The empire does have this ability. They know that the approximate coordinates of the No.6 base are three kilometers, and the error range is correct. And who can guarantee that the empire will use a nuclear weapon?

Even the difference in the equivalent of a return fire may invalidate the nuclear strike prevention structure of Base 6.
"If the independence group destroys nuclear weapons, it will be our greatest loss."
Speaking Ivanovich made a decision.
"Tell Ji Xinghe in World War II that he doesn’t need their support. I will equip Ji Xinghe with enough troops. They just stop the imperial forces in their theater."
During the order, a signalman shouted out
"Report that General Ji is unwilling to retreat."
Hong Liang reported that Ji Xinghe had fired the second honeycomb flare and received the news from the headquarters of the Southern Tianmen to the Imperial Marquis A. Ji Xinghe waited for some time.
At the same time, he fired the first honeycomb signal flare and reported all the information about the war since he entered the war.
He is waiting for information from Tuyuan, and the moon can take the opportunity to come over.
As he had expected, the king of Zhendong really lifted the table. After the news was summarized, he fired the second honeycomb flare.
"Don’t retreat?" Ivanovich out of anger "what does he want? Immediately inform him that the independent regiment can’t come to support him, and he has no chance to let him immediately support the bald eagle independent regiment from the order. "
The person next to him looked at Ivanovich strangely, so Ivanovich understood that what he just said was nonsense.
If Ji Xinghe is so obedient, is he here?
Take a deep breath and clear your mind. The Federal Commander-in-Chief’s courage has played its due role at this moment.
He said, "If Ji Xinghe refuses to retreat, let the independent regiment support Ji Xinghe. He has commissioned a nuclear warhead Dongfang-11 ballistic missile to support World War II."
The command was successful, and people’s strange eyes at Ivanovich disappeared.
After Ji Xinghe’s reaction, people expected that he refused to retreat again, and he also refused to let the independent regiment come to support the order. The most important thing is
"General Ji did not allow us to use nuclear weapons to support World War II, and he withdrew his application for independence group."
Ivanovich has just ruled out distractions, and it is more and more complicated than before. He thought that Ji Xinghe would disobey orders again, and he also thought that Ji Xinghe would not let the independent group support him, but he never thought that Ji Xinghe would cancel the application for the independent group.
That’s your granddaughter’s application. If you don’t let us use nuclear weapons, it means you have to let your granddaughter go to war.
Or are you not going to let Ji Rongxin take part in this battle?
But Ji Rong Xinyue is already a federal ace mecha, and she has won the championship. Hou and Xing Yuejia, the two mechs, make her now that you don’t let her go to war, she won’t go to war.
Ivanovich like didn’t hear the horse Xinghe response cold face to continue to make.
"Tell the Second World War Zone to get ready. We agreed to their previous application."
It is not necessary to press the launch button to make nuclear weapons. If there is a dust storm, it is necessary to know the location of the main force of the Imperial Mecha Corps. The more accurate the bombing, the faster the battle will be over.
Not Duke A’s higher-level mecha can’t stop nuclear weapons, but factors such as the distance from the nuclear explosion center area, whether the terrain is bunker or not can affect the lethality of nuclear weapons.
Ivanovich’s order was just finished when the report rang.
"Report that the independent group Ji Rongxin Moon School rejected our nuclear weapons support."
"She also want to violate military orders?"
Ivanovich was angry and smiled at Ji Rongxinyue. At this moment, he felt very regretful. He agreed with Ji Xinghe to set those standards for Ji Rongxinyue, making Ji Rongxinyue an ace mecha and the third mecha in the federal school after Li Yuanba and Ji Xinghe.
Ye and Sun, don’t say a word, carve it out in a mold, and don’t take orders from it. Before Ji Xinghe became famous, you shouldn’t expect Ji Rong Xinyue.
Ivanovich said sternly, "Give her my exact words. From the current situation, the imperial deployment of troops in the Second World War is definitely more than that. If the independent regiment suffered serious damage in the first world war, it would be difficult to stop the imperial subsequent deployment of troops, and if the independent regiment participated in the war, it would be difficult to have another chance to make nuclear weapons."
Mecha group battle can’t be finished for a while. When the two sides have a melee together, if there are more troops in the empire, there will be a cling to the independent regiment forces before the end of the battle.
There will really be no more nuclear weapons until the Independent Regiment is wiped out.
But even if the independent regiment is wiped out, it will certainly be able to give the enemy a heavy blow. Is it really necessary to use nuclear weapons?
Ivanovich can naturally understand these truths, and the facts are the same as he guessed, although he did not know that there was an imperial transition base in the second canyon.
Can also understand these, of course, there are Ji Rong Xinyue and others, and their information difference with Ivanovich is really great.
"It is reported that Ji Rongxin replied that the independent group can win."
The signalman’s tone is excited, just like the independent regiment faced more than 1,500 imperial mecha, and among them, there were 300 Marquis A’s absolute main force, which had won the battle and completed the annihilation.
"Nonsense! Nonsense! "
Ivanovic now wishes he could not immediately send Ji Rong Xinyue back to the Blue Star, and Ma two dog and Lin Shu, who have already set off from the Blue Star, also let them return home.
War should not let children participate, even if these three children are stronger than the federal super mecha.
Just as Ivanovich wanted to make a determined effort to fully benefit the commander-in-chief
Tuyuan sound qi
"From the area of Jixing River in the Shenshishan Theater in the current World War II, I will command it!"
Ivanovich said coldly, "Tu Yuan, you know very well how to take responsibility for this."
"I know very well that you know very well that Ji Xinghe is equally clear." Tu Yuan said in a relaxed tone, "I will come."

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