Chapter 15 Tusya was kidnapped and asked for flowers! Ask for flowers! ! ! ! Dear readers, why haven’t there been any flowers? I hope readers and friends don’t be stingy if they raise their hands and throw a piano and sword at Zhong Xue. It’s almost half a month since Zhong Xue wrote it. Those flowers have severely dispelled my self-confidence as a novice. Qin Jian Zhong Xue is grateful here. Let’s stop talking. Let’s ask dear readers to read the text … Brother Gan and the little witch girl went home and sat down on the sofa complaining, "Ouch, this day is exhausting for me. Who will pour me one?"

I’m changing my black plastic bag "slippers". I don’t even give a bird back to her. Then who really regards himself as a follower! Change into a black plastic bag and go into the kitchen with a vegetable bag.
When the little witch saw that Shui Ying had not been seen after shouting for a long time, she suddenly flew into a rage and shouted, "Wang Xiaogan, get me some water!"
"Do you still want to eat? Stay there if you want to eat. I’m busy now and have no time to wait on you! " Dry elder brother replied washing vegetables in the kitchen.
Ke Mengxuan just wanted to scold Brother Gan for being an "asshole". When he thought that this smelly man was not idle, he still came by himself. He picked up a cup and poured a glass of juice, then took out his shopping, ate it on the sofa and fell asleep.
Brother Gan is busy in the kitchen making shredded pork with green pepper, stir-fried cauliflower, shredded potatoes with sour sauce, and a loofah stewed eggs in soup. Of course, Brother Gan likes dough soup best. Brother Gan has made this soup by himself since he was twelve years old. Although there is still a gap with his mother, it is also very good. He doesn’t know what soup the little witch likes in advance, so he can make it himself. Anyway, all the dishes she likes are what she likes to eat. She asked for in the supermarket.
Brother Gan took the food to the living room and picked up the apron. I just wanted to ask the little witch to eat. When I looked at the sofa, I saw that my little girl was asleep. Brother Gan thought that all girls have breasts and brains now, but this little witch’s breasts are not big. How can I put a strange man at home and fall asleep? Fortunately, I am a gentleman, or you are a little witch who has been eaten and don’t know how to eat. "Miss Big Miss has dinner?"
Ke Mengxuan turned over and wet dream said, "Don’t bother me, let me sleep for a while …"
"You can’t afford to let me eat all the good food you bought!" Brother gan shouted, but the little witch is also cute when she sleeps
"ah? Dish me! " Ke Mengxuan sat up when she heard Brother Gan say that she was going to run out of food, but she ate instant noodles for several days.
"Haha, hurry to wash your face and eat!" Dry elder brother see little syren expression said with a smile
Ke Mengxuan smelled the fragrance from the living room and saw four dishes and one soup on the dining table. He jumped over. Fried shredded pork with green pepper, fried cauliflower, shredded potatoes with sour sauce, and stewed eggs with loofah. Haha, all of them like to eat vegetables, and the smell makes people drool. I don’t know what soup it is, but it smells so delicious. At this moment, I heard the two little witches’ bellies go hungry and protested that Ke Mengxuan stretched out her little hand and went to pinch the dried vegetables and beat her hand back. "Miss, wash your hands!"
Ke Mengxuan was reluctant to leave the table after listening to Brother Gan’s words, and ran to wash his hands as quickly as possible. After washing his hands, he ran back to the table, picked up chopsticks and wolfed it down. Brother Gan looked at this little witch "lady" and couldn’t believe that the girl who looks so beautiful is so crazy when she eats, and she didn’t forget to mutter "Mmm … delicious … delicious". I looked up at Brother Gan and stared at myself and asked "Why don’t you eat?" Don’t mention it. Eat quickly … "Brother Gan really wants that pat to shoot her to death. Don’t mention it, as if she cooked the food. She picked up a bowl of soup and handed it to Ke Mengxuan." Don’t choke on your soup slowly … "
"Um … um …" Ke Mengxuan took the soup and gulped it up. "This soup is so delicious. What soup did you drink? Why haven’t I drunk it before? "
"It’s called dough drop soup, which is unique in our hometown. It’s very convenient to make." Brother Gan replied and gave her another bowl and a bowl for himself all night.
