"What is this?" Seeing this scene, Ye Han inadvertently came up with an idea. As soon as he was conscious, he turned his eyes to one side and Yan Xin guided him to practice Laner for a change. Suddenly, his heart trembled.

Laner, although you haven’t practiced, your understanding is very good, otherwise she wouldn’t have been instructed by Yan Xin, and she would have been able to practice alone, which is very different from that of ordinary people. Even if ordinary people try to practice by themselves, it can’t be done for a while, but now this Laner has really done it
This also shocked him, but all this shock was far from what he showed in his heart at the moment. Looking at the first star in the sky faintly, he was able to preliminarily identify the true identity of this blue child.
Moreover, now look at Laner, and he has been able to see some inflammatory practitioner breath from her body. Although that inflammatory breath is not yet mature, he can understand the truth with his Yuan Dao perception.
"Is she really a nine planets? But it’s impossible. nine planets has been promised since she was born. How can an ordinary woman be nine planets One? " Want to go Ye Han heart suddenly poured out more questions, and these questions are all he can’t white at present.
"Let’s stop for a while. I have something to discuss with you!" I don’t understand the problems. Ye Han usually talks with Lengling and others. Now these problems are even more important. He has to wake them up.
Although Lengling and others were practicing, they also heard Ye Han’s call, and all of them got up to see Ye Han alone in front of the window. They first froze and then asked, "What is it?"
Ye Hanwen also slowly walked to the front of them and immediately shouted at one side. Xiaoli said, "Xiaoli, do you know that there will be people in nine planets who have never practiced before?"
"Ah?" Xiaoli smell speech first frightened then said with a wry smile, "so you have found? Hehe, yes, this blue child is indeed nine planets-but I think she knows if she has a solid foundation? "
Smell Ye Han busy turning to one side just up blue son happened to be a face of shock at Ye Han service road from time to time "what? Are you all from nine planets? "
"oh? Do you know nine planets people? " After listening to the blue son’s words, Ye Han immediately became one leng and then added, "Go ahead, who are you?" Lie to us before and who suppressed your foundation? "
Ye Han wants to come to this Laner. If we know that nine planets must have met some expert advice before we learned about it, and nine planets has been doomed from the moment he was born. He decided that Laner must have had a practice experience, or else he would have understood the practice method taught by Yan Xin.
Combining all this, he decided that this blue son is not an ordinary person, but an ordinary person who can’t see through the truth with the naked eye with the help of an expert.
Blue son heard Ye Han’s words, and it took him a long time to say, "I’m not really sure that the old man told me that I couldn’t reveal my identity at will, so I had to hide the truth from you!"
"Then you should be able to tell us the truth now?" Listen to the blue son this Ye Han not only not angry but smiled at her and asked
Lan Er immediately hesitated when he heard this. After a while, he nodded his head. "Well, since you are all from nine planets, I might as well tell the truth!"
As she spoke, she told the truth about how she met an old man with white hair, how she hid her identity and how her family was destroyed by the experts in the ice city.
It turned out that Laner’s family was still intact not long ago, but not long ago that night, several practitioners who claimed to be ice city masters suddenly came. They said they would take Laner away, but Laner’s parents were worried that something would happen to Laner if he fell into their hands, so they strongly opposed it.
It was the opposition that soon turned into a rebellion against the ice city. It was bound to be determined to see this Laner’s parents so opposed, so they took the initiative to attack not only Laner’s parents, but also the whole family.
Laner, who died in the clan department, felt so sad that the ice city master oppressed her and had to choose to end herself, but then a white-haired old man suddenly appeared.
When the old man appeared, it was the group of ice city masters who died. When the old man appeared, he carried a strong vitality and instantly wiped out the number of those who claimed to be ice city masters, and also saved Laner who just wanted to kill himself.
The old man saved Laner but didn’t help her deal with family affairs. He told her to go to the Cold Forest to wait for the arrival of nine planets people. At that time, Laner didn’t know what the nine planets people were, but when he saw that the old man saved the attack and knew that he wouldn’t frame himself, he did what he wanted.
Later, it was this cold forest foot that overheard those bandits in Bingling City discussing things with the Cold Forest School. Because of this, I wanted to go to the Cold Forest School and not let myself pounce on her. I chose to go to the Cold Forest School and inform the Cold Forest School middleman about it.
However, her panic exposed her identity, which was the main reason why she was later hunted by the Xie bandits. She didn’t lie about all that except hiding her identity.
After listening to Laner’s story, Ye Han suddenly felt deeply touched. This world is really a strong one. Is it this Laner family who was killed overnight? Didn’t Yan Yunzong die overnight?
"It seems that the old-timer didn’t want you to be exposed by his own repair, so he had to suppress your number of repairs. No wonder I didn’t even see that you were pregnant!" Thought here Ye Han immediately wry smile to
As soon as Ye Han said this, Yan Xin suddenly asked, "Don’t you already know the true identity of that doyen, Brother Han?"
"This world in addition to the four old guy who else can know about nine planets? Besides, the old-timer has helped us so much. I don’t think there will be anyone but them? " Ye Han smell speech busy said with a smile
After listening to Ye Han’s explanation, Yan Hinton was also white, and then Lengling suddenly smiled and laughed. "Han Er’s analysis is good, but I wonder if you know who that elder is?"
"The four elders of Yanyunmen!" Ye Han smell speech want to also don’t want to think more then smiled and said
"Smoke cloud gate? Four elders? " Hearing this, Ye Han, all the people in the field were suddenly one leng. Xiaoli was alone, and I was silent. Obviously, she knew Ye Han’s identity as a middleman.
Seeing all this, Ye Hannai shook his head with a wry smile. "It’s another old-timer besides the three of us Ye Guyan’s family. Who are you supposed to be?"
The original Ye Han also wanted to tell the real identity of the old man to everyone, but thought that they didn’t know everything a hundred years ago, and now it is not the best time to tell everything, so he can choose to settle for second best.
However, the more Ye Han does this, the more she inspires the female curiosity, especially Yan Xin. After listening to Ye Han’s words, she asked again, "I don’t know what the cloud gate is? And they will be the four elders of Yanyunmen? As far as I know, there is nothing called Yanyunmen Sect in this world? "
The original Ye Han was most worried that Yan Xin, the most curious person, would get to the bottom of it. I didn’t expect that she actually did this. Naiye Han shook her head and smiled bitterly. "Didn’t I say that before? There are some things that I can’t explain clearly for a while. When we find all the people in nine planets, we will see. "
After listening to Ye Han’s remarks, Yan Xin was not good to ask again. Besides, Ye Han had already said something similar earlier, and now he has proved that he is as persistent about this matter. She also knows that it is useless to ask again. Yan Xin has always been curious, and she has never asked her daughters again, and she is even more reluctant to ask more.

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