See Du Yan ran a waste to lose his temper. This is never the case. Zi Ling was furious. "Du Yan ran has been caring for you for so many years. You should know that you have ignored my pursuit for so many years. Now you have seen a waste. I don’t! Now I’ll kill him to see if you can still like him. "The voice is backward. Purple Ling has already jumped on this Du Yun. He is more noble than the member of the exterminating army who just played against himself. Now that he is attacking Du Yun for himself, of course, he can’t take it lightly. To be on the safe side, Du Yun quickly condenses his strongest defense armor, purple rock flame armor and ice crystal armor, which are superimposed together to form the strongest defense in Du Yun.

But when Du Yun was ready to fight to meet the attack of Ziling, he saw the purple figure flashing in front of him, and a delicate and beautiful image had blocked his front. Of course, this person will not be others except Du Yan ran.
On the way, Ling and Du Yan ran simply confronted each other and then retreated to look at the girl Ziling in front of Du Yun. "Do you really want to fight me today?"
"Yes, I will protect Du Yun today!" Du Yan ran her delicate body block Du Yun front firmly said
"You! You! Du Yun, if you are a man, don’t come out behind a woman and have a good war with me. "Purple Ling stared at Du Yun intensely and said almost crazily.
Hearing Ziling say this, Du Yun felt a sudden shock in his heart. How could he let a woman come out to protect himself? Then Du Yun gently pulled Du Yanran behind him and whispered, "This is a matter for us men. I must solve it. Believe me, I will handle it!"
Pulling Du Yan Ran behind him, Du Yun took a look at Ziling Shen and asked, "We don’t have any grudges at all. Do you want to take it out on me everywhere?"
"We don’t have hostilities, but you are staggered friends. Respect for the status of the little princess in our door is not something you can make friends with." Ziling disdained to take a glance and then turned directly to other places as if he didn’t want to stay in Du Yunshen’s eyes for one second.
After hearing Zi Ling’s words, Du Yun’s anger has filled his chest, but he knows that this is not the time to start work, so he forcibly suppressed his anger and said with a cold hum, "Ha ha, my status is not high, but although you are respected in your status, your quality is far from your identity! It’s ridiculous. "
"You! You … an imperial Dujia loser dares to say so. I really dare not kill you! " When Ziling spoke, his face was gloomy and terrible. Almost at the same time, the fairy power of his body was slowly released. The purple fairy power halo on his body surface was looming!
See Ziling is ready to start work, although I know that there is a big gap between me and him, but at this time Du Yun still hasn’t flinched and pulled out the painting halberd behind him, and then the immortal power of the body quickly diffuses out. A dark blue immortal power armor has formed on the body surface, hiding behind Du Yun. Du Yan ran saw that the two men were in a very bad form and could start work at any time. She clearly knew that Ziling Xiu was a real strong man in the late immortal stage, while Du Yun was a strong man in the middle immortal stage, and the gap between them was just advanced to the middle stage. If two people really played against each other, Du Yun was definitely a losing battle
Worried that Du Yun was injured, Du Yan ran and Lianbu moved quickly again to block Du Yun’s front and stared coldly at Ziling not far from the front and said, "What do you really want to do, Ziling? Don’t you know that there are certain rules in the door that you can’t easily play against secular people? Do you want to violate the rules of the door?"
"Door rules!" Hearing this simple word, Ziling shuddered. Purple Clothes Gate is a first-class power in the mainland, but they never bully. The important reason is that the door rules are very strict and people who violate the door rules are never lightly forgiven. Soon after, he killed a civilian in Casa Empire with one hand because of a moment of anger. This is a very small matter. Even in the imperial country, ordinary nobles killed people, and no one dared to pursue it. What’s more, it is a powerful purple clothes gate, and no one dared to ask. However, after returning to the clan, the man was directly punished to the southernmost desert of the mainland for ten years.
Now Du Yun has accumulated immortal strength and has the intention to start work with him. Now he is going to kill Du Yun. But now he is in front of Miss Du Yan Ran’s door. Du Yan Ran’s position is much higher than his. Many elders are also fond of this god. Therefore, if you kill Du Yun now and wait until you go back to Ziyimen, if Du Yan Ran insists that he provokes first and then deliberately kills Du Yun, it is estimated that the elders believe Du Yan Ran’s words instead of him!
