Whether you know the truth or not, Zhuang’s parents are honest people for a long time, and this matter will pass.

You can’t kill my uncle.
Cut off?
Come on, it’s almost broken. I have to communicate because of my parents.
But this is the biggest shadow of Zhuang’s childhood in the near future. When I think about it, my second uncle keeps his mouth shut and forces his son to falsely accuse him of his appearance.
"Do you know how much my mobile phone costs? You can’t afford to sell it! Why didn’t you be killed by a car when you forced your poor baby to eat and drink in my house … "
However, for so many years, he never got up, and Zhuang’s parents were still young at that time, and he couldn’t remember it. Later, he also kept silent about it.
But not far from Zhuang is actually remembering, not only remembering but also unforgettable.
At that time, my uncle was still a young man in his thirties, much younger than he is now. After so many years, the young man in his thirties has become his forties and fifties, and the image of the outbreak has been turned upside down.
But when I saw my uncle, everything reappeared and I couldn’t shake it.
Not far from Zhuang, his heart is already very strong now. Who would have thought that seeing my uncle again would still be very uncomfortable?
Sure enough, some things don’t mean forgiveness.
I resisted giving my second uncle a few slaps before, and I pressed my chest not far away to say three words, "I am my mother, my mother is my mother!" "
This just calms the strong revenge obsession in my heart.
When my uncle came to the virtual city, the village was not far away, and they were willing to meet, but my uncle …
Not far from Zhuang, he decided to give up the hurdle in his heart.
Help my grandfather to treat his illness. He has done his best.
No, he really didn’t mean it.
Not far from Zhuang, I just planned to leave Dean Tian and saw him coming quickly. "Master Zhuang, you’re here, my uncle … it’s really …"
"I don’t know him," Zhuang waved his hand not far away.
Now that I don’t know my uncle, I don’t even recognize my uncle.
"Whether you know him or not, he has been making a scene all afternoon. There are also many important patients living in this ward, which makes us very passive. Please give me an idea."
Even if it’s not far from Zhuang, I don’t know him. After all, it’s there. Dean Tian can hold on to Zhuang.
Although Shi Youbao has stopped now, it is estimated that he will be noisy again in less than ten minutes.
Not far from Zhuang sighed and thought about this second uncle’s personality. "Since he wants to join so much, let him join."
"Ah?" Dean Tian was stunned. "How can this be done?"
"Even if he is an unplanned quota, all the achievements will be borne by himself." Zhuang said not far away.
"Isn’t this stone family second child clamoring that everything has a price?" Zhuang not far pie mouth "let him see if his father ordered him to buy it or not."
Dean Tian said, "What if he is really willing to spend money? Did the real demon let him join the experiment? "
"Is he a direct relative or is his father in charge?"
Not far from Zhuang, I really have no feelings for my grandfather.
There is an old man who is terminally ill. Empathy extends from his mother to blame.
My bastard dad beats me all day and calls me a fool if he’s okay. I don’t want him to die.
"That … I really did that." Dean Tian said.
Zhuang nodded not far away and just wanted to leave.
Suddenly I heard Shi Youbao’s loud voice again
"Dean Tian can be regarded as seeing you!" Shi Youbao rushed over and stopped Dean Tian and Zhuang not far away.
Chapter 542 How much is a life worth?
Not far from Zhuang, I can’t even come if I want to leave, but Shi Youbao looked at Zhuang, and he was a little confused and didn’t recognize him.
Not far from Zhuang, he hasn’t met for more than ten years, but not far from Zhuang, after all, his parents’ looks made him feel a little familiar.
But he didn’t think much about grabbing Dean Tian. "Dean Tian, you must leave me one of these places. Those little doctors dare not promise to give me this place. I’ll give it to you privately …"
He pointed to a piece of "this number!"
Dean Tian’s eyes are half a million? Or five million? Master Zhuang, am I going to make a windfall?
It’s not impossible to give you 55 thousand at most if you think too much.
Two people light Shi Huo generally exchanged a look Tian Dean shook his head in distress situation.
Look away. That means it’s obvious. This is your family business. I’ll leave it to you. I’m really capable.
I’ll give you the chance to earn this 50 thousand or 5 thousand yuan
"Sorry, the number of volunteers is full now." Not far from Zhuang, he took over the roster from Dean Tian. "We have a total of 40 places. This experimental therapy is very expensive. We have no extra volunteers."

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