"Little sister!" Gu Ji tone seems to be somewhat impatient.

"You have something to hide from me" Gu Jinxi’s tone is very positive, but she is half-confused, and her two brothers, Qin Rui and even her brother don’t even have any signs; And nothing special has happened recently; But from their expressions, she read something serious
Qin Rui corners of the mouth slightly hook face with a somewhat shallow smile raised my hand and gently rubbed Gu Jin sunseeker’s head. "We have nothing to hide from you. It’s not good to go back to your room early to rest your body. If it’s like that again, then Aunt Sue will have to be crazy."
"Really not?" Looked at Qin Rui Gu Jinxi frowned.
"No one can fill my girl without telling me." Qin Rui raised his hand and gently nodded Gu Jinxi’s delicate nose, then smiled faintly. "Be good and go back to your room early to rest and listen, huh?"
After checking to make sure that Qin Rui’s face is not strange, Gu Jinxi seems to be greatly relieved. Perhaps it is because too many things have happened recently that he is too suspicious. He bowed his head and smiled at Qin Ruiwei and turned to look at them without leaving the posture. Gu Ji and Gu Qian also thought that they had something to say. "Then I’ll go back to my room and rest first, and you should rest early."
"Brother Huan is afraid it’s not such a good day." The smile on his face is very strong, especially after seeing Qin Rui release Gu Jinxi, he shook his head and followed Qin Rui for so many years, but he has never seen any woman who he was so concerned about. His school sister really did not escape from her magic at the beginning, and so did her. He turned to look at the back room and was still in a coma. "The wound has just been treated and it is likely to get hot tonight. I have to stay here."
After serious injury, it is very likely that there will be a conflict between wound healing drugs. If it is not handled properly, it is very likely that the injured person will die. Although I can do this myself, I know it’s impossible when I look at my two brothers and Qin Rui’s expression. She still goes back to her room early to have a rest and come back early in the morning to replace Huan’s brother. Just thinking about this, Gu Jinxi nodded at the two brothers and looked at Qin Rui again. Only then did Pinellia and indigo help leave the building.
It was not until the footsteps were far away that Gu Qi said to Qin Rui, "You must have heard about Dan Qingshan, right?" Although it is a question, the tone is very positive.
"Well," Qin Rui is not shy about the family, and there is nothing to be shy about. Worse, things are likely to involve Yuan Di’s burial girl.
That girl has such a bad feeling about Yuan Di’s burial if she hides this matter and goes alone; When things were exposed, they managed to fix them, and it is very likely that they will return to the original point again.
He Qin Rui can give up everything in his life, but only that girl is him. Even if he turns to fly ash, he can’t give up his obsession. He is willing to become a demon and a Buddha.
It’s impossible for Gu Qian not to know that something unusual happened in Danqingshan. Even though the Hengwu Chamber of Commerce has converged a lot now, secretly those people are still not comparable to others. Hearing the conversation between his eldest brother and Qin Rui, his brow suddenly frowned. "Are you going to Danqingshan to find out in person?"
"Well" Qin Rui gently took a sip of his teacup and nodded lightly, even without any change in tone.
"Are you dying?" Gu Qian’s low voice seems to be somewhat anxious. It’s not that Qin Rui is worried about the person who took away his baby sister’s heart and made her sad several times. Although he doesn’t like it and hates that he can’t die, he has to worry that his baby sister will be worried and sad when she knows the truth.
Gu Ji’s face is also half-narrowed with disapproval of his eyes. Qin Rui "Now Dan Qingshan is not in the form. If you rush to go there like this, I’m afraid it will run." After all, it’s not uncommon for Dan Qingshan to get wind of the Jianghu and go to the master, but until now, no one has been found alive from Dan Qingshan.
"…" Qin Ruiwen’s face was also worried, but it passed quickly. Instead, he bowed his head and smiled faintly. "Do you think I will be that kind of rash person?" His tone seems to be a little relaxed. "That is, the law found out the truth of the matter but returned it in person, but it can’t be there …" Speaking of which, his tone sank again. "It’s necessary to trouble you to be oversensitive!"