Think of these purple ling mercilessly stared at Du Yun for a few seconds and said coldly, "Today is your lucky day. I’ll let you go for the time being, but in the end, you’d better not meet me or I’ll make your life hell."
"Hey, hey, I’ll also give it to you. Although you are stronger than me, it’s not necessarily who wins or loses if you are really desperate." Du Yun said sullenly
Hearing Du Yunjing say so, Du Yan ran looked at Du Yun slightly one leng and found that his eyes were very clear. It didn’t look like lying. "But where did Du Yun’s self-confidence come from? Did he still hide that he didn’t know the card? Suddenly, she suddenly thought that she sent someone to spy and get information. It was in the chaos of Jingwu College that someone issued a very powerful lighter that could directly kill the strong in the immortal level?"
Du Yan ran thoughtfully after hearing Du Yun’s words, the original forced anger finally broke out completely.
It’s better to come to Ziling as a hot temper at ordinary times, but now I like Miss Du Yan Ran for a long time to maintain others, which makes him feel sour in his heart. Now Du Yun still dares to contradict him and let his anger explode completely!
With a stroke, the sword flew to his hand, and the wrist shook sharply. The sword pointed to Du Yun, "Come on, I still want to let you go. Since you want to die yourself, it’s no wonder that I am!"
Du Yun is not stupid, of course, but he also saw the gap between the two strengths. But at this time, he must come out. Although this can temporarily save his life, the image of Du Yun in Du Yan ran’s eyes will definitely be reduced again. Therefore, at this moment, if Du Yun is a man, he will not have to come out, even if he is bleeding or dying, he must come out.
Seeing Du Yun’s courage to come out and Ziling was slightly stunned, he immediately shouted, "Hehehe, Wynaut has courage, but courage is not enough. The final decision of this world is strength. Today, I will show you what real strength is and let you feel what the gap is!" Ziling didn’t wait for the voice to fall in the direction of Du Yun. A purple sword fern stuck to the ground and blaster away at him.
"Ah good strange attack! Jingran can send out a sword! Really worthily, it’s not bad that the captain of the Purple Clothes Door Destroyer is really not bad. "Du Yun was surprised and murmured from the bottom of his heart, but Du Yun is also experienced in war. Now, although he is surprised and not disorderly, he knows that the strength gap between the two sides is great. When Du Yungang moves, he will make his card display and fly to the middle to flash this sword!
But although this purple feather is aimed at Du Yun everywhere, his strength is really not bad. Seeing Du Yun floating to the middle and rear soles of his feet and then a little on the ground, he has already gone to Du Yun in the middle of the school. Purple feather is extremely fast, and the blink of an eye has reached Du Yun’s front five meters! Then hello is not a big one, and then he raised his sword and cut it to Du Yun.
The purple sword is like a purple flash sword. When it cuts through the air, the friction produces a very harsh sonic boom, and even the surroundings are affected by the sword and there are some distortions!
At this time, Du Yun sensed that the strong breeze in front of him knew that the purple feather attack had arrived, and then he flapped his wings and jumped out of a few meters to a higher place before finally avoiding the sword attack.
But just waiting for Du Yun’s middle school to stabilize his figure, he felt the danger behind him and suddenly struck. Through the corner of his eye, Du Yun saw that I didn’t know when Ziling had reached behind him. At the moment, he was gloating and looking at his fine defense behind him!
At this time, I found that Ziling has reached behind me, even Du Yun broke out in a cold sweat. "Don’t blame this Ziling for being so arrogant. It turns out that he really has arrogance." Du Yunlai is good at speed, but now Ziling is competing like a long-haired sparrow who just met a god goshawk. There is no comparability!
But Du Yun, who has experienced several life-and-death wars, of course, doesn’t know that a provincial oil lamp has a very fast reaction speed. Just after sensing the threat behind him, his wings suddenly incited. At the same time, Du Yun’s hand painted the halberd without looking at it, and then he swung his wings back to generate power. Plus, the inertia brought by the painting halberd directly caused Du Yun’s body to turn backwards, and a half-moon light shot directly from the halberd. Chapter 414 God’s clutches.
Ji Mang flies towards Ziling. The attack power of this long mountain can be seen by listening to the swish.
Seeing that Du Yun’s reaction speed is so fast, Ziling was shocked. Although he is very arrogant at ordinary times, he is not a fool. Seeing that Du Yun’s reaction speed is so fast and the attack timing is just right, it can be seen that this Du Yun is definitely not what he got in his news. It is a waste if it is invincible.
