When driving the mecha, the physical consumption will also drop.

General A’s battery life has risen, and Ji Xinghe’s battery life has also risen.
The convenience of operation is also improved by the new federal technology in the cockpit. The cockpit can’t be compared with the neural link technology, but it is better than the mecha he used to drive, such as Lonely Brave and Chopping Mountain.
Running all the way for 500 kilometers, the feeling of man-machine integration is gradually emerging. Xing Xinghe is not like driving a mecha to run across the alien earth, but like running through the wasteland himself.
A series of maneuvers, such as sudden sprint, emergency braking and so on, have brought corresponding loads to his body
The new protection system and life support system can’t completely eliminate all the overload during driving the mecha, which exerts the same physical pressure on him as when driving the mecha to other people.
Constantly exercising his body
From Congjin to Danjin and then from Danjin to Gangjin, Xinghe has made more progress in the past year or so than in the first half of his life.
Is it the power to turn grief and hatred?
Is it the special environment of alien that relieves his body from the burden of blue star?
Finally, you have the actual combat experience of sparring your opponent for thousands of times in the training area, driving the mecha and fighting the imperial orangutan many times?
Or … Burning life?
Ji Xinghe didn’t know himself, and he didn’t want to know that his ear suddenly sounded in the process of running.
That’s someone accessing his communication system
"Ji Xinghe School, this is the Heart Moon Fox."
Hearing this sound, the spirit of Ji Xinghe came.
Simply say hello and get down to business.
"Our ship has successfully completed its goal and lured an imperial space battleship to fly from your position in 30 seconds. Based on our ship’s understanding of imperial space battleship, we can be sure that they will find you."
"Okay, I get it."
Ji Xinghe didn’t look up to the sky and continued to maintain the same mobility or change at the same time as before.
However, he can see that the organic armor from the sky has its own view angle, the view angle sent by the space battleship of the Moon Fox and the view angle sent by a high reconnaissance satellite.
A variety of perspectives made him see each other before the imperial space battleship.
From the appearance, it is no different from the imperial space battleship that he captured before, like the space shuttle of Blue Star nearly a century ago, but it is bigger and bloated.
Another example is that the top and bottom of an aircraft carrier are extremely flat, which looks a little similar to the bottom and deck, but there are six extra engines.
Will you come?
Ji Xinghe looked at the imperial space battleship in the perspective and moved on calmly.
In 30 seconds, he quickly arrived at the empire. space battleship didn’t accidentally find him.
"Report found a federal mecha"
There was a monkey high report in the Imperial space battleship Command Module and immediately sent the just captured image to the captain’s front screen.
Flying thousands of meters in high school, the picture is very clear, not only the back but also the front.

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