"To be honest, when you were on the roof just now, who set the fire?" Su Ling’s crisp voice, leaning against the trunk with her chest around her, made him suddenly come back to the world.

You Qing Wen Yan Ling’s lips are hung with a casual smile, her eyes are hooked with enchanting warm light and white teeth, and the grass house is still shining in the fire, and her expression is so beautiful that she slowly says, "Guess!"
Su Ling "…"
What a shame!
Su Ling glanced at You Qing with a smug look. Ling lip slightly hooked without saying anything, but took a deep breath. Just as You Qing was about to get angry, she heard Su Ling suddenly shout "Help … mmm!"
"Palace concedes defeat!"
Guan Qing glared at Su Ling with anger, and his hands buckled behind her head and the diamond mouth in front of her. It was too humbled, wasn’t it? He just wanted her to have some fun. Why did he get beaten in the end?
Su Ling’s smiling eyes flashed gradually, and then she raised her eyebrows and said, "See? If you don’t want people to know that you, Taitai Qing, sneaked into Xiangfu at night to steal secrets, you should say it quickly! "
Youqing "…"
Is this woman sent by Yan Yan to punish him? Can you be a little feminine? Can you be like a woman?
"Chu night brings!"
Guan Qing mercilessly stared at Su Ling when he was unwilling to listen to his cold tone and then whispered.
As the footsteps approached, Su Ling and You Qing turned around at the same time.
At that time, Chu night was holding a man dressed as a servant of Wangfu in his hand, walking step by step from the side tree. Su Ling saw this beautiful smile but bloomed with cold light.
Look askance at you Qing and throw a sentence, and then go to Chu night. "You finally did something!"
You Qing’s breath is so boastful?
He is redundant tonight, so he should let this girl burn in the thatched cottage!
Su Ling Chu night front ignored Chu night eyes too much looking and visiting. Dark Mountain squinted at the celebrity and asked, "Do you hate me so much?"
Guan Qing suddenly felt a little strange when she heard Su Ling’s inquiry. Was she stupid? A person who can do this kind of fire must have a question with a certain master. Doesn’t it give this person a chance to take sole responsibility?
Something is wrong!
When people saw Su Ling, they cringed for a moment, but after hearing her inquiry, their eyes flashed slightly. Soon, she bowed her head unexpectedly in a sharp look.
Su Ling looked at his eyes a little bit and looked slowly from his cheek. When he saw that his hands were still unusually ruddy and his jaws were covered with light calluses, he couldn’t help sighing. Then, you Qing and Chu Ye both focused on the line of sight and suddenly kicked into the man’s crotch!
Seeing this, Woo-ching was followed by a shake. It hurts!
Chu night is gaping servant jumped away from the two meters!
This girl is so scary!
The servant didn’t expect Su Ling to suddenly have such a move, and his hip was attacked. What kind of pain can ordinary people endure? The whole person suddenly turned pale and rolled to the ground with his legs in his arms.
"Hey, it turned out to be a mute!"
You Qing was slightly surprised. "How do you know?"
"Do you want to try?" Su Ling tiptoed up slightly and bent her legs to ask about Guan Qing’s eyebrows.
Seeing this, Youqing suddenly nodded in a serious way. "Well, Gong also thinks he is dumb!"
Chu night "…"
Who can tell him how he can tell that he is dumb! It’s not like this before you! Moral integrity!
Su Lingxian could see that You Qing didn’t pretend to know how to look, and he didn’t want to pay much attention to him. He squatted directly in front of the slave and looked at him and asked him carefully, "Does it hurt?"
The slave sweated and looked at Su Ling’s eyes with panic and fear without waiting for him to nod. Su Ling whispered, "You have done enough tonight for me to kill you. If you can tell me who asked you to do this, I will consider letting you live. If you think it is feasible, nod!"
The slave struggled in his eyes and looked at Su Ling as if he were weighing the pros and cons of things. Su Ling was not in a hurry and slowly picked up a branch from the ground and slowly wrote something.
For a moment, the slave felt that the surrounding atmosphere seemed to be getting more and more dignified before he nodded slowly.
And his eyes also instantly flashed a ray of hidden light.
Su Ling wrote a few words carefully and then looked at him and asked, "Can you read?"
The slave continued to nod after being dazed.

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