Phoenix shallow bite bite lips stretched out his hand to pull him "jun ink shadow hug me, ok? I’m a little cold, you hug me. "

She is really afraid.
Don’t want to see him like this
Jun Mo Ying’s eyes were painstakingly "gracious" and bent down to wrap her whole person together with bedding.
Thank you, dear, for your monthly ticket and reward ~ ~ ~! ! ! Touch it! Touch it! Chapter 46 You have given me all the best.
"It won’t be cold if I hold it."
The two of them clung to their cheeks in an almost touching way, and they could obviously feel his temperature warm to their hearts.
"Don’t be afraid, it will pass soon," he said in a low voice. "The cloud has said that mother is safe and not worried."
Phoenix shallow but sullenly laugh "this sentence is what I want to say to you, ok? I’m not afraid or worried that it’s a little pain. I can bear to have our children well. "
She turned her face and her lips brushed his face like a rub and a kiss.
"Jun Mo Ying, don’t worry about it."
She whispered "Be good, don’t be afraid" every time he comforted her.
"Shallow …" The man’s voice was hoarse. "You are so kind that you will make me feel …"
"Don’t deserve me?" Like intentionally chicken shallow slightly defiantly asked 1.
But before he could speak, she rubbed his face twice again, with a coquetry in her intimacy. "Don’t think like that. I’m the one who’s been causing trouble, and I’m the one who’s been worrying you. You’ve given me all the best."
And I didn’t give you anything.
Yunluo went to Huazhang Palace, which was also poisoned. Compared with Fengyang Palace, it was colder and quieter here.
The emperor left the imperial doctor to keep yee princess and never dared to leave.
Although he also knows that Princess Yee is not favored, it is too different to see the emperor’s attitude towards treating two different people with the same poison.
But after all, Princess Yee has a dragon seed in her belly, and no one can say for sure.
If you don’t believe me, just look at the queens who lived in the past dynasties. Which of them was seen by the emperors?
If you can really be favored, you will end up with a bad end!
"General Yun" heals too much when he sees Yun Luo coming in with the cold in the night. "What are you …"
"The emperor asked me to show it to Empress Yee" as if he was afraid that the doctor too much wouldn’t believe it, and he added lightly, "The emperor said that Empress Yee was as poisoned as the shallow imperial concubine."
Cure too much heart thumped.
Does this mean that the shallow imperial concubine poison has also been solved?
Cure too much decided not to believe the phrase "man is perfect" any more. Look at the dragon and phoenix who are already Chinese. Now they are so proficient in medical skills. How can these people live?
"Go out and I’ll show it to Princess Yee." Yunluo said
"Yes, I excused myself." When Doctor Tai went out, although it was a dark night, he heaved a long sigh of relief as if he felt the warm sun.
Princess yee struggled to get out of bed. The imposing manner of this man made her feel even smaller when she was lying down.
Too weird.
"Empress doesn’t have to get up," said Yunluo, putting his hand on her wrist and lowering his eyes. It was not very strong, but it seemed to hold her down.
Yee princess moved so stopped.
After a long time, she consulted and asked, "What about General Yun?"
She doesn’t know how Yunluo explored the pulse for such a long time. Isn’t it that he has already solved Feng’s shallow body poison? Otherwise, the emperor wouldn’t let him come here. Then why should he wait so long if he does it again?
But at this time, YunLuo said, "The empress didn’t fall out of the water and get drunk. Chapter 463 Who let me raise a girl who is not sensible?"
Yee princess is startled.
Is full of incredible looked up at him "general cloud …" She pursed her lips and paused for a moment before continuing "but cure too much just said that the palace is gentle and shallow …"
"The pulse condition is very similar, but it is not." Yunluo interrupted her.
Yee princess face a change "that …"
"Empress doesn’t have to worry that this poison is nothing compared with getting drunk."
He took back his hand and casually took out a small bottle from the medicine box and handed it to him. "Baihua Pill is made by my father. Although it is not a panacea, it will not have any problem with general poison. The empress will recover the day after tomorrow."
Yee princess so froze.

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