It is more similar to human’s’ physical strength’ to recover after gas consumption, which requires a good rest.

Of course, food and drinking water are indispensable.
This relieved Ji Xinghe’s previous fear that he would get gas if it was a one-time one, it would be a wave of nuclear weapons.
Every time, you have to detonate a nuclear weapon and then go to the nuclear radiation area to be baptized. Sooner or later, your body will not be able to carry it, and others will find out the secret.
After solving this concern, Ji Xinghe needs to verify two things.
The first one is relatively simple, that is, to look at the demand for physical condition during the recovery of qi recovery speed.
Have enough to eat and drink, and the body is rich in nutrition.
Body qi flows along his body, not from the dantian field, but from some cells in Bhutan field.
When gas is mobilized from cells and flows in the body, it is like jumping from different cells.
Because the distance between cells is very close, it is not bad to flow.
About 1000 orders of magnitude, Qi Ji Xinghe control appeared on the soles of his feet and then came out through his body.
There is no destructive effect because the number is too small.
In vitro qi directly lost contact with Ji Xinghe, not to mention remote command.
It’s like fingertip sand that can’t be grasped and can be blown away by the wind.
Ji Xinghe didn’t insist that this is not a problem he needs to solve at present or a function he needs to study.
There are many problems, one by one.
You can’t be anxious. It’s easy to get into trouble.
After consuming 1000-order gas, Ji Xinghe stopped piling up and connected some advanced medical equipment to detect his own physical condition, mainly in terms of body nutrients.
Sure enough, some consumption has recovered.
It doesn’t take long to be nutritious or full of food and drink. It takes him a few minutes to recover to the order of 1000.
According to this rate, the total amount of gas in his body is 200 thousand, and it will take about ten hours to recover after the consumption of the department is completed
Some are long, but not unacceptable.
Because gas does not need to be consumed to recover, consumption and recovery can be carried out at the same time.
And this also means that the imperial orangutans can’t be exhausted, they will be exhausted and it will take a long time to recover.
Judging from the experimental results, Ji Xinghe’s body is full of nutrients in the state of satiated food and drink, which is enough for him to recover 200,000-level qi.
But when he recovers, he will be hungry.
After solving the first problem, Ji Xinghe tried to solve the second problem.
Qi is born from essence, from spiritual beings to nucleus.
This is Ji Xinghe’s step to get qi, but now there is no spirit in his body.
He needs to find a new spirit.
It’s so-called to expect to undergo another nuclear explosion baptism, but Ji Rongxinyue will certainly be scared, and the Federation will not want to use nuclear weapons to hit him unless necessary.
The battlefield makes nuclear weapons even more unthinkable, and only when Ji Xinghe forces the empire to make the nuclear weapons federation again will it return the favor.
But the color is not necessarily the location of Ji Xinghe, and he has no chance to be baptized by nuclear explosion again.
So is there any way to get the spirit by other means?
And can spirit be directly transformed into qi without going through the stage of transformation into essence?
For the latter question, you don’t need to consider for the time being. You have to find a way to obtain the spirit before you have a chance to verify it.
"Spirit is the radiation produced by nuclear explosion. What else can produce similar radiation besides nuclear weapon explosion?"
Ji Xinghe pondered the knowledge in his mind.
"If the mecha nuclear fuel pool leaks, it will also produce nuclear radiation. There are some damaged nuclear fuel pools in the maintenance area."
"If the base nuclear reactor leaks, it will also produce nuclear radiation, but it is too dangerous to try, but the nuclear reactor will produce energy and nuclear waste at the same time."
"In this way, nuclear fusion technology is not so good. If it is pre-fission technology, there will be a lot of nuclear waste, and I can easily obtain and experiment."
"There will be sunshine? The sunshine body is a kind of radiation. The sun is exploding all the time. There is also nuclear radiation in the sun, that is, the spirit I need? "
Ji Xinghe looked up at the sky but could see the possibility that the alien stars on the ceiling of the base hardly basked in the sun.
You must wear protection when you appear outside the base.
The sunlight that can be irradiated by buildings or aircraft is also filtered by multiple layers.
There is no alien star in the atmosphere like Azure Star, which can’t completely isolate the cosmic radiation, and a large amount of harmful radiation in the sun can’t be directly irradiated.
The idea of getting the’ spirit’ in the sun was temporarily dismissed by Ji Xinghe.
He is going to try again after returning to the blue star. If the atmosphere is too isolated, he will rebuild a flying car and drive himself to the sun.

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