Zhang Tao rushed out of the instantaneous qi and burst out of the door to guard two people. They were immediately moved by the point-and-click method, and Zhang Tao was like a meteor crossing the sky and almost rushed into the room in the blink of an eye. But what shocked Zhang Tao was that the shadow in the room was shaking. The scarecrow originally tied the straw to a rope and then sent a ponytail to the other end of the rope, and the figure would keep shaking.

"Ha, ha, ha, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time." At this time, a triumphant voice sounded. At this time, Zhang Tao looked intently and knew that he had been tricked because he had been completely surrounded. The first person who walked in must be Du Tang, followed by a big dog like a Tibetan mastiff facing Zhang Tao with a grin.
Du Tang has two people around him, and two people are not necessarily weak. "Help Huang Tiange people die, but Du Tang is an idiot?" I know that the pavilion is bound to kill Du Mou tonight and set up a special pavilion. I wonder if you are satisfied with being called the Silver Silk Soul Chasing Pavilion? "
Zhang Tao’s masked Du Tang can’t see the true face of Zhang Tao. After all, he should be proud. After all, he guessed Zhang Tao’s action. Every move tonight seems to be seen by others. The original person himself found that it seems to be the ostrich.
"But it doesn’t seem worthy of the name. Your hair is black. Aren’t you alone?" Du Tang noticed that Zhang Tao’s hair was a flash of doubt in his black eyes.
Zhang Tao didn’t speak. "But if you break into my Tian Yue gang tonight, you don’t take us seriously. I advise Ge to keep silent," Du Tang said.
Here is his territory surrounded by Du Tangshen, a nine-level martial artist. Two people around him are not weak. It seems that there is bound to be a fierce battle tonight. "Gong Shifu must be intentional, right? So he won’t come to save me. In this case, I will try my best! " If you don’t know that there is a trap in it, you will never know it. It seems that if you want to exercise yourself for nine days, it will be like this. Zhang Tao has the strength to live up to the master’s wishes in the first world war. Zhang Tao’s eyes flashed a resolute.
Seeing Zhang Tao’s eyes Du Tang knew that this person would not leave it at that. "Kill him!" Suddenly, people around you rushed out, and the true qi filled the air. The aura of heaven and earth around you was almost instantly inhaled by Zhang Tao. Zhang Tao’s body was full of powerful forces, and the original black hair turned white in an instant.
"eh? You can suppress your strength? It seems that this is who you are. You really are a silver wire chasing the soul. "Du Tang’s eyes look behind him! The online novel kanshu/C big dog suddenly jumped into a big knife and was shaken by Du Tang.
"It was an animal. I think such dogs are imposing, but what is silver chasing souls? Is it my nickname? Why didn’t I know I had such a name? " Zhang Tao felt strange in his heart.
Is the strength of the ninth-level martial arts division that these Ukrainian United States can confront? Tian Yue gang members are no rivals, but Zhang Tao is merciful everywhere. There is no killer. It is only necessary to stop the acupuncture points.
The original heavy encirclement will soon be thinner than the strength of the nine-level martial arts division, which is really huge. The true qi is raging like a strong wind crossing the border and nothing grows, but anyone who is close to Zhang Tao is not immediately stopped. This is a huge power suppression
"Hum!" A cold hum Du Tang chopped with a big knife and the big knife whimpered menacingly. A knife seemed to be instantaneous and he wanted to make a clean break with Zhang Tao.
Dare not hard touch Du Tang is also a nine-level martial artist who cooperates with the sharp weapons of animals. If a knife is hard to resist, even throwing straws against the wind, Zhang Tao will quickly leave the place with a sharp posture, while Du Tang’s knife chop is a horizontal broadsword with his hand, and he wants to have a waist cut!
Obviously, just a seemingly fierce knife is a feint to force Zhang Taoli to avoid it, so that Zhang Taoli can’t avoid it and will inevitably die.
"Ah, it’s still too young. It’s so simple. You can’t tell if you don’t exercise well if you can do it. It’s really you, isn’t it? " Nine days a little at this time, if the whole person is actually floating, if others see it, they will exclaim that the night light is dim, and no one can notice that there is such a superior monitor in it.
"He is stronger than others, but his combat experience is like a newborn baby. He really needs exercise." Nine days and one little girl came beside him.