Zi Ling is not only not stupid, but also very clever and resolute, which is why he can be the captain of the 13 th squad of the Destroyer Army.
Now see Du Yun not only has lost a long time flying lighter, but also his immortal strength is not bad. I definitely underestimated the speed of Du Yun and Du Yun before I thought of these purple feathers. If I sneak attack, it might really do some harm to him.
Ziling took a deep breath to calm his heart slowly, and at this time, he kept telling himself from the bottom of his heart that "you must never capsize in the gutter at last, and now Du Yan ran is still next to it. If you really lose, then Du Yan ran will not look at her again."
At random, I glanced at Du Yan Ran next to her and saw that her positive color was very anxious. I looked at Du Yun Ziling’s calm heart and became manic again. Don’t say that he was looking at Du Yun at this time. Although after years of hard work, he didn’t get an idea in his heart. "This is called Du Yun alive, so he has no chance to win Du Yan Ran’s heart." Thinking of this result, Zi Ling’s heart has been crushed by the door rules and jumped out again.
Du Yun is not stupid. After so many years’ exercise, he has already formed the sense motive. At this time, it is easy to find that there is a hidden danger in his eyes when he sees the change of Ziling’s look. Du Yun has already moved his heart to kill him in front of him. When Ziling was fighting, Du Yun was already preoccupied, but he was even more energetic for fear that he would hurt Ziling Sword accidentally!
"Hey hey, you seem scared?" Looking at Du Yun cautious look purple ling got said.
"Does Ziling really want to kill herself?" At the moment, Du Yun is extremely nervous, but when Du Yun sees his side, he is also on the alert. Du Yun’s worries in his heart can be put temporarily. Du Yun knows that he wants Du Yan to start here. Although this purple feather has a killing heart, he can’t easily kill his hand.
"Afraid? Hehe, Ziling, you overestimate yourself. You haven’t scared me with your petty tricks! " Du Yun although complexion is very cautious but tone is some disdain said.
"Ha ha!" Purple feather chuckle a few "ha ha ha! Ok, you have seed, I will let you feel what the real gap is today. "
After hearing Ziling’s words, Du Yun’s nerves were tense. He knew that they had really fought.
But at this time, it is strange that there seems to be nothing around the birds. The reason for the impending fighting here is that the war here was scared away a few days ago. The birds and animals have slowly returned here. At this time, all the birds and animals are shouting happily, just like people who have been away from home for a long time to answer the joy of their hometown again, but they are not human roots. They don’t realize that the sickle of death has been raised to them and are preparing to harvest their lives.
Sure enough, at this time, Ziling has moved to see the purple sword in his hand, but it is strange to Du Yun that Ziling’s sword is competitive and elastic. With the shaking of Ziling’s wrist, the sword in his hand is bent up. When the sword rebounds, a purple corrugated sword awn is shot directly in the direction of Du Yun. This purple ripple is different from the general sword when it just shoots out, but when he comes out through the halberd, the length and width of the sword awn are increasing rapidly, and it soon rises to a dozen meters long, three or four meters wide. The flying speed of the sword awn is not faster than that of a person walking normally
But in the eyes of Du Yun, this sword mountain is not fast, but the threat is just that a few extremely fast sword mountain threats are more than ten times!
As Du Yun predicted, the trees around the purple sword fern were directly destroyed and turned to dust, while those birds and beasts who had just returned to their native land were directly crushed into a pool of blood without even a scream!
Seeing such a bloody scene, even Du Yun, who has been through war, feels sick and unbearable. There is an impulse to vomit, but although there is some discomfort in his chest, Du Yun is already on the alert, so slow sword and mans will certainly hurt Du Yun!
Du Yun flapped his wings again and simply couldn’t hide from Du Yun just now, but it was a little regretful. After he hid, Jianmang was shooting at Du Yan ran. At this time, Du Yun finally knew that Ziling was biting and he wanted to hide himself.
Du Yun didn’t hesitate and then returned according to the original road. Finally, the sword mans arrived in front of Du Yan ran, blocking the energy and terror contained in the face of the sword mans. It was just a collision moment when Du Yun arranged the outermost layer of ice crystal defense and failed!
Followed by purple rock shenhuo armor is also quickly breached, but let Du Yun feel very gratified that although these two layers of armor have nearly collapsed, it is finally blocked the purple feather this attack!

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