Burn old eyes time flies to the extreme, and finally he didn’t say a word but just raised his arm with a wave of his hand!

Immediately waiting in front of the temple ordered people to give up!
And only a hundred people in Fengmen and Huangmen took this opportunity to retreat!
After Yubo was satisfied and saw that his troops had all been evacuated, his eyes were radiant with light!
A war that should never die was forced to stop!
Huang Laosan’s cold eyes flashed his thin lips and said, "Let him go!"
"Su Ling wants to save him and exchange it with the key!"
Old fighters giant kid jade "said, feet born wind moment flying hundreds of meters away!
Hidden pride blows into everyone’s ears along the cold wind, but Yubo’s strong power has disappeared in the blink of an eye!
In this battle, Yubo suffered heavy losses, but in fact, Su Ling and Huang Lao were once again in a passive position!
How strange it is that Su Ao’s skill and Su Yu’s skill are different, and they are much more vigorous than the breeze!
It happened that it was him who was caught!
At this time, Su Ling’s face is tense!
Step by step, they all planned it, but it happened that it was always the most important thing to rock the boat!
Almost every time Yubo can finally turn everything around, Gan Kun!
What the hell is going on!
People who have been fighting until now are already exhausted!
But they still stay the same!
But for Su Ling, it is physically and mentally exhausted!
A sense of force arises spontaneously!
"Big Brother!"
Suddenly, after Yubo and Su Ao disappeared from the sky, Su Yu angrily shouted at the sky!
"Sue two less you calm down!"
Jade breeze cavity suddenly interrupted Su Ling meditation!
As a result, everyone raised eyebrows and saw Su Yu staring at the sky with latosolic red eyes, and he was also hugged by the breeze when he was about to rush out!
"You let me go! But I was caught because of my big brother! All because of me! "
See Su Yu so impulsive Su Ling also rushed up the steps!
When she stood in front of Su Yu, she looked solemn and said calmly, "Second brother, I will definitely save eldest brother! Definitely! "
Su Yu gasped in pain at Su Ling’s dignified look. He closed his eyes in pain and murmured, "Eldest brother was killed to save me! It’s because of me, Ling! Don’t stop me and let me go! "
"Second brother, calm down!"
"You let me how to calm! If I wasn’t less skilled than others, how could I get caught! Su Ling, tell me how you want me to calm down! "
Su Yu suddenly growled that the sound was full of pain and sadness!
Every one of them knows that even if Su Ao falls into Yu Bo’s hands for a while, I’m afraid the result will not be much better!
Yu Boxian has decided to cross the rubicon. How can he let Su Ao go so crazy?
Su Yu roared at Su Ling’s anger, while Su Ling was stunned by his latosolic red eyes for a moment when he was about to appease him when he heard a muffled hum and looked at it. He saw the old man directly stun Su Yu with a knife!
"Send him to Piandian, face the wind, Yushu, and you two watch him!"
Huang Lao’s look was cold and he immediately gave orders to Su Ling. "He will be fine!"
Su Ling nodded. "I believe it!"
At this time, the two of them silently said’ I believe’, which contained Su Ling’s belief and seemed to cheer each other up!
No matter what Su Ao does, nothing must happen!
"The Dragon Rider listens to the order and continues to hide in place!"
A thousand people riding the royal dragon instantly flocked back like a flood!
It is worth one thing that although this short-term handover caused losses to both sides, less than 100 people were injured but no one died!
The imperial dragon rode back and the land in front of the temple suddenly became sparse!
The result of extremely winning and red tiger panting in situ is also quite unexpected for them!
"Month flow China with their respective looking for a palace to live! I will discuss it after I have a rest! "
"Make it!"

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