Mu Jia’s old lady looked at her daughter-in-law in front of her eyes. Is she crazy or possessed? It’s that her son is in trouble outside, and she wants her daughter-in-law to help him speak, and she wants his son to marry a mistress.

"I’m not sure if it’s a mu’s daughter?" For the old lady tone still refused to recognize.
Even the dna was not tested. If outsiders knew that Mu’s family was so casual and trusted others, everyone outside would bring a child to Mu’s family to recognize their relatives.
"Mom on also said is to let them RenZuGuiZong didn’t give them a promise. Besides, if you don’t recognize words, then someone will know where our family’s embarrassing things are going. Why don’t we announce things first, mom, right? And I am more confident that I feel guilty about their mother and daughter and have no love. "Jones ap; #176; ; ap; #86; ; Jennifer analyzed that from time to time, her mouth raised a happy smile.
The old lady listened to Jones ap; #86; ; Jennifer didn’t say anything about meditation after her words.
"Grandma, it’s good that we have one more sister. Then we three sisters can play together." Mu Yibing also helped their mother and daughter.
MuYi sunseeker MuYi ice words is satisfied nodded.
"You see, Europe and Sunseeker are not against it, so mom, just recognize their mother and daughter, and it’s destiny takes a hand" Jones ap; #176; ; ap; #86; ; Jennifer is also very kind when she looks at her two daughters.
For the old lady to think about it, she nodded her head a little unwilling.
"But on one condition, I want to test the dna. If she gives birth to a little girl who really wants her family’s flesh and blood, I will think that if not, then let them get out of the family." Mrs. Mu’s tone is very firm. She has regressed, but the dna still needs to be tested. If so, she will think that if not, let them get out.
"All right, all right, all right, according to mom’s instructions, let Lijia have a dna test these days."
Jones ap; #176; ; ap; #86; ; Jennifer told Meng Minting about it and asked them to prepare to take them for dna testing one afternoon.
Deah9 8 years ago conspiracy 6
Early the next morning …
Mu Jiali went to Mu Yibing and Mu Yiyi called to Meng Minting’s room to play and write. Li Jia picked up the blade and accidentally cut Mu Yibing’s hand. She quickly brought a paper towel to wipe off Mu Yibing’s blood.
"I’ll ask my mother to dress me up."
"Sister, don’t go to aunt. If my mother knows that I hurt my sister and mother, she will beat my sister. Please don’t go." Mu Lijia cried and begged.
"Elder sister will be very painful, or don’t go to my mother to dress it up. Look how sad Li Jia is crying. I’ll get some medicine to help you wipe it." Muyi Sunseeker picked up Muyi Bing’s hand and put it on his mouth, blew it and looked at it again, crying, and Mu Jiajia felt distressed.
"Li Jia doesn’t cry, sister hurts, and your sister doesn’t go to mommy." Mu Yibing wiped the tears from Li Jia’s face.
The three children were playing with each other again, so Mu Yi’s ice blood was put away by Meng Minting. In the afternoon, I went to check the dna, and two hours later, the dna was tested. The result was that Mu Lijia was the same flesh and blood as Mu Jia.
Mu Jia’s old lady recognized that they had released news to the outside world, and Mu Lijia was worthy of the name as Miss Mu Jia.
Unconsciously, I have gone through a year. In a year, Mu Chuyou is just like Jones ap; #86; Jennifer said that she had never touched Meng Minting’s love for Mu Lijia was no better than that of the twin flowers. #86; Jennifer and I often discuss business and deal with big and small things at home.
Mu Yibing, Mu Yixi and Mu Lijia were nine years old at that time.
And the old lady longed for the twin flowers, which was even more painful. She admired the old lady and made them confess their ancestors. But for Meng Minting’s mother and daughter, she sometimes ignored them when she was out of time. Her heart and love were given to the twin flowers.
Mu Lijia is jealous and hates twins and old lady Jones ap more and more; #176; ap; #86; jennifer
Meng Minting couldn’t bear it and made a message.
The next day, Mu Chuyou sat in the living room, and someone rang the doorbell outside the door. He took the things he received and opened them to see that his face turned black.
"Jones ap; #86; Jennifer "MuChuYou eyes staring at the toilet paper shouted.
The family was watched by Muchuyou when they all went to the hall.
"Jones ap; #86; ap; #86; ; Jennifer, can you tell me what’s going on? What the hell is going on? " Muchuyou took the toilet paper to the table and glared at Muyibing and Muyixi, scaring them both to run behind the old lady.
Jones ap; #176; ap; #86; Jennifer looked at the letter and said, "No, it’s not true. If it’s not true, I don’t know this person. Bing and Xi Er are not other people’s children."
"Then how can he take photos of Europe and Sunseeker and still be in his own backyard?" Mu Chuyou picked up the photos Jones ap; #176; ap; #86; I waved it in front of jennifer
The old lady went over and picked up the letter to read.
"Europe and sunseeker often pass by in the back garden. It’s hard, and what can this letter prove? Maybe it’s someone else’s bad drama Jones ap; #176; ap; #86; Jennifer, I grew up watching her, and you ordered wedding cigarettes when you were young. How can you know anyone else? Besides, look at Europe and Sunseeker. Aren’t they the crystallization of you two? You see, the faces of the two sisters are printed from the two of you. "The old lady believes in Jones ap very much; #176; ap; #86; jennifer
Mu Chuyou is right to think about it.
"Wife, I’m sorry I misunderstood you without making it clear." Mu Chuyou helped Jones ap; #176; ap; #86; Jennifer apologized and said
Deah1 article 8 years ago conspiracy 7
Meng Minting watched things change. After she finished, no old lady would be so painful. #176; ; ap; #176; ; ap; #176; ; ap; #86; ; Jennifer came out to help them.
"Don’t go to check a dna to know whether it is or not? At that time, no one can say anything about my sister. And if someone suddenly accidentally says this thing out, then Mu Jia’s face will be put aside? Besides, if there is a special evil drama ………… "Meng Minting deliberately said here and then don’t say it.
Muchuyou looked at his wife and really told Meng Minting that he had passed the dna test. If the twins are really the same flesh and blood, what will outsiders say?
"Check it out" Jones ap; #176; ap; #86; Jennifer is confident that she knows best who the two children are.
"Check what Jones ap; #176; ap; #86; Jennifer: I know best. I believe her. "The old lady stared at Meng Minting’s words. Meng Minting wouldn’t let me have a test.
"Mom, it’s okay. Bing and Xi ‘er are really mu’s flesh and blood, and dna testing is okay." Jones ap; #176; ap; #86; Jennifer advised
Mrs mu just wanted to say it when her son mu chuyou told her first.
"Good immediately take blood to test dna" Muchuyou immediately took out a knife and cut his finger to pick up a little blood.
Mu Yibing and Mu Yixiu were also attacked by Jones ap; #176; ap; #86; Jennifer cut her finger and got blood, so she sent someone to the hospital for dna testing.

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