This meal is close to the end of the little witch gorging and brother Gan cleaning up the mess. "Er …" Ke Mengxuan stroked his little belly and made a full burp. He thought that after eating this meal was too comfortable, he said that he would not eat instant noodles. Suddenly Ke Mengxuan remembered something and looked at himself eating leftovers. Brother Gan wondered, "Did you really cook these dishes?"
"I didn’t do it or you did it in your dream!" Dry elder brother despise said
"Er … well, make persistent efforts after doing a good job. Let’s eat and wash the dishes quickly. I’ll go and see it …" Then I touched my belly and naturally lay down on the sofa and watched it.
It seems that this little girl really thinks of herself as a servant. Well, just take exercise. Anyway, she has nothing to do. Besides, seeing that she just ate, you will know that she has no regularity in eating. Just consider it as a reward for taking her in. Brother Gan thought about carrying chopsticks and went into the kitchen.
How can the little witch really look at it? Her dry brother will resist. I didn’t expect him to be so obedient. I saw him walk into the kitchen with chopsticks and shouted, "Yeah! Ha ha! Miss, after finding the treasure, it’s delicious! Haha, "it seems that I let him live in or that the British are very discerning about themselves. The little witch has a hard narcissism in her heart.
After a while, Brother Gan finished washing the bowl and came out in his black plastic bag slippers. He sat on the sofa and watched "Happy and Big Big Wolf". Did the little witch really enjoy it? Brother Gan sat there and watched it for a while without reading it. The tragedy of the story is that the wolf ate a generation of sheep and the sheep are still good. Isn’t that bullshit?
I took out my mobile phone and saw that it was almost ten o’clock. I got up and laughed at the still lying there. Ke Mengxuan said, "I’m going to wash and sleep. Don’t look too late."
"Well …" The little witch promised to go back there with a smile and dry elder brother turned and went to the bathroom to wash and went to sleep …
Brother Gan got up at 5: 30 the next day and saw that the bedroom door of the little witch was still closed, so he went out for a run. He saw that many uncles and aunts had already played Tai Chi sword there in the community park. He ran a few laps along the community, then bought some fried dough sticks and two bowls of soy milk before selling breakfast stalls, and ordered some pickles to go back …
When I got back to the door, I found that I was too busy to come out without my key, so I rang the doorbell a few times and no one promised to do it in the house. I thought the little witch’s sleep quality was too good, and she continued to knock on the door.
Ke Mengxuan was dreaming of drinking dough soup last night. He was drooling when he was about to drink it. He woke up and shouted, "Who? Coming! " When I knocked on the door with sleepy eyes, I saw that if it wasn’t that smelly rascal, why did he run outside? So I rubbed my eyes and made sure it was Wang Xiao who asked, "Why did you run outside?"
"Oh, I forgot my key when I went out for a run. By the way, don’t forget to give me a key after dinner!" Dry elder brother said the twisted dough-strips soybean milk went into the room and changed his black plastic bag "slippers"
Brother Gan took out the dishes from the kitchen and put the fried dough-strips soybean milk on the dining table. He went to the bedroom and went back to sleep in a daze. Ke Mengxuan shouted, "You should get up and wash and eat quickly, or the soybean milk will get cold!"
"Well … I know." Say that finish Ke Mengxuan returned to the dormitory to change clothes. Brother Gan couldn’t sleep after all this, but his eyes were still closed.
After washing, Ke Mengxuan came to the living room and saw the fried dough sticks and soybean milk spread like a wolf seeing a sheep. He picked up the fried dough sticks and ate them all over his hands. Brother Gan looked at her and wondered, "Have you not eaten for several years?"
"Well, that’s a bit exaggerated, but I haven’t had breakfast for half a year …"
"Then why don’t you eat?"

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