"Right? I told you, as a master, I asked him to arrange for him to consider it twice in a row and help Huang Tiange regularly. If Du Tang couldn’t guess this, he would be an idiot. Fortunately, he didn’t let the master down and set up a game to let Xiao enjoy it. "Nine days and one less said.
"Yes" aside, the woman looked very respectful.
"On the one hand, it can help him exercise his combat experience, and on the other hand, it can help you solve the whole Tianyuecheng gang and facilitate your entry into Tianyuecheng, so that you can better help Xiaoxiao to watch the play." Jiutian Shaoshao said with a smile.
A woman shows her face in the moonlight. Is this person not a blood begonia but also a person?
And Zhang Tao in the face of Du Tang’s blow is already trying to avoid this knife. After finishing, Zhang Tao will be completely sealed. Du Tang’s two hands are also a six-level martial artist. They have joined forces with Zhang Tao to avoid it.
"Sunday ice body!" Zhang Tao’s eyes turned white. Of course, no one noticed Du Tang’s face was excited in this scene. He seemed to have seen the silver chasing soul being cut off by himself. Then the next day, he could take over Huang Tiange and help the site openly, and he could extinguish the silver chasing soul himself. It is also a reputation. In the future, the development of Tian Yue’s gang will inevitably think of several benefits more quickly, and Du Tang’s hands will not only increase by two points.
When it was surprising that Zhang Tao didn’t spill blood on the spot, there was a sound of gold and iron. "Poof!" Zhang Tao’s pupil contraction body stirred and suddenly he couldn’t help but burst out of his throat with a sweet mouthful of blood. This is almost the first time that Zhang Tao has received such a serious injury.
"Yo-ho, I’m hurt." Nine days and one little face is a surprise. With such a good teacher, even a nine-life cat will die.
"My apprentice is so easy to die there?" Perhaps see blood Haitang face nine days a little proudly said.
Blood begonia ignored nine days and one less, but focused on the battlefield. Zhang Tao’s Sunday ice body defense avoided the fate of being killed instantly, but the great power was not ice body defense. Now Zhang Tao has not exercised ice body to such an extent.
The true qi destroyed everything and suddenly hit Zhang Tao dirty and injured. "What’s the matter?" Du Tang shocked the animals. The weapon sharpness ratio is not ordinary. Every iron can compare with his own animals. The level of red Dan is not inferior to that of a nine-level martial artist, but it is even better. But just a blow was as sure as a gun, but I didn’t expect it to be like cutting a stone. Isn’t this small enough to protect yourself?
The fact is that even the Sunday ice body avoided being directly chopped down. Zhang Tao’s hands were bloody except for the injury. Obviously, the Sunday ice body was broken
"Hum, don’t let him get away. I’m going to kill this silver knife tonight!" Du Tang rushed out with a group of people chasing Zhang Tao.
But after nine days and one less, it will just be solved by Zhang Tao Acupoint Department. "You should leave the blood begonia first and develop the city in the future."
"Tonight must be an unforgettable night, and it will bring him experience, and it must be comparable to the previous method." Nine days and a little eyes looked away and everyone thought.
Tian Yue people chasing Zhang Tao rushed to the street like a hornet’s nest, as if the whole moon city was boiling. "See? It’s silver silk chasing souls! Ah, that’s Du Tang! They’re after silver and chasing souls! " Recently, there has been a hermit warrior with white hair in Tianyue City, but he hates evil, and he has been wiped out continuously until the two gangs became popular for a while. Now, the silver silk chasing the soul has actually appeared. Of course, everyone will come out to see it.
"Hey? Is this a big name? And it seems that idolize is human? Look at these people’s excitement. Gee, "I saw Zhang Tao being hunted for nine days but still floating like watching movies."
Zhang Tao at this time feel fu-organs like fire Du Tang qi scurrying about in his body to make Zhang Tao want to vomit blood so escape must be born to die than a desperate!
Du Tang watched as a godsend, and everyone came out to watch. In front of the moon and the city, people killed the silver silk to make track for the soul. Wouldn’t it be better for the Tian Yue gang to become famous in the future?
At this time, not only ordinary people, but also some family officers and soldiers appeared, and Dong Daoyu, a noble institution, and Sun Yueqing also ran out.
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Chapter 48 Public World War I
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Chapter 49 metasomatism
"Every other dance is so awesome. It is hard to imagine this elder." Dong Dao certainly knows that this is not Zhang Tao who can do it. It must be Zhang Tao, a powerful master.

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