"Of course, there are three less, but the problem is that Ken Tevez is incompetent. He can’t compare with you and Ji Xinghe of Andy. If Andy and Ji Xinghe promised him, he would become the first apostle who died unnaturally. If he had become an apostle at that time."

"shouldn’t you prefer Cantvez, who is easier to master?"
"If I want such a person, we can’t control 2% of the federal resources."
"Is it 2%?"
"If you are willing to become the real tenth apostle, you will know how much we have mastered."
"I told you that I can’t be the tenth apostle if your goals don’t change."
"You shouldn’t say this before, you can become the tenth apostle and then try to change us. You are still too young."
"What about my promise now?"
"if you do what I ask you to do, you can become the real tenth apostle."
"Ji Xinghe? What are you going to let him do as a warlords? "
"We are not going to let him do anything. We will have the air power before him, then defeat him in front of the Federation and destroy his independence group. Then he will have no choice but to join us."
"Beat him? Ha ha ha … Remember to give me the resources you have when you fail. I can guarantee that Ji Xinghe will not kill you all. "
"What do you know? Yu Xinghe "
"Want to know? I’ll tell you when you decide to change your goal, if you haven’t failed by then. "
Every conversation is about six minutes apart, which makes the meeting between two people last for a long time.
This is very unsafe, and the longer it takes, the higher the possibility of being discovered.
The first apostle Nye ended the meeting and left a wake-up call for the tenth apostle.
"Seven people will die. After they die, you may be affected. Be prepared."
The virtual world disappears completely as if it had never happened before.
After Ji Xinghe No.5 base completed a thousand challenges, it caused an uproar, especially on the second day and the third day after he completed a thousand challenges again and again.
Every day, in actual combat training, we have achieved more than 200 times, one enemy and ten enemies. Even if we blindly believe that the people of Ji Xinghe must be suspicious.
This is not something beyond the limits of the human body, but something impossible.
One-on-one situation in the Blue Star boxing match: play for three to five minutes each round. After a few rounds, the physical fitness can be said to be the limit of the human body. Boxers want to lie there motionless.
What’s worse, one enemy and ten enemies are all elite again and again?
Ji Xinghe is really a god?
The answer was revealed on the sixth day, but it was made public with the official authorities, and a number of confidential and top secret information were released.
For example, there are 2,000 noble orangutans in the empire with qi power.
For example, the increase effect of Qi in different stages is specific. Kazeman, Berrossi and Dong Guo Cilian are required to show physical fitness data such as strength, speed and endurance.
Wait, the information company shocked several people.
However, there is no healing function of Qi in the public information, and none of the three imperial orangutans, Kazeman, Berrossi and Dongguo Cilian, have the combat effectiveness of dismantling the mecha by hand.
Their specific physical fitness data are not much different from those of human soldiers wearing advanced individual exoskeleton armor, and there is still a significant gap in defense. After all, orangutans with gas empires are also flesh and blood, and individual exoskeleton armor can even make tungsten, steel and gold for manufacturing.
People are not too worried and scared because of the appearance of qi.
However, it is unexpected and reasonable for some people that the official did not have the "Nine Stages" set by Gongji Xinghe, nor did Gongji Xinghe practice kung fu to practice the gas.
"The official can’t give you a back. If you can’t practice it, it will cause a lot of trouble. The lack of credibility is on the one hand. We don’t say much about general Ji. You should also be able to be white.
Moreover, there is a difficult point in this. How can you be more powerful than the imperial nobles, especially Emperor Wu III, when you have been angry for many years? "
This is the explanation given to Ji Xinghe by the phase personnel, which is different from the previous meeting, but after all, Ji Xinghe and Andy are sure that no one can directly deny or stop the matter.
Their changes are also in line with Andy’s previous order to discuss the details with Ji Xinghe.
Gong Ji Xinghe practiced qi, and this matter fell to Ji Xinghe himself.
"You yourself, we will choose silence, uncertainty and no denial. This is the best way."
Ji Xinghe didn’t argue about anything, and he knew it was the best way, and he also had a lot of private channels.
If he wanted to, he could make his voice heard by everyone in the Federation, but he didn’t do it, but on the sixth afternoon, seven hours after the official released the confidential information.
The training area of base 5 looked at the news and looked at his thousands of elite soldiers with expectation and excitement.
Say a word lightly.
Some people think this is a white lie, but more people choose to believe it.
Ji Xinghe said
"I’m the one who developed the spirit."
Chapter 54 True Lies
"General Ji, have you cultivated immortality?"
If you shout this sentence at ordinary times, you will be able to gain the attention of all the people around you and let them distance themselves from him spontaneously.
But today, all eyes are focused on the ring.
It was five days ago that the challenge was temporarily built. During these five days, everyone in the place was knocked down many times.
There is a man in the ring, Ji Xinghe.
He has more than 2,000 people’s eyes focused and calm, and he has a wide vision and can easily target the speaker.

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