tell you everything."
Ji Xinghe looked thoughtfully at Lieutenant Colonel Tang Qiao behind him.
"No," Tang Qiao directly refused and explained, "Lao Ji is not that I don’t believe in your strength, but that I don’t believe it will be so honest. If it loses to its mecha, it can directly commit suicide, and it can’t even commit suicide in this cage."
The orangutan can’t understand it, but it can guess that some eyes are staring at Ji Xinghe.
Ji Xinghe’s response was calm and silent. He wanted to kill the imperial orangutan himself. He wanted to kill all the imperial orangutans, but he could not guarantee that the orangutan would not commit suicide.

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