"Ahem …" She looked up and gave him a white look. "You could have stepped forward long ago."

If he had just said that this meal was his treat, she wouldn’t be so vain to let them pay!
"Yo, if I show up early in the morning, how can I let you know that they are so stingy!"
Leng Ruixi said nothing and drank coffee gracefully. Han Yiqing couldn’t help but give him a white look. This guy can be so elegant how to drink coffee!
Finally, he put a cup to the cold housekeeper and said, "Remember to buy something later."
"I’m going too!"
Yin Yuhao frowned. When did she become so active? !
"Please take me to the supermarket!"
Leng Ruixi raised his eyebrows. "This is what you said, [Good night princess] Chaper8. Don’t you work?
Leng Ruixi raised his eyebrows. "Is this what you said?"
Flaxen hair slanted, but there was a smile in his eyes, which made Han Yiqing have a bad feeling …
She swallowed hard and heard him say, "since you pay for it, I can take you there."
If I had known her, I would have stopped talking! No, no! She’s a little confused …
"Leng Ruixi, you are so rich, why do you have to blackmail me?" She is not white! It’s not white!
Leng Ruixi is so rich and stingy! Now this picture is very anxious to bleed her dry!
Leng Ruixi said directly without looking up, "Children don’t need that much money."
"I’m not a child! I am almost an adult! " Han Yiqing dissatisfaction directly shouted out.
She will be an adult in a few months! How can it be a child! Leng Ruixi is now Guoguo Hong despising her!
"Still underage"
Han Yiqing gave him a white look. "How dare you be a little old man!"
"Poof …"
Xiao Cheling drank red wine in his mouth and sprayed it out directly …
Dare to say that Leng Ruixi seems to have such a pole as Han Yiqing.
"We’re almost done. Let’s go."
* * * * * Mo and Liang Yue start * * * * *
Leng Ruixi saw that things were thrown directly into the shopping cart, and there were many people around him who kept eating that food area …
"I didn’t expect the three of you to blink everywhere." She gave them a white look and asked Yin Yuhao, "Don’t you work [Good night princess] Chaper83 to buy a bottle?"
"I didn’t expect you three to blink everywhere." She gave them a white look and asked Yin Yuhao, "Don’t you work?"
How could Yin Yuhao appear here at this time a few days ago! How busy he is …
Yin Yuhao looks good at this, and her brow is frowning tightly. Does she like him so much? ! This cognition made him very unhappy.
"There is nothing in the company today."
Nothing? ! Isn’t he supposed to be busy … Just when she wanted to talk, she heard Xiao Cheling sarcastically say, "Isn’t Yin Shao supposed to be busy? How can you be so carefree to accompany us to the mall today? "
I don’t trust her! You can see it even if you are blind!
"What does this have to do with you?" Yin Yuhao took a white look. There was a strong smell in his breath …
Oh, my gosh, what? The two of them keep attacking each other together! Han Yiqing said that Nai …
What is this? What? Treat her like cannon fodder every time!
Finally … She couldn’t stand it! !
"What you two personal always involves me! I’m not you two cannon fodder! "
Leng Ruixi’s mouth reminded her to go to the bottle area to "buy one yourself where you are good"
Bottle …
"LengRuiXi! What the hell do you want! "
"I think you need this thing."
She’s not a baby!
At this time, there happened to be a couple passing by. The girl was sitting in a shopping cart, and the boy was very fond of pushing the car …

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