After saying his word, Gu Qian glared at Qin Rui grumpily. "She is our sister, and we naturally understand you. What would you think if she knew that you were taking risks without telling her?"
What will happen? It’s not that he hasn’t considered this problem.
Angry and angry will threaten to never talk to him again, but even so, he will still choose to do this. Once she knows that no one can stop her from taking risks, there is a moment when he thinks of it. He is very glad that Princess An threatened to attack Gu Jinxi again at that time. If it is not so, I am afraid that they are trapped, but the girl is still so young.
"Now that you know it, do you still insist on it?" Gu Ji looked up and stared at Qin Rui with burning eyes.
"I don’t want to take risks, but I don’t want my girl to take risks." Qin Rui took a deep breath and bowed her head. "Paper can’t hold fire. Soon my girl will know about the vision of Dan Qingshan. Who can stop her then?" Gu Jinxi decides things unless she changes her mind, even no one can stop her.
Voice fall to the ground Gu Ji and Gu Qian were silent at the same time.
Qin Rui’s face smiled faintly, even though he knew how dangerous Dan Qingshan was now, but he bowed his head and sipped his thin lips as if it were nothing. "What I have to do now is to rule out the danger before the girl knows it as much as possible." Although it is impossible, knowing it before is better than knowing it when the time comes.
"There is some truth." Gu Ji nodded slightly and dyed his usual moist face.
"Big Brother!" Anyway, if you want to worry your baby sister, Gu Qian is very exclusive, and he naturally disagrees with Gu Ji’s response.
Gu Qi ignored Gu Qian, but looked at Qin Rui with a light smile. "But since it’s a little sister, it’s always bad for you to take credit for it alone. I’ll go back and arrange for you to go to Danqingshan together one day!"
"no!" Qin Ruiwen’s face suddenly sank and he looked up at Gu Ji. "It’s enough for me to find out the situation." He seemed to think of something. He bowed his head and smiled with a bit of self-mockery and a bit of sadness and sadness. "Or honestly, you don’t trust me?"
"You don’t have to use words to trick my three-year-old child." Gu Qi’s smile is still light and seemingly warm, but when you look closely, you can find his clear eyes without any emotional indifference and alienation. So quietly looking at Qin Rui, "I will go or not, believe it or not."
"But if you let Sunseeker know that you are taking risks …" Qin Rui frowned and asked Gu Ji to take risks with him, which was not his intention.
Sitting next to watching the two seriously talking about going to Dan Qingshan Qin Rui and his eldest brother Gu Qian, there is no way to worry; Suddenly he got up and walked directly to the door. "If you insist on going, I’ll tell my sister now!" "
"If you want your little sister to take risks with us, you can tell her now!" Gu Ji grumpily stared at Gu Qian with a cool tone and a somewhat cold taste.
If not, Gu Qian was dazed. The doorman didn’t move after all. He bit his lip tightly and turned to look at Gu Ji. "It’s not enough for you and me to stay cool and take care of my sister, even if we want to take risks." Now it’s time to give this responsibility to my eldest brother. I’m with Qin Rui on this trip to Danqing Mountain! "
"You have no choice!" Looking at Gu Qian’s face, Gu Ji’s expression is very shallow. "Remember to take good care of your little sister. If she asks, we have something to leave." These personal thoughts of Heng Wuyuan are very transparent. For Gu Jinxi, they are not commanded as their own penis.
They know exactly what to say and what not to say!
Gu Qian listened to his red eyes and glared at Gu Qi’s teeth, but he had always been in awe of his eldest brother, but he couldn’t refute it. But this time, he didn’t want to listen to Gu Qi’s arrangement. "No, big brother, I have been listening to you all my life. Please forgive me this time!"
"If you two brothers are injured, Sunseeker will surely go on the rampage. Let me go this time." Qin Rui’s face smile is very shallow. He bowed his head. "I have a higher chance of winning than all of you. When Sunseeker knows about it, we can know something."
Gu Ji is light smile at Qin Rui "don’t you hand sunseeker won’t worry won’t heartache? Qin Rui, who do you think my little sister is? "
"What should I take her for? You shouldn’t know better than anyone?" Qin Rui looked at Gu Ji lightly.

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